Hollingwood v. NYPD


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Scene Title Hollingwood v. NYPD
Synopsis Detective Shelby visits Nalani Hollingwood in her home to take her statement regarding the altercation between her and Grace Matheson on February 27th. Nalani wishes to press charges.
Date March 6, 2009

Nalani Hollingwood's Residence

Not in her Office. That's what Coren was told. At her home, but, after a quick minute or two on hold, Coren was instructed that Ms Hollingwood would recieve him at her home, address given to the detective. Home, it turns out, is one of the more expensive places in the city, made even more expensive by the bomb. But she'd managed to hold onto it, sheerly out of the luck that she actually owned the place. Black and white diamond flooring, yellow walls, chairs in the halls when people spill out of the elevator, there's only a couple places per floor. Nalani's is on the sixth floor. Everything here screams money.

When the door is answered, it's a Latino woman, introduces heself as Consuela, grey uniform with white apron, you name it. The lady of the place is in the back in her office and the detective is easily escorted back to it. Everything has itls place, Neat, orderly. A formal sitting room with chintz sofas and wingback arm chairs, plush carpet that you almost sink into. Dark wood furniture that probably cost half the detective salary. Most of it is purely for show. Easily apparent when he's lead to the back of the immense apartment. Through a family room, with it's large flat screen secured to wall, comfortable seating instead of show seating. It's through this room that you can see the study. The desk littered with papers in neat piles, in and out tray. The shelving behind the desk is lined with hardbound copies of her magazine, the wall shows the owner with her arms around another man, both of them arabic in looks, smiling. A personal moment captured on film and blown up.

At the desk is Nalani in jeans and wispy blouse, camisole beneath the opaque fabric, talking on the phone to someone with a working copy of her next issue on the desk inf ront of her. Post it notes litter the surface. "No, send the questions back. Send someone back with the questions, those answers are not satisfactory and she should have known that. I mean, really. One word answers? I'm unsatisfied. He either answers them properly, or I don't put him in it and I find another 'gem' for the article"

For show indeed. Dr. Shelby is not one to care much for the excessively wealthy. It is with some deal of reservation and professional calm that he enters the study of Nalani Hollingwood, passing through the small area of her residence that is actually lived-in. He cannot help but smirk ever so slightly at her quarrel with whatever person she is trying to get answers from, and is quite thankful it is not he. "Miss Hollingwood?"

Nalani glances up, a plaster encased wrist and hand rising up, a forefinger up to indicate one minute. "If he won't do it, then I can easily find another. It's not like I'm soliciting him. Send Harriet down there, or even Magda. Someone. But I won't accept" She looks down at a sheet of words type up in front of her. "having a breakfast burrito this morning was a bad idea" I can't print that. It's publicity for his orphanage. Surely he can spend more than three minutes with one of our reporters. Bloody well send an intern even. Just please get me something more than "paperweight" Someone blathers on the other end and there's a delicate snort before the muddily accent woman hangs up. After that, it's all attention on Coren as she rises from her seat. "Detective .. Shelby?"

"Yes," Coren says, stepping forward and offering his hand to shake. "Commissioner Lau has assigned me to your case, since I was there when your attorney served the department with papers1." He pulls out a digital audio recorded, which he turns on. "I'm here, Miss Nalani Hollingwood, to take your statement regarding the events that transpired at the New York Police Department Headquarters on February twenty-seventh2, and to ask if you seek to press charges against one Grace Matheson for battery. I don't want to take up too much of your time, as I am sure you are quite busy, and I have a number of detectives and officers to interview regarding the matter as well. In the interest of saving time, I will record your statement and have it transcribed. Less time that way, and I imagine, easier on your wrist."

It's a tight firm grip, no wimpy wristed thing for the Detective. Nalani glances down at the recorder. "Down to business right quick. Someone who realizes that my time is money. I can respect that. Even more since I have things to do this evening. Please, detective, take a seat" There's some moveable seats, means for when theres others who enter into the private sanctuary, even a couch off to the side with a throw haphazardly tossed over the back of it. "At the advice of my lawyer and realizing the extent that her action have hindered me, I intend to, yes" Nalani takes her seat again. 'Can I offer you refreshments detective?"

"No, thank you," Coren replies, taking a seat and setting the recorder on the desk between them. "As I understand it, you were at Headquarters to give a statement regarding the theft of an automobile and some jewellery. You were approached by one Miss Grace Matheson, a private consultant, and proceeded to have a somewhat heated conversation with her. At the end of that conversation, you tripped and collided with Miss Matheson, who responded with the sweep of her foot, yes?"

"A vehicle, jewelery as well as thousands of dollars of couture clothing that isn't even available to the public for. As it stands it hasn't been recovered yet. But that's semantics. Yes I was approached by the woman who made a comment about my not caring enough for my items if I wouldn't come down when called, to file a report. While her tone was likely commensurate with mine, her words were not, nor were her actions to my person"

"Yes, I was apprised of such by your assistant, Miss Aberdeen," Detective Shelby comments. "So what do you think her reasons were for making such a comment to you and speaking with you in the manner she did?"

"I'm not ms.. matheson is it? She seemed .." Nalani leans back, casted wrist wresting on the arm of her chair. "Unhappy with my behavior, critical of my reasons for not wanting to be there at the moment, nor with my plans that evening. She berated me, dressing me down and advising me to devote more attention to raising funds for rebuilding the city, helping the people in the city instead of endagered species and whatever it else that I might be fundraising for. I informed her that she obviously didn't know who I was or she wouldn't speak those words" Nalani shakes her head.

Detective Shelby nods, "There seems to be a great deal of room for misunderstandings and misinformation, particularly in these troubled times. Communication is not what it used to be, but I digress. Following the altercation, two detectives and one uniformed officer stood idly by and in no way attempted to detain Miss Matheson. That's correct, yes? As I understand it, that is the reason for which you felt the need to file suit against the department."

"They did not. They watched the altercation. The Officer who was escorting me in may have made an attempt to keep us moving, I think. But beyond that, they made no effort to stop her from her actions, help me as I stumbled, only did something as I was already down, but made no move to restrain her or keep her there. I'm very disappointed Detective Shelby. I don't expect behavior like such from those who are employed or called in to assist the police"

"Believe me," Coren says, "I am at least as disappointed as you are. Well, if I have any further questions, I will be sure to get in touch with you. Unless there is anything else you care to discuss, I believe it safe to say that this interview can be concluded in short order."

"I'd like a copy of this sent to my lawyer, if possible, only fair that she be kept apprised of whats happened. What will happen ot Ms Matheson from this point on. Will I be required to come down to the department again? I'll be sure to not be wearing couture and teeter on stiletto's this time. lest I incur another attack from any of your civilians working there" The last is sarcasm, pure and sweet. Aimed at the situation and not at the detective.

"Naturally. I was going to send you a copy, as a matter of fact, along with the transcription. Miss Matheson will formally be charged with battery." Coren holds up the digital recorder, "This hereby concludes the interview between Detective Coren Shelby and Miss Nalani Hollingwood on this day, Friday, March sixth, two thousand and nine." He stops the recorder. "Well, if there is nothing else, I really should be off. I have a number of individuals to interview." Coren stands, "I will let myself out. It's been pleasure."

"If there's anything else, or if there's news about the whereabout of the items stolen from the trailer Detective, please call my office. The car, I can endure having lost. It was my drivers stupidity for not locking the doors, but the couture is my business, my reputation" Nalani rises from her seat. "Has there been made any headway on finding my employee either? Miranda Dobson, the one who found out she was evolved at the same time as the incident?"

"You would have to ask the detective in charge of the case, which ought to have been given to you when you filed the report. I am afraid I am not familiar with the case or the detective assigned to it. I have my own caseload to worry about. I will, however, look into this Miranda Dobson and see if there's anything I can do to expedite her safe return," Coren says on his way out, "Good day."

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