Hollywood Returns To New York

MANHATTAN — While the media has been abuzz over the recent drama surrounding the off-screen romance between actor Maxwell Quinn and his female co-star Patricia Warner on the set of the blockbuster movie Multiple Man, New York City is abuzz in all directions over the return of the first big budget Hollywood film to come to the Big Apple since the tragedy of 2006.

Paramount Studios, in an unpredicented arrangement with the City of New York and the Linderman Group have arranged for a multi-million dollar promotional deal surrounding their upcoming actioneer Multiple Man, which highlights the escapades of fictional ex-NYPD officer Parker Blue as he discovers he has the amazing ability to temporarily steal Evolved abilities from others.

Written by screenwriter Phillip Kilpatrick, Multiple Man focuses around Blue's battle against the notorious terrorist organization Firebird, and its charismatic but dangerous leader Ilyana Vokolov.

New York City Mayor Harry Bianco has publicly approved for the filming crew to utilize a one square block area of the Midtown ruins for the filming of the movie, and Paramount has offered to donate one third of the movie's proceeds to the Linderman Group's reconstruction project for Midtown.

Controversy surrounding the film has been heavy, however, from the film's portrayal of pro-evolved terrorist organizations to the actual filming in Midtown's ruins. Some former residents of Midtown and survivors of the bomb feel that the filming there is making light of the horrible tragedy, while others feel that this is a necessary part of the healing process and returning a thriving economic energy back into New York City.

Multiple Man is scheduled to hit theaters in July of 2010.

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