Holy Bird Shit


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Scene Title Holy Bird Shit
Synopsis An exciting adventure involving brooms and shrooms!!!!
Date December 19, 2019

Cat's Cradle - Eve's Lodgings

To say this isn’t the happiest visit Gene has ever made to Cat’s Cradle would be a laughable understatement. It is certainly her first time ever flying there. In her newly acquired form as a ruby-throated hummingbird, the girl tips and sways haphazardly as she flits and flutters her way across the ruined city to where the seer is waiting, shuddering each time her tiny body is lashed by a new breath of icy winter wind. She is now a frail, vulnerable creature, and winters in New York are not known to be the friendliest. Luckily she has made the trip enough times to be able to find her way there almost instinctively, even via this new overhead route.

It is late now. Far beyond the hour when most sane people would still be up and about. Eve may not in fact still be awake, especially given the trauma that she endured but hours earlier, but Gene has to try. Coming to a landing on the second-floor windowsill outside the seer’s apartment, she raps on the glass with her little beak. Trrrrrrrt. She is no woodpecker, and her attempts are relatively feeble at best. But she is spurred by alarm and panic.

Please, Eve, be there.

Standing there in the light of the moon in a white nightgown Eve looks at the bird tapping at her window with a curious expression. A dream has roused her, one that was.. perplexing. A bird with heat mirages and light flames soaring through the air. She woke up in a sweat and had just been finishing the painting in her living room, the compulsion finally over and Geneva waking her from her trance. "You're not supposed to be out at night little one," softly whispered as she steps forward and her face and eyes become visible.

Eve's eyes are pure white.

Not completely out of her trance it would seem the tall woman tiptoes on barefeet to the windowsill and unlatches the window for it to swing inward inviting a chill wind inside the apartment. Some of the plants hanging from the ceiling sway, "Bird didn't send you.. did she?" Perhaps Eileen wanted tea.

Nearly the second Eve unlatches the window Gene literally comes zooming inside, wings all a-flutter. Heat. A building basking in a beautiful, comforting level of heat, unlike the terrible outside. Inside this body her vision is much sharper now that it had been, and she is quick to take in every microscopic detail of this new room that she finds herself in, as she tremblingly shakes off the cold.

…That is, until Eve mentions who Gene thinks it is. At the mention of a 'bird' sending her, her little form flies into a fury, wings madly striking the air with what can only be described as overwhelming rage. Eve might find herself accidentally jabbed with flailing beak or claw, if she comes too close. The hummingbird makes strangled little noises as though it is trying to talk, although what comes out is only a series of squeaks and warbles.

"Holy Bird shit!"

Eve's eyes fade back to their usual brown as Geneva the Angriest Bird That Could flips out at the mention of Eileen's nickname and while some might think this is an expression meaning: FUCK HER!!! For Eve in this moment her expression darkens as this could only mean one thing, as she's pecked in the head and shoulder. "OWW!" This must be a loyal bird of Bird's.

"Unhand me you tiny chicken!!" Waving her hands in the air as she screams like a bat out of hell and runs into the kitchen, screaming the whole way. "Goddamnit Eileen I'm trying to get you laid!" Moments later the seer barrels in carrying a broom. "AIEEEEEE!!" She charges.

Maybe it had been a mistake coming here. Eve should have known, what kind of seeress does she purport to be if she hadn’t seen this

As Gene jolts out of the way of Eve’s swinging broom, only narrowly avoiding managing to entangle her claws in the woman’s long hair, she finds herself rapidly reconsidering all her life choices. Eve is shrieking, Gene is squeaking, which is all she can do as a hummingbird but the shrill vocalization is growing agonizingly close to actual screeching with the sheer force that she is putting behind them. Again, she tries to somehow communicate, little black beady eyes nearly bulging out from her head with the inhuman effort.

Hastily she flits away in a wide crescent far beyond Eve’s immediate reach (momentarily, at least), landing back on the inside of the windowsill. As swiftly as she can, before she can get brained by a giant broom, she begins scratching out frantic, crooked lines as deeply into the wooden slat as her daft little claws can penetrate:


Thank god her mother had given her a short name. Still, the characters look more like alien chicken scratch than actual letters, but if Eve tilts her head she should just be able to read them.

As the angriest bird soars in and grabs Eve's hair it erupts into flames and heat mirages that waft towards Eve as she screams like a banshee.

Ow ow ow ow!! Eyes fading to that black as she blinks and leans back from the bird not just from the physical assault but to get a better look at it as it torpedoes away and begins defacing her windowsill. "Whoa whoa whoa you—" Tilting her head, her eyes widen because long gifts of blonde hair burst out of the back of the bird like confettis along with the sound of a horn playing in the distance. That coupled with the alien chicken scratch that is Gene- Genie!

"Genie Beanie?!? Oh no!!" Sliding to her knees and crawling over to the windowsill where her young charge in bird form flies, "Come here!" Extending her palm for Gene to land on, "Oh I'm so sorry my Beanie I swore you were an envoy sent by Bird." Flinching back lest Gene decides to have another freakout over the mention of the woman who must have done this to her. "Leaving you with that Crone Sibyl wasn't the best option." Thoughtfully spoken as Eve considers the events from earlier in the evening, her eyes fading to brown again slowly.

It takes several long heartbeats (though to Gene, they flit by in but a fraction of a second) for her to become sure that Eve is no longer intent on whacking her out of existence. Once she is more confident of this fact, she capers out onto the woman’s outstretched wrist and up her forearm, cuddling against the warmth of the fabric of her sleeve. Thank Jesus someone had come to her senses. Eve can feel the little bird shivering in the crook of her arm.

Gene’s cheeps are deeply forlorn-sounding, but seem to perk up in insistence at the direct mention of Sibyl— becoming more frequent, anxious. On the bare skin of the seer’s arm, she impatiently mimes the motion of tracing more letters, though taking care to avoid scratching with her claws. Letters. She needs a way to communicate.

"Oh my poor baby! Look at you! No heat but all the fire within, don't you worry. We'll get that nasty Bird back," Eve feels the beginnings of a new prank blooming in her head as she rubs the bird's head and looks around frantically for something the young… bird can use to explain herself.

"Oh oh!" Rushing down the hall, Eve storms into Eimi's bedroom the second guest bedroom and throws the closet open, reaching up to pull something wooden down from the shelf. "Ah haaa!" Moments later Eve is crouched on the floor sitting cross legged, a multitude of candles now lit and a ouija board sits on the floor. "How about this Genie Beanie?" Rather pleased with her split second decision, "We just have to be careful not to summon any spirits."

The palpable relief blooming in Gene's chest is hard to express, in her current form, but she gives off a slightly brighter twitter and -hippity-hops- over in the direction of the ouija board. Eve may not be a telepath, but at least this idea had successfully gotten through.

Once she has crossed the long distance over the floor, the bird stops just sort of the planchette and nudges at the (to her) giant wooden object, testing its weight against her stupid miniature feet. It doesn't budge. At all. She makes the attempt again, pushing against it with her nearly non-existent body weight for all that she is worth… and it dislodges a fraction of an inch. Fuck a duck, when did they make these things so heavy?

"CHEEEEP." Thrumming her wings hard in frustration, Gene changes course and instead heads straight for the painted letters themselves, swiftly jabbing at one with several times her little beak. Then, another. And another.


…She has yet to complete the full last word, which is looking increasingly vulgar, but apparently it is very highly important that she communicates this.

"Oh Genie I know! She threw my sketches into the fire once. She can be so…" Eve squints and looks to the window, "Ravenish." As if that word explains all of Eileen's motivations and inner workings. "We have to get you outta there and into you. Where are you?" The question comes sudden and Eve leans forward.

"Oh!" Scooting over while on the floor to the counter she blindly reaches up and feels around for the… box that has something falling around inside, the pale older woman crawls back to the ouija bird and her bird charge and leans in with a wide grin. "Genieeeeeee," said softly as she rattles the box of… food yes. Food makes everything better. "Have a cracker dear you must be famished."

All the while Eve's brain spinning on just how she can get the young woman placed back into her body without having to actually go and ask the Bird of Doom herself, "There are more Birds around here… maybe.." tapping her fingers on her chin. "Aha! Miss Mind! Perhaps she can guide you back."

Hopskipping in place, Gene unleashes an involuntary frightened warble when she is suddenly leaned over by the giant of a woman; Eve’s shadow falls over her and obliterates everything around her in blackness for a brief moment. Everything is so enormous and menacing to her in this state.


Trying to stop radiating concern, Gene scans the board for the carved letter “E,” and has just managed to flutter on top of it when Eve returns to her yet again. With - what is it? She does a jerky little headtilt, leaning down to peck at the offering with a long, needle-like beak. It is difficult for her to get more than one solitary crumb in her mouth at a time, given beak shape, so she gives up this endeavor fairly rapidly and returns to her spot on the board.


"Ahhh." Settling back on her heels as of course she's still at Emily's that's who she was with last. "They say there's nothing left of that poor girl that took Bird's essence in." Wandering slightly off topic before she snaps back into focus with a turn of her head back towards the actual bird in front of her using a Ouija Board to communicate and squints.

"In a couple words tell me how this happened." Oh no this is gonna be hard. The precog tilts her head back and looks to the ceiling before closing her eyes and humming and waving her arms to and fro, this goes on for about thirty seconds before the pale woman's eyes peek open slowly and she nods firmly. "Okay I'm attuned. And whoa." Eve stops and her pupils are dilated.. and she sees. Well she sees everything. And by everything, the floor looks like it's a wave, rippling with the ceiling having the same effect. "Whoaaaaa it's moving Genie Beanie." Something tumbles out of Eve's cleavage and lands near Genie's small form.

It looks like a dried mushroom..

"I took a little shroom trip right as I got home. I forgot but," Eve ends up cackling on her side on the floor, "Don't you see it? It's all a game! It's all a game!" Fuck.

‘Fuck’ seems to be a sensible sentiment to share here. Some of the stiff distress that had visible in Geneva's demeanor while she had been eying Eve's broom returns, and she gives off another tweet of alarm when a mushroom plonks onto the floor next to her. It jounces to a stop near to her clawed feet, and she just stares at the wrinkled, offending object as it does.

Really, Eve?

All of the people she could have chosen to seek shelter with. At any time.

With an indignant fluff in her chest, the bird takes up a new position on the wooden board, and this time, she doesn’t bother to check if Eve is looking at her as she briskly flits through a new series of short words:

N O T A G A M-

It’s a good thing spelling out messages one letter at a time is a slow, impedimentary process, because otherwise there would be a lot more curse words in this mix.

"Not to worry Genie I'm perceiving the answers in the ether! Come give me a moment," Eve settling into a comfortable position and tipping her head back to stare up into the ceiling there's a moment where she can't seem to focus and instead of being upset she ends up cackling loudly and falling over. "Okay okay I promise, it's right there. The answer is right there!" Beating the ground with her fist.

"Go to Miss Mind! She's Sibyl's keeper now too, she may be able to pull your brain from that bird brain and slam you right back where you belong."

Eve hums as she sways from side to side her body creating shadows on the wall behind her. "Be careful my dear, I would go but the last time I popped these babies I was on my trip for ten hours!" She cracks more laughter.

As Eve flumps over onto the ground, it takes a mere second for Gene to flutter up and land next to the crown of her head, cheeping with equal parts concern and disdain. Really.

Miss Mind, though. That was an idea. Gene does not know that is meant by 'Sibyl's keeper,' but if anybody could potentially help her out of this, it might indeed be Kaylee. At least this trip had not been totally wasted. Eve dissolves into another swaying laugh as the bird watches helplessly on; if there is any further communication possible between the two, it does not seem that the attempt will go far.

Oh, Eve.

Leaving the woman cackling on the floor, she is quick to slip through the same crack in the window that she had entered through, the thrumming of her little wings soon fading into the black night.

It is time to prepare for her next journey.

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