Home Assist



Scene Title Home Assist
Synopsis With the economic devastation the storm caused, Kaylee has to make a difficult call home to ask for financial help til she can get a job again.
Date June 16, 2010

Gun Hill: Kaylee's Apartment

There is one thing a child never wants to do: Calling home for help.

Kaylee drops onto her bed with a heavy resigned sigh. With the loss of her job and some of the stuff she did to help the Ferrymen, Kaylee's funds is running low. With the mini ice age that rocked the city, the economy isn't doings so good and jobs are extremely hard to find. Hopefully, with time businesses will pick back up and she can find something.

Of course, she's back into classes, but the only reason she gets to go is the college fund Ray left her… but that doesn't pay the bills.

With her cellphone in Colette's hands, Kaylee has to use the cordless phone in her bedroom. Turning her head towards the nightstand, she grabs the handset and stares at it for a moment. There are some really big butterflies in her stomach. She doesn't want to talk to her mom… but she'll have too if she wants to continue living where she's not on the Ferry dime.

With another sigh, she finally forces her fingers to dial out the numbers for her mother's home back in Kentucky.

The phone is tucked against her ear and she listens to the buzz of it ringing, while staring at the ceiling. Luck is with the telepath when the line picks up and she hears the voice on the other end, “Hello?”

“Granny!” Kaylee says with a smile in her voice, recognizing the much older woman's voice anywhere. Before she had moved to New York, her grandmother had moved in with Kaylee's mom, at Karen's invitation. Personally, the young woman figured her Mom was worried about Granny being on her own.

“Kaylee?” There is shock in her grandmother's voice. “Oh my stars.” Relief is apparent at first, but then the old woman's tone takes on an edge of anger. “We have been so worried, young lady!” The scolding is expected, but Kaylee only rolls her eyes – she can do that without getting swatted upside the head. “Gracious child. You coulda found the time to dial a phone and call us. With that weather y'all have been havin' down there we was scared to death.”

“I know.. I know, but it's not like mom is really talking to me anyhow.” The telepath cringes as soon as she says it and with good reason.

“That is a load of bull, Kaylee Ann.” The words are snapped over the phone. Her grandmother was old, but she had a fiery temper and could scare people with it. “Your mother has been just worried sick, about you. Especially, when the death toll started rollin' across the screen on Fox Network.” There is a huff from the old woman and Kaylee can almost see that look of disapproval. “I don't rightly know why y'all are fightin' anyhow. I mean… she's your mother. You shouldn't be takin' the word of strangers…”

“I'm not going to go there, Granny.” There is a grimace from the telepath, as she interrupts the elder Thatcher woman “So let's drop it before we get into a huge debate again. But, let me tell you, that whole storm was no cake walk.” Kaylee assures her, but her smile slides away. She can't keep stalling. “Actually… that's kind of why I'm calling.” Her reluctance, in what she's doing, loud and clear. “With the weather and all… it's near impossible to find a job. Things are pretty bad here, a lot of stuff got forced out of business cause of it, including the one I worked for.” Her hand lifts to rub at her forehead, “The money Ray left me for college is only for that… school.”

“Does that mean your going again?” Her grandmother asks softly, a hint of mild curiosity there as she probes her granddaughter for information. It is a skill her grandmother seemed practically evolved at, when she employed it. That and guilt. Oh man, could that woman guilt like no other.

“Yeah, I'm enrolled in summer courses.” Her head slowly nod, Kaylee's mouth pulled to one side in a look of bemusement. “Looking at the Law program, but I still have about two years left of regular courses.”

“Good. I thought you were out of your ever loving mind to drop the first time. I mean… really… I know we raised you better then that….” The old woman chides with disapproval. Kaylee can just imagine hands on hips at that statement. How many times had she heard those exact words? So many times. Kaylee was never the little angel.

Anyway… until I find a steady job, I'm… “ Kaylee takes a deep breath having a hard time asking it… Her grandmother ends up finishing it for her.

“You need help.”

There is no malice or disappointment, just simple fact. Not the first time she's had to help a loved one, Kaylee's own mother when she stumbled back to Kentucky with a little girl. “You were always so stubborn about that. You got too much pride, just like your mother.” There is a pause and the old woman says. “I'll help pay your rent and utilities… and a little extra for food. And Kaylee Ann… I better not be findin' out this money is goin' to no partyin'.”

“No Granny…” A heavy resigned sigh leaves the telepaths nose, her eyes rolling upward again. “I – I kinda gave up that life.” Her eyes drift over to the picture setting on her nightstand, head turning on her pillow so she can. It's a picture of her and Peter that she took with her, brows dropping.

Her grandmother gasps dramatically, “You tellin' me my granddaughter is finally grownin' up some?”

With the way it's said, Kaylee can't help but chuckle. “Sorta… I guess. I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd say no.” The young woman can think of several right off the top of her head, but doesn't say them outloud. “But a lot of what I did do… No, Granny… I don't do that anymore.”

“No partyin' and one night stands?” The blantant way that little old woman says it, stuns her granddaughter for a moment.

Granny! God… No…” Kaylee's cheeks flare red with embarrassment, hand moving to cover her cheek, feeling the warmth. Her grandmother was always so damn straightforward like that. “And no hanging out with the wrong crowd” Sorta “.. or getting into fights” Sorta, depends on the type. “Or doing… really bad things.” At least she doesn't see what she does with the Ferry as bad… most of the time. “Mostly really into… Charity work.” That's how the Ferrymen were presented to her by Joseph, so much at well say that as well. “There is this nice guy, Pastor… and he helped me find a worthy cause.”

“Kaylee Ann Thatcher, I will not hear you taking his name in vain, young lady.” Her grandparents have always been the religious type. Deeply involved with the church, she was a very social woman. A lot of people called her Granny, like she was part of their family.

Kaylee's eyes hood slightly as she's chided, but her expression is one of tolerance. Her tone reflects it and a bit of sarcasm. “Yes Granny”

“Mean it when you say it… not in that tone. You don't think I don't know that tone?”

That gets a chuckle, though Kaylee's eyes start to prickle and burn with tears. “Yes, Granny.” This time getting it to sound sincere. Just talking to her grandmother is making her home sick, especially with how things have been. A part of her could do with getting away and burying her head in the sand.

There is a pause on the other end and then a surprised, “Wait… a Pastor? Does this mean your going to church finally?” The hope in the old woman's voice makes guilt twist in the young girls guy. Neither Kaylee nor her mom ever went to church, much to the dismay of her grandparents.

“No.” Her answer is reluctant, she even hesitated before giving it. “He's a friend I met, Granny, when I… got into some trouble. Helped me get back on my feet and convinced me to… work for a certain charity.”

“And you couldn't be bothered to even attend his church?” She can hear the disapproval and is picturing those hands on her Granny's hips again.

“It's – kinda complicated.” How do you explain the poor man's own issues?

You don't.

There is silence between them for a moment before her grandmother's gentle voice says, “You know… if you've been havin' troubles, you could just – could just come home? There is schools here, just as well as there.”

Eyes stray back to the picture for a moment, brows dipping down into a frown. 'Home.' “Tempting.” Kaylee admits, her phone is shifted to her injured hand, so the good on can reach out to grab the picture. “Been getting a crash course in life. Got into a relationship with a guy I thought was great… Didn't end so well.” She puts the picture aside, face down. After a moment, Kaylee shifts onto her side and opens the drawer, pushing the picture into it and shutting it. “Liked one that I don't think felt anything back.” Course she isn't going to tell her granny that it was the Pastor. “The snow….And so much more.” So much she can't even begin to tell her granny, not that she'd even believe it. Kaylee barely believes a lot of it herself. “It's been an adventure. But…”

“You won't…”

There is a moment as Kaylee's head slowly shakes back and forth, considering that. Falling over on her her back again, she ends up amending, “I can't. I'm so wrapped up in charities here that I don't think I can just up and leave.” Not that the telepath thinks she's in any way important to the network, but the idea of leaving it… she can't fathom it. “Despite any and all things that have happened to me, I still want to be here. I'm not about to let it all drag me down. It would feel too much like I'm running from my problem.” Of course, she pretty much did the same thing when she moved to New York.

“We do have charities here too dear. I'm sure Pastor Jefferey can help you find some worthy cause that will interest you.” Granny sounds rather confident in her own pastor, but then she has always held the old man in high regard.

“Maybe… but these here are close to my heart.” The younger Thatcher's mouth twitches with a hint of a smile, but it falls away as she sadly admits. “So much that I lost a guy over it. He… just didn't understand. Either way… I need to stay.” For now. Beyond the network there are other things Kaylee wants to do, like finally her father and family. Learn about that part of her.

“Well… I expect a visit, at least!” The stubbornness showing through her tone, her Granny's voice is firm in this. It's not a request. “I expect a visit or two, if I'm going to help you, Kaylee Ann Thatcher”

“Yes, Granny.”


“Yes, Granny.” This time, Kaylee makes it sound much brighter and less gloomy, mouth pulling into a real smile, her head shaking slightly. How her mom could live with that woman all the time is a mystery. As much as the telepath loves her grandmother, this sort of thing all the time would drive her up the wall.

“Good…” Granny slides into a more businesslike tone. “Now… let me get a notebook and we'll go over what you need to survive til you can land a good job.”

Sitting up and sliding off the bed to her feet, Kaylee gives Missy a rather amused look. The dog is planted in front of a fan, tongue lolled out and panting. The only good thing about the heat, the dog is plenty happy to lay right there. “Alright… let me get my checkbook.” Maybe Kaylee can get a bit of extra money for a small air conditioner as well.

It's the one thing you always take for granted, until you need them.


No matter how horrible you've been growing up, or the disappointment you've caused them later on, if you truly need it, your family will almost always be there.

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