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Scene Title Home Jeeves, Er Darius!
Synopsis Darius follows Elisabeth's orders, and takes Abigail home. An interesting conversation, accidental confession and St. Jude make an appearance.
Date January 13, 2009

Darius's Car

The morning is an interesting affair by Darius' standards. His partner went from grievously injured to mildly peeved in one sitting. The woman his partner loathes for reasons unknown to him, healed her. Now? Now he's escorted her to the parking garage and has her sitting in the passenger seat of his car. Of course, its not /his/ car. Its an unmarked police unit complete with radio and on board computer stashed away in the dashboard. He buckles his seat belt and waits for her to do the same before starting the car. "So where to?"

"Bronx" Abigail holds both coffee's in her hands for a moment, before easing them into cup holders and fastening her belt. She survived getting down to the car without needing help or passing out. she's not bad off as she thought. She's still very low, really low. She fires off the address of an apartment building. "Thank you" Abby offers quietly to the man. "For not making me sit in the back"

"What good would it do?" Darius puts the car in gear, checks his mirrors, the surrounds, then backs out and sets on the path to the exit. The car isn't divided, as most unmarked cars aren't. "I suppose I should thank you. For what you did back there. Which means I should also ask if you want protective custody. Or at least some help moving your things out. Having a psychopath gunning for you isn't terribly healthy."

"I'm too valuable to kill" She is, Jessica said as much. To most she is too. "I don't want protective Custody. Won't help me. But thank you again. Elisabeth has my number, Captain Harvard has my number, if someone gets hurt, call. I'll come if i'm not working" Abby reaches over for the cup of coffee "besides, they're just par for the course for now. I reckon maybe… three more might come out of the woodwork in the next few days" Tired sarcasm. The lid is popped off the cup, the temperature tested and deeming it cool enough, she starts taking large mouthful of the coffee.

Darius gives her a mild sidelong glance before pulling into traffic and heading towards the Bronx. "I wouldn't test that theory for too long were I you. There comes a point where an asset turns expendable. I should know. I dealt with special ops sorts all of the time in Iraq." He takes his coffee in hand once he's settled into the gridlock and sips it.

"I'm an expendable asset, I know. I've heard it before" The blonde rests her head against the window, closing her eyes as she does and hiding the blue of them from the rest of the world. "She's going to be okay. She'll get the casts off and she'll be shoving her boot up my ass by the end of the day. Don't worry"

Darius takes a deep breath. "I'm not worried about her. She's a fighter." There's a small glance to her again but mostly he keeps his attention on the traffic. "I'm Darius by the way." He puts the coffee down long enough to offer her a hand. "Her partner."

But she's comfy, she doesn't want to move, but Abby does when she sense that there's a hand, somewhere, for her to take. So back to the world come the baby blues and she takes his hand, tremor and all giving a weak shake. 'Abigail Beauchamp. Bartender. Faith Healer"

"Interesting combination." Darius' grip is firm but not crushing. Its also brief, returning to the coffee. "How does the passing of drugs on a nightly basis sit with your faith?" He makes a turn. "To be honest, I'm not sure where I sit in the cosmic scheme of things. Its hard when your mom's a Catholic and your dad's a Muslim."

"Drugs? I don't deal dr… oh" Alcohol. "My faith has …" Changed? Altered? " Evolved. God hasn't taken my gift away, so .. it must sit okay. I don't get up and dance on the bar, I don't smoke, and I don't serve minors. Brings me a lot of people who I can help and it pays better than the diner did and I have an understanding boss who doesn't complain when I need to miss a shift" She goes back to closing her eyes, listening to him, the hum of the car, the tires on the road, bleating of other horns and music blaring from passing vehicles. She doesn't look old enough to drink what serves anyways. "that's your interesting combination. What side do you take to?" Conversation, if only to stay awake when they reach her place, is a necessity. Unconsciously she finds herself doing what Teo does. Thunk her head against the window repeatedly, lightly.

"Side?" Darius considers the question and sighs as he gets cut off. Its New York. "God is god. Hopefully, he, she, it has some influence over the world so that maybe there's a reason to save it after all." He speaks like someone who's a trifle jaded. "Too many people turn a decent map for living a good life into a reason for war. On both sides."

"Sorry" and it's meant sincerely. 'I didn't mean to offend. "there's always a reason to save it. Even just for one person. It's all worth it. Somewhere, in nearly everyone there's some good, or there was some good, and that makes it worth it"

Darius smiles at her return. "Spoken like a true believer. But then, can't a person do good for good's sake? Not because a deific force commands or recommends it? Call me devil's advocate on this one but I'm curious." He catches something on the police band and listens a moment before ruling it out as something he has to worry about.

"I don't know, I wasn't raised like that. I'd like to think so. That people do stuff out of the goodness of thier heart and not out of the fear of what comes after their body dies" Maybe that's truly why she does it. The goodness of her own heart, not just so she can go to heaven when it's her time. "Dizzy" So she stops thumping her head and leans over, shoving her seat back as much as she can and keeping her head down. 'Should have went slower"

"That's what Liz said, too." Darius doesn't precisely chastise her but then irony seems to amuse him. "We should have wasted some time in the cafeteria. I hate the morning commute insanity." He sips his coffee and wrinkles his nose. It gets the evil eye as he puts it down and leans on the door with his opposite elbow, shifting his grip on the wheel. "Fear is a great motivator. Its what made man what he is today." More irony, perhaps. "Of course the 'fight' response has done wonders for us, too. From a bare bones review of psychology that tosses out things like higher thought and conscience."

"Liz said a lot of things, and a lot of unsaid things. But there's reason that I didn't go slow" The dizziness starts to fade and she eases herself back up into sitting. "Fear makes you do things you wouldn't do every day" Abby looks out the window, watching the cars and everyone else in their cars, making thier way to their jobs. "You don't like me. Why?"

Darius laughs at that. "I don't know you well enough to like or dislike you, Abigail. Call me.. curious." He turns again and settles into the long haul into the Bronx. "As for fear.. courage does the same. That's what separates man from beast. His ability to do something completely against his instinct in favor of an irrational course of action. Interestingly, we reward such behavior."

"It's called healing William Harvard. Also known as stupidity and listening to the wrong person" The coffee's helped, a little, enough so that she reaches down to her purse, popping out one of the slim cans of red bull, intent to have one to tide her over to getting to the apartment. Then she can sleep, she can look in the paper for a new place and get a shower. She bears the ambiance of a bar, dampened a bit by a drive through the winter early morning on the back of Lazarus. "If looks could kill, I would have had a hole in my head the size of… the island, by the time I was finished with Liz"

"There are worse people to piss off than Harvard." Darius declares with a confidence. "Theoretically, he still obeys the law." As he nears her apartment, he takes a considering breath through his nose. "Look. I don't know what kind of history you and Liz have. Clearly, there's some love hate going on. What I do know is that you both seem to be good people. It would be a pity if you parted forces. In this day and age, evil is far too rampant for us to stand divided. In fact, that would be its fondest wish."

Abigail looks toward Darius as he talks, brows pulling down, along with the corners of her mouth. "I got her hurt, almost killed Darius. I know that look on her face. I know the visit i'm going to get from her later. But you don't know me. She does, she knows what I do, why I do it. Evils rampant and good is out there. And I'm in the middle healing everyone. Evil or good, and people are getting hurt, got hurt, because they try to spend some time, standing beside me. They need to stop standing beside me"

"So you pray to Jude." Darius pulls over to the curb and puts the car into park. "Personally, I didn't know whether to hit you or not when you called my partner a lost cause." Shifting in his chair, he looks to her with something of a compassion in his regard. "But now it seems to me that you're referring to yourself. I should tell you now that I don't believe in lost causes. There's no such thing in my world. That includes you. Just remember, its their decision to make. Its the definition of being a friend, standing by someone when they are in need regardless of your own. Sometimes they call it sacrifice. You aren't the only one doing it."

"Heavens… you think I was calling her, or me a lost cause?" Abby turns away from the familar building to look at the dark skinned man. "No.. no, it… I have to pray Darius. To ask him to heal her. Doesn't matter what I pray, just that I pray. I have.. I don't know how many running through my head and I just grabbed it. St Jude, may be the patron saint of lost causes, but he's also the one of miracles. I'm.. sorry if this offended you" No wonder he was boring holes in her head.

"It always matters what you pray or else what's the point?" Darius' expression changes from compassion to something vaguely nonplussed. "Him, her, God, whatever your vision for the divine spark, doesn't matter. But if you're going to look me in the eye and tell me that it doesn't matter what you say, that you get the same response no matter what you pray, and then claim a link between them? There's a thing they call that. Its not very polite. But then neither is insulting God by telling him 'Oh lord please give me fish' and expecting him to heal someone."

That same submissiveness that slid over Abby when she entered the room with Elisabeth is back. "I said it doesn't matter what it is that I pray, just that I prayed. But I do pick ones that are appropriate. It was appropriate. Not because he's of lost causes but because he's of a miracle" open foot, insert mouth. She opens her mouth again,to say something then closes it. "Thank you. For the ride. It was appreciated. you don't need to walk me up. She won't be lurking in the shadows. She got what she wanted from me. I need to go sleep. It was nice to meet you Officer Darius"

Darius shakes his head. "Think nothing of it. I would, however, like you to think about why you heal the people you do. I'm sure you have your reasons but then I'm equally sure that your reasons aren't much comfort to the bystanders who get blown away by the less particular of the criminal set." He gives her a smile and hits the power unlock. "Get some rest. You look like you could use it."

'Because only god's allowed to judge Officer. Because a doctor's not allowed to judge, a paramedic isn't allowed to judge who they help. Why should I be allowed to judge, what mark does that leave on my soul when it's my turn to stand before god and see my past transgressions. The Hippocratic oath. Treat everyone the same, no matter how much you may not want to, deep within your heart. What did you say? doing good, out of the goodness of your heart? That's what I do. That's why I healed Elizabeth before she rejoined scout." She pulls on the handle, opening the door grabbing purse and the red bull. "And no, they're not much comfort, but they're not the ones that have to go to sleep in my bed at night and live in my mind" She offers him a weak, tired smile. 'Take care, I will"

Darius gives a shrug. "I guess I'm not a very good Christian after all. As a side note, I'm not allowed to disobey the law, either. Not allowed to judge. But you just confessed to me that you have aided and abetted criminals, murders, and their like. So where does that leave us?" He's not reaching for handcuffs.

"I didn't say you weren't a good christian" She's tired, and getting a little tired of that. "You'll do what you have to do, and I'll do what I have to do. The difference being, that when I heal them Officer Darius, I have no choice. It's that, or my life. What do I do then? When the bad guys can come and pick you out in the middle of anywhere and take you away?" Abby slides out of the vehicle, sliding purse over shoulder, up on the curb now. "That leaves you potentially arresting me. If you want to arrest me, for what I just said, come back at noon tomorrow. Mirandize me and arrest me then, i'll be here, and awake and waiting. But you didn't even ask me for my registration card, your her partner, and the day is just starting and there's many more people out there who need me, and need what I can do. Good, or bad"

"And there's always protective custody, change your name.. but then the badguys have infiltrated the bureaucracy so…" Darius does smile at last, somewhat wearily. "Why would I? Its an illegal law and my oaths are rather particular about me obeying unlawful orders. I'm not allowed. Its one of those particulars a Consitutional lawyer would pick out of a crowd easily. Color me a naughty liberal who believes in the ACLU. Go. Eat. Rest. Do your thing." He whips a business card out of his jacket, offering it to her. "And if you get into trouble, I do pretty well with cavalry."

Abby looks at the car before transferring the can to her left hand and taking the card. "Knowing me, I'll need Calvary. Just promise me your not as… spacey as Baxter" She sure seems to know a lot of the SCOUT officer's names. 'Maybe some day, I'll do all that, change my name and the like, but right now, there's a reason, god has a reason for me being here. I'll find out why, and till then.."

Darius smirks at her twist of the word. "Ma'am, I'm a Marine. The only space I believe in is how small I can make it when I group my shots. I also don't believe in bullshit. So don't try to play me. I tend to get grumpy and gnaw off appendages." He's dead serious but he manages to smile regardless.

"And I can grow them back" There's a smile again, small one, and she closes the door politely, and turns, digging key from pockets to get into the front door of the apartment after grabbing the newspaper off the step from the small pile. Somehow, she's likely serious.

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