Homeless Again



Scene Title Homeless Again
Synopsis The strange weather causes Kaitlyn's home, of many years, to collapse.
Date March 05, 2010

Ruins Of Midtown

It's so damn cold lately.

Wasn't it suppose to be getting warmer?

Huddled under threadbare blankets, Kaitlyn Dooley at least can claim to be somewhat warmed by the three canines curls up around her. Her family pretty much consisted to the dogs that stay with her daily in the little shit hole she called a home. Benny, especially, always wiggled his way under the blankets with her, curling up in a furry bundle at her back, while the other two just sprawled out where ever they could find space around her. So she knew it could have been worse.

Sighing heavily, breath pluming white in the small room, the healer shifts to lay on her back, the movement jostles, Jerry Lee from his slumber. The older dog groans loudly, and climbs to his feet. He sneezes and slowly turns to flop down again along her side.

“Sorry, Jerry Lee.” There is a little amusement in her voice as she apologizes to the dog. The canine in question, moves to rest his head on her stomach, tilting it a bit so he can look at her. The look manages to get a smile, one of those rare ones that she never seems to have the energy for half the time. A hand slides out from under the covers so, Kaitlyn could run finger through his fur, rubbing at an ear, which makes the dog groan and tilt his head that much more.

“Starting to think the spring ain't ever gonna get here.” Brown eyes look up at the ceiling, studying the cracked and crumbling texture. She can hear the soft groaning of the structure as it struggles under the weight of snow. The place always creaked and groaned, so it didn't really concern her too much.

Well, normally.


Everything living in the hovel jumps at the sound. Jerry Lee and Hooch's heads lift, muzzles pointed upward, while Benny struggled to get out from under the blankets, coming out stubby tailed end first. Once free, he also looks upward, giving a soft woof.


Long and drawn out, the sound grates on the nerves. Dust shifts through the cracks above. That couldn't be a good sign.

The dogs all jump to their feet, Jerry Lee growling and Benny giving a full out bark. Hooch, however, decides he's not sticking around and trots outside. Kaitlyn struggles with kicking the blankets off, glancing up at the ceiling every now and then.

Looking at the two remaining dogs, the former cop, gestures with a fling of her arm. “Jerry Lee! Benny! Out.. go!” Her voice carries over the sound of the floors giving way, shaking the walls around her, sending down more dust and bits of concrete filtering from above. That alone means the dogs don't argue and do as they are told.

Rolling to her hands and knees, finally getting free of the bedding, Kaitlyn scrambles across the shelter for her boots. Thankfully, she always sleeps in her coat, during the winter, which means she won't have to leave it behind as she hurries for the door way. Pushing to her feet, she bolts for the door.

The healer doesn't quite make it, before the floor above her gives way. Chunks of buildings fall around her, sending up dusts, choking her lungs. Her head ducked low, Kaitlyn manages to get through the doorway, but doesn't see the chunks of debris that comes falling from above. As she's pelted, pain flares through her body as Kaitlyn crumbles into the snow, the world darkening at the edges as the building collapses.

The ground vibrates as something impacts the ground near the healer, fresh pain slices hot across her arm, making her cry out. Tears are hot on her cold cheeks as she slowly rolls onto her back, grimacing at her battered and bruised body. She lets out a heavy sigh, the air turning white with stream from her breath, eyes shutting for a long moment.

Snuffling in her ear, makes her jerk, head turning sharply in the snow to look at Benny, who tilts his head at her, tail wagging. Kaitlyn, gives him a small tired smile, lifting a hand to scratch at his head. Unfortunately, the arm gives a sharp painful protest, which draws her attention to the sleeve of her jacket which is shredded and the green darkening to a sickly brown. Her other hand moves to touch the edge of some of the tattered fabric, fingers coming away red and slick with blood.

“Oh… just great.” Kaitlyn growls softly under her breath, head fumping back into the snow. Her head turns away from Benny towards the rebar sticking out of a large chunk of concrete. The twisted metal slick with blood and something else. “Shit..” Using her good arm, the healer angles herself up to sit, holding her bad arm close. Slowly twisting her wrist, fingers catches the tattered edge of her jacket and pulling it aside enough to see a deep gash.

“Well… that I can't just let heal.” She murmurs to the dogs around her, glancing at Jerry Lee who lowers his head at her. “Yeah… city trip.” Her head twists to glances out at the towering ruins around her. “I hear the Suresh Center has some doctors… better then a hospital you think?.” The question in her tone has all three dogs tilting their head at her.

Eyes go back to the home she's known for years, her expression falling some. No matter how crappy it was living there, it had been home and it was still like loosing a little bit of herself again. Eyes close against the pain of the loss, head hanging for a long moment. When her eyes open, she becomes very aware how cold her toes are. Her head tilts up slightly to look at her sock covered feet, then searches for her boots. Luckily they are withing reach, though putting them on one handed proves to be a struggle.

Head swimming from pain, stomach gives a nauseous lurch, finally, Kaitlyn manages to climb to her feet. “Come on, boys.” She murmurs softly, arching her back slightly to stretch it a bit. A final glance to the hovel, arm gripped against her body, hand clamped around the fabric of the jacket putting painful pressure on the gash, Kaitlyn shambles off through Midtown….

Homeless again.

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