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Scene Title Homesick
Synopsis It's Christmas time and Kaylee is feeling exceedingly homesick, but she still can't get herself to give up that last scrap of hope, even when offered a chance at a new life.
Date December 25, 1889

The Smith Inn

It was peaceful outside The Smith Inn, as snow carpeted the city and the sound of carolers filled the air, with song of joy and caring. Houses were trimmed with wreaths of pine wrapped in a red and green ribbons. There was just an overall feeling of the holiday spirit.

Just not in The Smith Inn at that very moment.

Two members of the household stood glaring at each other in the sitting room, where Kaylee Thatcher had been staring that the Christmas tree. It's tiny tapered candles, flickering in the low light. Strings of red berries and colorful beads, draped across the branches, while various little knickknacks and foods decorated it's branches. There were no twinkling electric lights, not yet. That was a luxury of the rich, Margaret had informed her the first year she had spent Christmas in the Victorian Era of the New York.

“It's been four years, Kaylee!”

Strong hands gripped her arms, giving the woman a little shake, as if Timothy Renolds could force some sense into her head. “Not one letter. Not one word. How long are you goin' to pine over a man who isn't comin' back?” Timothy had waited patiently, watched this woman from the sidelines, seen the sadness and felt it tug at something within him. So many times he wanted to gather her in his arms when she looked so sad, like she did then.

“I'm here, I am real and I would do everythin' in my power to make you happy.”

He saw her truly smile once, to him it had been a brilliant thing and he wanted to see more of them, be the one to bring it out of her. It was her continued devotion to a man who was either dead or found a new family, that had kept him at bay, until now.

Of course, Kaylee Thatcher knew that feeling all to well.

Lips pressed into a fine line, blue eyes hold anger towards a man she thought was merely a friend. “He will come back.” Kaylee snapped out, pulling away from him with a suddenly jerk, forcing him to release his grip or bruise her. With a finger pointed at him in warning, she growled out, “and you will remember yourself, Timothy Renolds.” Her chin lifted, she straightened her shirt where it tucked into the long skirt. “I love him and I will wait for him and get that first Christmas with him finally. See my little sister again.”

For as long as she had known Joseph, she had yet to spend holidays with him, that bothered her more then anything. The first Christmas he had been the prisoner of a mad woman. When they finally became a couple, she was whisked away to this nightmare.

A scowl curled his lip as he glared at her, opening his mouth to make a rebuttal, but it ended up slowly fading away into something sad and Timothy sighed. “You are right. I am forgetting myself.” His darker eyes closed and he bowed his head, murmuring a pained, “Forgive me.”

When eyes opened again, he studied her for a moment, then gave a shallow bow, eye cast to the ground. “But you are a stubborn woman, Mrs Thatcher. Not that it will stop me from being here should you change your mind.” Jaw set with his own stubborness, Timothy moves to takes his leave of her, abandoning Kaylee to her own thoughts, but not before he added, “I am not the type to give up and you can't wait forever.”

Once he was out of sight, Kaylee dropped to sit in one of the chairs, a hand pressed wearily to her face, with a look that almost seemed defeated. She could feel the cold metal of the ring touch her cheek, drawing her attention to it. Looking at it, she pulled her hand away from her face, light brows furrowed in thought.

Timothy had been right. It had been four years since she was flung into the far reaching past and left there. How long could she wait for Hiro to come back for her? How long does she wait to be brought back to the man she loved? To see her little sister again?

The world slowly blurred, as the tears filled her eyes. She missed them all so much and wanted to go home badly. Homesickness was the worst around the holidays, especially Christmas, dragging Kaylee into a depression.

She wanted to go home.

But five year have passed, she thought angrily to herself. If Hiro was going to come get her, wouldn’t he have been there by now? A part of her brain wanted to give up and at that moment it was winning. Tugging at the ring on her finger out of irritation, tears slid down her cheeks steadily, falling to dampen the fabric of the high collar of the dress. The tightly cinched corset, of course, making it hard for her to draw the deep breath needed to truly sob out her sorrow.

The ring stayed seated, however, like it didn't want to come off, or she just didn't have the strength of will to pull it off. No matter how Kaylee tried, she couldn't give up her hope, even after four years.

With a heavy sigh her hands dropped into her lap, eyes closing as she attempted to stop the tears. Please God. Like every year before, she tries to send a prayer to the heavens. This time, she curls fingers around a small and delicate crucifix around her neck. A gift from Margaret, after Kaylee told the story of sending her great-grandfathers with Joseph as he went off to be a soldier.

Touching the tiny gold thing, a smile actually threatens to touch her lips. What would Joseph think of me now? Or even Valerie? Even as the thoughts brings a small smile, it brings back the feeling of loss and the tears return.

With a small choked sob, she buried her face in her hands. Even muffled, the words she softly cry can be heard. “Please, Please God. Let them find me?”

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