Honey Pot


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Scene Title Honey Pot
Synopsis Abby visits the Cambria Salon to catch up, fix the Russian L'Oreal and to inquire as to the where about of some people.
Date December 30, 2009

Cambria Salon and day spa

Tranquil and Fabulous wrapped up in warm and inviting colors and the sleek lines of Japanese architecture…Cambria Salon and Day Spa is a fashionable paradise. Dark almost black wood paneling has been used through out the salon, fresh flowers are found in glass vases and exchanged with flower shaped candles every day at 4 PM. There is a different theme for just about every day of the week, but nothing set in stone. There are 8 or so individual work stations with leaf shaped mirrors and comfortable chairs. There are a couple of private rooms for waxing, facials and massages and the like including a private station and office for the owner. The reception area is designed for comfort with the black seats and couches, glass coffee tables and glass/wood reception desk. Over all the salon is edgy and sleek, it is Cambria Salon and Day Spa.

"Oh no sweetie, Mary here will take real good care of you. Just go on back with her, and you'll have a lovely little patch of hair where once the forbidden forest was, trust me." Raquelle pats some woman on the back and eyes one of the employees with her apron and look of horror on her face with a gently smirk, making shooing motions towards one of the waxing rooms. He bustles around in a fitted black sweater-shirt with shirt sleeves, fingerless black gloves to match black jeans…it is a theme really, a purple streak in his emo fringe as he checks his eyeliner in a mirror. "Tara? I'll be in my office if anybody needs me, okay? Okay pumpkin…" He starts untying his apron/toolbelt as he saunters towards his office in the back. It is a fairly busy day, lots of new year hair do wants and the like + lots of discounts and deals.

"But if you go in the back, that means I'll have to done hobble all the way back there Raquelle Cambria. And then what shall I do? I might trip over a patch uh cut hair" This comes from the Brunette on crutches who just came in the door, peacoat open, deep green dress that might be too short if it wasn't for the black tights and boot. Though really, the brightly colored rooster on the cast and a couple other doodles done in good taste on the cast sort of throw the look off. Abigail throws on a big grin for the highly emotional man, straightening up a bit. "I've been gone a month and still I see nothing much has changed except you seem a lot more busy"

Raquelle freezes at that familiar voice, fingers deftly working to re-tie that apron in place as he spins around smoothly to just stare at Abby for a few moments, jaw dropping a bit. "…" He gives a tiny flail and a happy laugh that quickly morphs into a tsk of concern taking in the cast and crutches and such then a wolf-whistle at the outfit and a hand fluttering to his chest as he makes his way closer, holding out his free hand. "OH my sweet mother of the lord, look at you babycakes!" He coos. "Oh goodness, I was so worried, now come…I want my hug but I don't want to break anything new."

"I'm right this moment, not a delicate Magnolia. More like a sturdy pine. You won't break me Raquelle. I sure could use a sprucing up of my hair though seeing as this color came from a box in another country" As if the man couldn't tell. Or the pink roots - yes, pink roots - that were growing in beneath. Pink flushes to her cheeks, the last traces of Ethan's handiwork with the tray gone thanks to time, and to a dentist.

"You are a sight for sore eyes Raquelle" She eases in further to the salon, throwing the girl at the desk a smile before she leans crutches against some tall surface and hobbles a few steps forward to give him a firm hug. "Oh, I can't tell you how good it is to be home where I understand what people are saying. You completely take for granted, living where you can understand what the little old lady on the street is saying when she walks past you"

Raquelle has to laugh again, nose wrinkling and baby blues twinkling as he wraps his arms around Abby, frowning as he idly checks her roots and shudders. "Oh lord…" He murmurs before clearing his throat. "You tell me what color you want to go and we'll see what we can do, get you all washed and dyed and dried and styled and lookin' purrrty." A pause. "…yes, yes you do take that for granted, I'm sure. You do remember that most of my relatives live out of the country right." He has to drawl and wink as he rubs some of Abby's hair between his fingers and makes a face.

"I'd say go back to pink, but I don't think Mr. Caliban would appreciate it. Maybe once the end of the month is over. Keep it a nice brown?" She inquires hopefully. "I uh, I know a chromokinetic who changed it pink, only she's not in and frankly, I wanted to ask you a few question and no, I didn't know that some of your relatives live out of the country. huh. you learn something new every day huh. Can we hit your office first though you think? It's about Flint"

Which means it could be a great many things that she could want to ask a question about. "I promise that i'll let you do whatever you want to do to my hair and I won't complain. Cross my heart and swear on a stack of bibles"

Raquelle blinks and then blinks again, wrapping an arm around Abby and giving another little squeeze before smiling and nodding slowly. "Fli-OH, right…Boxer raggedy yeah…that one." He leads the way to his office, nice room with a styling chair in there and everything as well, but he leads the way to the desk and the chairs and such that are there. "I've been busy enjoying my boyfriend and having my girls safe and at home, but you all have been in our prayers and thoughts…"

"Mr. Cambria, you have a boyfriend?" She's been out of the loop. or she forgot. Abigail moves beside him, leaning cruthes again against a wall and parking herself down in the chairs beside the desk. "You'll have to let me take the girls one night, so that you both can have some time alone" Abigail grins at the thought of Raquelle with a boyfriend, idly wondering what kind of guy he actually goes for.

"Flint ran off to Mexico. While I was gone. I was hoping that you might know when he went? He left his phone and the little place he seems to have gone to, well lets just say that I don't think they're going to even have heard of a starbucks"

"Mmmhm, Met him you know…grocery store, horribly domestic. He's a cop. He also helped find BJ when she was missing as well, the girls love that foul mouthed little piece of man meat and lord knows I do too." Raquelle pauses as he pulls out a couple of glasses. "…milk? Juice? What can I get you?" Then he has to sober up a bit to squint at the news as he sighs softly. "I'm sorry honey…I don't really, I mean I wouldn't really know…I've got some holiday packages for him, but I was hoping he was okay. When did he run off exactly?"

Crap. Big pile of steaming crap. "I don't know. I was hoping maybe by some chance you'd come across him or maybe" She doesn't know. It was a stab in the dark. "Not like I knew where he lived you know. he just.. he always showed up at the bar. I just came home and his cellphone and a map were on my bed. Juice please. I could use some juice"

She shifts in the seat, squinting over at him. "Talked to Joseph maybe? I asked joseph to keep an eye on him and apparently he's done gone too and no one can find him. I'm wondering if he went off to Mexico too or whether maybe he and Flint got into some trouble"

Raquelle pours the juice, some Japanese blend with peaches and stuff in it as he settles down after handing a glass over and he crosses his legs, arching an eyebrow. "Maybe he wants you to go looking for him? A bit old fashioned I'd admit but ever so exciting." A pause. "If your /Indiana Jones/ or something." He coughs and sighs. "Haven't really heard from Joseph either ever since the drama with the girls…I'm sure they are-okay maybe they aren't but…oh goodness. How long have they been missing?"

Abigail has to think about that. When had she last called Joseph and got an answer? "Over three weeks I suppose. I just got back Christmas day. Thing is Raquelle we got-" How to put this nicely without Flint coming off too bad. Last she needed was another white Knight. "Flint and I had an argument. Things were done that… there's probably really good reasons why it happened, but the fact is that it happened and I took advantage of a trip, to try and get my head on straight. I asked Joseph to look in on him, go get him a present for Christmas from me since I couldn't do it where I was and to look after him. I haven't heard from either, except for that map"

She does have plans to go to Mexico, only she doesn't know how long she'd frankly be down there and- "I don't know how long it would take me to get to where he is, supposedly if I even can at all"

Raquelle takes a sip of his juice, listening and expression darkening at the mention of an argument and then his eyebrows just shoot up. "He didn't touch you did he?" Brotherly like concern goes there before he sighs softly and he just closes his eyes. "If it is Mehico…" It is automatic to pronounce it correctly. "I might have some relatives who could drive you if you got to the right place…but do you know for /sure/ that he is there?"

The look given to Raquelle likely speaks more volumes than Abby would care to about the touching question. He did, likely. "I have no way of knowing. I can only hope that it was Flint who wrote his name on the map. par to fme trusts that he's there, and yet, another part of me, the ones that's been kidnapped thr- two times is cautioning me to try and make sure first or bring someone with me"

Look, he even brought the map WITH her to the salon. Just in case. It's dug out from her purse and the unfolded flat on the desk for him to see, finger pointing to the big red X and Flint's scrawled name.

Raquelle's eyebrow just quirks as he watches Abby and then lowers his eyes as he sees all he has to see, swearing softly in Japanese. "Abby…sweetie…fucking…" He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes with a small nod. "Whatever, okay." He swallows and then opens his eyes to peek at the map when it's laid out on the desk, he leans forward after a moment and mmhms softly as he scans the map.

"Listen. I know okay Raquelle. but it's been a month. It's been a month and I need to know if it was a one time thing, or whether… Or whether I need to walk away. This isn't something I'm going to do over a stupid letter" Her finger taps the map. "Or over a stupid map. If he did this map, then.. like you said, he wants to be found. He hit me. In a fit of anger and he was scared and he thought I did something stupid, he hit me. I deserve to know why, and not why other people think why or second hand words no matter how true they might be. That gift he has in him now, it's messing with him Raquelle. Sometimes, it's not him at the controls it's it. I woke up one morning to it in bed beside me and whispering loving things in my ear."

Stupid as it may all be. "I love him, in his own way and his own quirks, and he hurt me. Damned if i'll let him do it again, my daddy done raised me better and y'all would expect and will get, better. But I need to know, I need to hear it from his lips whether he's worth staying around with or whether I need to cut my heart loose and just walk"

"You find him, I want to talk to him." Raquelle is quiet as he replies, reaching out to rest a hand if allowed over the hand owning the finger tapping the map. "I'm not telling you to walk, I'm not telling you to stay, I'm all for that follow your heart disney shit, sweetie…you know me." A wry smile and a lift of a shoulder to shrug as he takes a deep breath. "Do you need anything from me, besides my knowledge of that language they speak down there in Taco Bell land."

"I'd ask you to come with me, but you got your babies and they need their dad, what with all they and you went through. But if you know anyone else who can speak Spanish and can keep.. people from making a run at me, cause my ankle won't be healing anytime soon" She turns her palm under his - upwards - and squeezes. "I'll let you know, regardless, how it all works out"

There's a pause as if there's something else she should tell the man. Hesitation as she decides whether to or not. Wheter wins out. "There's a bomb Raquelle, big one that won't be good if it goes off. I'm not supposed to tell, my hide if I tell a whole host of holy hell rained on my rear by official types. It hasn't gone off yet, but it might. You might want to make sure you get time in with the girls. I have faith, blind unadulterated purest faith that the people we know are gonna stop it in time. But you never know. Fate is fickle"

"…you let me know then baby, you make sure you let me know and tell me what you need." Raquelle nods slowly and then he returns that squeeze to the hand before freezing up at the mention of a bomb and he stares at Abby for a few moments. "…oh." There's really not much else he can say to that. He takes a deep breath and shakes his head slowly. "Fickle indeed."

"Happy New year?" Abigail raises her brows. "Have faith though. They'll succeed and we won't be swimming underwater hmm? Now. Maybe onto other things now that I done made you worry. I can at least present you with something you can fix. Russian L'oreal" Abigail gestures to her hair. "And you can tell me about you honey pot that you got while I was gone and how the girls like him"

Raquelle just nods slowly and eyes Abigail thoughtfully. He scratches his head and carefully gets to his feet, holding out a hand to Abby with a small smile. "Honey pot? Can I tell him you called him that? Okay, yes, I shall…you'd lov-okay maybe not, we love him, he's kind and nice and hot and blessed in oh so many sinful ways…" He drawls and clears his throat. "I'm going to trim, put some layers in there and dye it back a lovely brown for you."

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