Hood Strikes Again

There is rumbling all across New York today as the hacker known as 'Robin Hood' has struck again. Several months ago, 'Robin Hood' became an overnight Internet name when he followed his namesake's lead by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. However, this morning both the rich and the poor have much to complain about as 'Hood' has posted his second message, an apology, on message boards worldwise. "Taking money from one entity and giving it to another entity is never right. Those who have should have the free will and the choice to give as much as they want, to whom they want. And while I cannot go back and undo entirely what I've done, I've come to realize that some restitution must be made. Those who still have any of what was wrongfully given to them will find ten percent of that given back. I realize it doesn't cover what was taken, but I feel the impact going both ways should be fair." It's estimated that Robin Hood took as much as ten percent from the rich to give to the poor, and it seems that he's doing the same in reverse…

(OOC: Those who RP'd that they received money, should RP that some money was taken back. Those who had money taken away can RP that a small percentage was given back. Obviously, both sides would be angry. The dollar amount isn't as important as the percentage. You can figure that going backwards, only a few thousand dollars will be returned. Any questions can be directed to Wade.)

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