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Scene Title Horrifying
Synopsis Magnes gets two visitors, there to refresh his drugs and change his bandages.
Date August 14, 2010

Nature Center

Later in the morning, Magnes is still laying in bed, barely able to move, and just a bit drugged up. He's still waiting on the verdict on what he'll do in terms of surgery or healers, and he himself may be considering Mu'Qian. But right now he's under the covers from the waist down, with a plain white t-shirt on his torso and a bandage around his right hand. He looks pretty worn, but he's otherwise awake and staring at the ceiling.

"Hey Magnes" It comes from the opening that serves as the entrance to his little curtained off area. The dicomforted groans and moans of others who are in the same state, worse, or better off than Magnes. Abigail, a fresh bag to hang on his IV on a tray and other things. She'd been avoiding folks she knew who were up and around, sticking to throwing herself into changing out IV's, stitching and re-stiching, help feed folks. Things to keep her mind on the job and not on what had caused folks to get to this point.

"How bad's the pain?" Her voice is low so as not to disturb the folks on either side that are separated by the bolts of cloth that she and Megan and others hung in preparation for the mass casualties and injuries. "I have some more drugs for you, if it's getting too much for you"

"I'm alright, I mean, I hurt, but the painkillers made it bearable…" Magnes smiles weakly, then lets out a soft sigh. "I heard Claire accidentally shot me with an AK-47. I can't blame her, I killed two of the brains, but it had two left, and god knows it was like a monster version of Gabriel…" He shakes his head at the thought, and closes his eyes tightly. "I don't even wanna think about it, it was like Resident Evil… or Silent Hill."

"I haven't heard much about what happened down there, inside the place, in truth Magnes, I think maybe I'd better not know about what exactly you came across" The tray settled down on a stool, the bag of saline is prepared, his old one with it's last dregs is unhook so she can put up the fresh bag. Two other little ones hooked up and a syringe emptied into a port. She's never seen or played resident evil or silent hill, it's all sorta lost on her. "I'm sure claire didn't mean for you to get hit Magnes. She doesn't seem the type to purposefully do such a thing"

"I know she wouldn't. She may have changed since she lost her memories, but… she's still the same good person she was before, just confused and conflicted inside. I don't blame her, with everything she went through." Magnes doesn't protest the fact that Abby shouldn't know, looking up to watch her change the bags. He's been in a hospital bed far too many times. "You're right, you don't wanna know. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget. It was worse than the robots… I'm starting to feel like the lines between fantasy and reality are beginning to blur."

"Modern science and the presence of those who have been touched by god in the form of some sort of ability, Magnes, means that the line does get blurrier and blurrier as each day passes. Fantasy is no longer restricted to the page. We don't just fly in our dreams with a single though, some people actually can" Like the President.
Sheatisfied with the drip rate, that nothing is tangled, the tray is put to the side on the floor so that the blonde can sit on the stool and set about to taking vitals like she has for the last day when she hasn't slept. "I think Megans gonna try and get a doctor she knows, in, I think. She was talking about it earlier. I don't know if he'll come, but we'll see. Peter's also around here, if he hasn't taken off and he's got healing. If you don't mind a big ol black handprint somewhere on your body. But he has to be careful with it, because he takes on a lesser version of the wound himself. So…" Forefinger and middle finger rest on Magnes's inner wrist as she looks to the analog watch on her wrist.

"I don't think there's a lesser version of getting shot in the abdomen. I've been thinking about, well, a certain Chinese woman. I just can't figure out why I have to tell healers about it before they heal me, so I've been a bit sketchy on asking for her medicine again." Magnes' eyes turn down to watch her with his wrist, his arm rather limp from the medication. "There's also that guy, the one who takes away days of your life or whatever. Maybe if I carefully combine that with Peter's healing…"

"Mu-Qians's healing" She knows who he's talking about. "I've been shot in the abdomen, in the back and shoulder magnes. That you are still alive, and here, means that none of your internal organs were nicked and it's a matter of getting out the bits and pieces that may remain inside. That's probably why Peter hasn't been in here and why they need someone to go fishing around your belly for the pieces of lead"

"God, Abby…" Magnes is staring at her with a bit of a shocked expression, and just a tad terrified. "Could you be a little more gentle with the words? I don't… really like to think that people are going to poke around in my stomach…" In other words, he's afraid of getting surgery.

"You'll be out magnes. Knocked out and unaware. They did it for me after they took us out of Staten Island. They had to fish around to get out the lead that ricocheted into my belly" Her bedside manner is lacking? Satisfied with his pulse, she's pulling back blankets enough to peel back bandages with glove covered hands to get a good look at how the wound looks. "Sorry Magnes. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Like I said, you're awake, and you don't have a fever and the painkillers are working. You'll be up and around and playing at super hero again. There anything you need me to tell Elaine?"

"I heard Cardinal told Elaine I'm a bit injured but I'll be fine. But… if you wouldn't mind kind of going and talking to her for support or something. You don't have to, just… it'll keep her from worrying, which she does a lot." Magnes winces when she starts messing with the bandages, more out of anticipation of pain than feeling any actual pain. He's pretty cut up and bruised all over, really, but on his abdomen are three pretty serious bullet wounds.

"Look away magnes. A good chunk of the time, things hurt more when we look at them, because we anticipate it, and visualize it. Just look up at the ceiling and don't think about" There's fresh bandages to switch out, medical tape to deal with cutting into strips. "There anyone that can come help me for a second?" Abigail calls out, wanting to be careful as possible.

The face that peeks in from behind the sheets acting as curtains between beds is probably not who Abigail had in mind, as it belongs to one of the injured who probably shouldn't be out of her own cot. Tasha offers an uncertain smile. Having gone a little stir-crazy, hearing people more injured than she is crying out in pain, she'd gotten out of her bed for a breath of fresh air, taking advantage of the fact Colette's been enlisted to help cook and clean somewhere else in the facility.

"Hi, Abby, Mag… you doing okay?" she says in her whispery voice, a bandage covering her throat. "I can try to help, depending what you need?" she offers to Abby, dark eyes questioning.

"I'm fine, other than the three holes in my stomach, and Abby horrifying me." Magnes follows her instructions, focusing on Tasha rather than his wounds. "I'm just glad we got people out alive. I hope Gillian's going to be alright, she was really… bad. She's one of my best friends, and to think of that bastard doing anything to her…"

"Peter fixed her" Fixed her physically, there's always the other wounds that ones can't touch. Not even time on occasion. "She's fit again. "Hey Tasha" Abby has a memory for faces and names and the brunette was someone she'd comes across and memorized the name and face of because she'd been in the woods with Sasha. "I need some strips of tape cut, so I can change out his bandages again and I'm not horrifying you magnes. You've seen plenty else to horrify you that me saying someone's gonna fish around in your belly for the bullets, while you're unconscious, is not that horrifying"

"I can do that," Tasha says to Abby, taking the scissors and tape and finding a milk crate to sit on to start to work. "I'm kinda getting cabin fever, so I'm glad to help out. I guess I was really lucky." She glances at Magnes and winces at his apparent damage — he wasn't as lucky. "I don't even know really what happened to me… but apparently I'm lucky compared to most," she adds, repeating that word lucky, her voice softer than the hoarse whisper. She holds out the first of a strip of tape for Abby to take when she is ready for it, averting her eyes from the wounds.

"Hey, I'll take the horror of blood manipulators and ex-nazis over the horror of people poking around inside of my stomach." Magnes closes his eyes, taking deep breaths as he tries to calm down a bit from the thought. "This is kind of my fault, I just couldn't let Claire fight that thing along, so I jumped on its back with her. I didn't expect, well, this."

"Next time, let the regenerator do her job, and know that she's a big girl and can regenerate whereas you, you manipulate gravity Magnes, and you can't regrow a lost limb, or the like. I can't heal anymore or you know I would have done it already. You can't rely on healers to patch you up" The pieces of tape are taken as Tasha cuts them, adhering the gauze over the wounds.

"Once you're cleared to go Tasha, I'm sure someone can smuggle you out to wherever you want to go. I don't know either what happened to you other than you were cornered, Tien's group, in a copse of tree's. Some folks must have came in after you, someone stopped them and we were called over to take care of the tank"

The teenager listens, eyes widening a little at the talk of regrowing limbs and such. Her brows twitch as she is told a little more of what happened. She clearly doesn't remember, and it's probably better that way. Twenty-one people died. Somehow she didn't. She nods once and hands the next piece of tape, before adding a hoarse, "Thank you," which seems to be the reversal of the current required etiquette, as Abby takes the tape. She's thanking her, of course, for extracting the small remnant of Tien's team that was left: herself, Tien, and Sasha.

"Yeah, she's a regenerator, and she can also lose her memories, which is a lot like a part of her dying. You weren't there, you didn't see that… thing, with four brains and god knows how many abilities, using people for parts to add to itself. I wouldn't let anyone fight that alone, not even a regenerator, especially since I think it wanted to get her regeneration…" Magnes turns away from Tasha now, instead choosing to look at the curtains. "God this sucks."

"Magnes, I don't want to hear about a thing with four brains, I really don't and you shouldn't be dwelling on what you saw, but instead thinking about what you're going to do when you are out of here, and when you have stitches and how Elaine is going to wait on you hand and foot. Not to mention, you're going to take her to the Russian I told you about-" There's a sideways look to Tasha "Not that Russian" And then back to magnes. "So she can enjoy learning Russian and all it's intricacies" Of which, there were many. The last piece taken from Tasha with a thank you, the blonde puts the blankets back up, all done with what she came here to actually do for the gravitokinetic. "I assume you and Tasha have met before?"

The mention of the Russian makes Tasha drop her eyes, the epiphany from yesterday still fresh on her mind. She looks up again and smiles and nods at the question. "Yeah, Magnes and me, we go way back to Lighthouse duty," she says lightly, smiling at the man. They started out a little bit on the wrong foot, what with him trying to kill Vincent, but she doesn't blame him. She might even have thanked him in the long run. "You're having a rough month, huh, Mag? It'll be okay. I'm sure you'll be fine," she says in her hoarse voice.

"Between having to fight Elaine's crazy ex, and then this, yeah, it's been pretty rough. But when I'm all patched up, I'm gonna do something really nice for her. I gave her the Russian's number." Magnes sits back and closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. "I think I might get some sleep. And I still want you to consider hanging out with her."

"I don't think Elaine is comfortable around me Magnes. I've met her a few times" And the last meeting surely hadn't gone so well. "I can find something to help you sleep Magnes, if you think you might want it, or need it." The keys to the drug supplies on around the necks of a few people so that they could keep track of them.

Setting down the tape and the scissors, Tasha rises. "I should get back to my bed before someone comes chasing me down and yells at me," she murmurs. "Feel better, Magnes. I'm sure Quinn or Sable or someone's looking after Elaine. She'll be okay, as long as you are." She bends down to give him a kiss on the cheek — theirs is not a close friendship, but she feels the need to reassure him and also there is a new bond of having been injured in battle together — though separately. "Be good."

She smiles at Abby and gives a little wave before slipping out of the partition to seek her own bed.

"She just thinks you don't like her. I'm sure you have some common ground, I told her you're a great person and aren't the type to blindly dislike someone." Magnes starts to drift off, his voice slurring a bit, so he likely doesn't need any sleeping drugs. "Thanks for changing my bandages… good night Abby…" even though it's nearly noon.

"Sleep tight Magnes" Gathering up the tray, a small smile for Tasha and her departure. Making sure the blankets are tucked in loose so that it won't twist at his midriff should he move in his sleep, the blonde medic leaves so he can rest. There's others to tend to and some lunch to eat before someone comes around to shove it down her own throat.

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