Horseback Chat


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Scene Title Horseback Chat
Synopsis While on patrol, Ryans and Huruma have a bit of a chat.
Date December 15, 2010

Out on Patrol

It's winter.

Trees have long ago dropped their leaves. Only the stiff claw like branches reach for the sky, making the forest look something like the Boarder lands of Ryans dreams. Snow still lays spotty in places where sun doesn't really touch it. The fallen leaves are soggy making no noise as trimmed hooves plod lazily over them.

More then anything it's fairly quiet, except for the occasional sound of trains. Well, not counting the snorting of the horses and the shifting of their tack.

Benjamin Ryans sits easier on a horse then he did when they were brought to the island. Straddling the saddle, he has the reins gathered in one hand, edge of his palm resting on the pommel, the other propped on his denim clad leg. His long duster gives the impression of the Marshal he is in the dreams, but he doesn't wear a cowboy hat, only a knit beanie.

The old man has been fairly quiet during their patrol, blue eyes scanning their surroundings for either deer or someone where they shouldn't be. White plumes from both the noses of man and horse.

"I'll be headed into the city soon. I need to talk to a man named Bradley Russo." Oh look, it's finally show and tell time. "That message Delia left on Eileen's arm." He glances to his companion on patrol. "I believe it's pointing me to him."

Huruma remembers not being so sure about bringing horses around, but it does seem as if she's become accustomed to them the same as anyone. The dapple gray coat of the mare- Copenhagen, what kind of name is that?- seems to blend in with the light spotted through trees, a ripple of pale winter yellow over starburst fur patterns under the saddle. At first, none of the horses really appreciated Huruma's tension; after a time they either got used to it, or perhaps Huruma has lessened it. Possibly both. The influence she holds over people can be touch-and-go with animals; she has never particularly had to practice on them, and base instinct is a complex thing. Luckily the horses seem receptive, for the most part. Apples help.

No cowboy gear for Huruma either- just the rumpled, dark fur of a lined winter coat, and the flatcap she always seems to have. Having not much hair is only a blessing in the summer. Huruma's riding is a little different- keeping the reins in one fist, her weight leant forward some onto the saddle. Maybe a leftover from those camels she was talking about, or maybe she just likes to have head clearance.

The figure a little parallel to him turns its head at the words, coming out of a short reverie involving looking after squirrels and cursing the lack of snow. "That was- an interesting way to point anyone anywhere." Huruma's lips purse over at him, her eyes glancing about once through an invisible field, before she slows the mare enough to come back to his side. And, the inevitable question: "D'you need me, or do they?" It's been slow going, but it's hard to know if you'll be needed ahead of time.

Straightening in the saddle a little, Ryans grimaces a little at the stiffness that has settled in his lower back. He might be younger then his years, but he's old enough to get weary muscles. "Might as well stay here. It's only a quick trip to deliver the message." Not much else he can do. "Unless he has some idea of what to do next for Delia."

There isn't much confidence there.

His hand moves with ease, to guide his horse, eyes ever watchful for holes. "The tricky part will be getting in to see him." Ben looks unhappy about this. "Being the star of a high ranking political show and me a very wanted man. I am not sure how well this will work out."

So if he does, that means Huruma might have to help- she feels kind of responsible, somehow- it may be that she's been visited by Delia, mixed with that she does care for the girl. She stares a bit when he goes on to explain the nature of mister Bradley Russo. Mmm. Huruma's eyebrows knit, a familiar expression today for some reason. Glaring at things. She hasn't been doing that lately, is the only reason it might be just- different.

"Couldn'you ask Jaiden t'tell him? Or anyone not wanted by th'government? Lucille? Me…" A pause, wherein she glares at the air past his head, before fixing him with a smaller one. "Or is this some sort of patriarchal machismo?"

The question gets a look of amusement from the old man, a smile touching Ryans' lips and creasing the corners of his eyes. "I'd rather the message come from me. Mainly, cause he is the son of an old flame." He's only mentioned one to her recently, never going into details. "Delia is rather taken with him, but then — she has always gotten a little star struck around celebrities."

He shakes his head, going back to watching the terrain ahead of them. "I'll figure something out." Benjamin seems very confident that he'll find a way.

The dark woman nearby squints out from under the short, tilted brim of her cap. Something about what she said, or his memories, seems to have actually gotten his smile to touch his eyes. It's a real smile, supposedly. "Or you can jus'ask for help, flame or no." Huruma all but actually huffs, her heels debating over pushing the gray mare forward again. She doesn't, sticking horse-to-horse and preferring to give him another vague look instead.

"Glenn Beck hung up on me, once." See! She even has experience with those shows. "I hope he's nothing like that, or I will have t'skin him." Huruma's tone is so serious that it is clear that she is not.

Her reaction has the smile sliding away slowly, eventually replaced by a touch of confusion. Ryans simply can't figure out what her problem is. "I'll figure it out," he states again a touch flatly, brows now furrowing with that confusion.

Instead of dwelling in the land of confusion, he presses on too important matters. "While I'm gone, help Raith keep an eyes on those kids that ended up on the island. Nothing too obvious, they seem like good kids that care about each other." A glance her way out of the corner of his eye, he says adds, "And make sure Howard gets out there on patrol, Hannah might be able to help with that. She's seems rather willing to help out. He on the other hand seems to have major issues and a severe problem with authority."

Huruma doesn't seem too invested in furthering his confusion, apparently, as she sits upright, shoulders rolling. "It seems like anytime I see them, they disappear out from under my nose. Except th'blind one… Nora. She is quite polite." You know, for a girl that got turned blind, she doesn't let any of that bitterness out onto the others. "I'ave noticed he gives more problems than he helps solve, yes."

"But you know… me and punks. I take no responsibility if he presses m'buttons too hard." Huruma lifts her eyebrows this time, clearly joking. "I can feel him coming down halls, he is very marked by it."

"He has a reason to be," Ryans says with a soft sigh, white pluming and leaving a faint trail behind him. "With what I heard the Institute did to him…" His head heads slowly and she can feel his pity for the young man. There is not desire to follow up that thought, so he moves on. "But he needs something to focus on and right now that is patrols and other chores."

Why this kid has his interest is beyond him. Maybe it's the simple fact that this kid could destroy what safety they have, or he simply just wants to help Howard.

"I will keep an eye on him." Huruma secedes that much, gloved hands fidgeting for warmth around the reins. The mare picks carefully along with her stablemate, nostrils puffing light clouds next to her. "I understand th'need for focus perfectly well." Maybe she and Howard have that much in common. Huruma puts a hand up to adjust the scarf under the collar of her coat, tugging it up to block the air drifting down there.

"Your little agent- Liza- she has been bothering me every morning, every night."

A brow arches slightly as he glances Huruma's way. "Oh?" He asks curiously. Leaning forward and ducking his head, Ryans barely misses a low hanging branch. A small twig, snagging on the collar of his coat, snapping it. The sounds loud in the quiet forest, sending birds into the air. Their wings whistling in the crisp air.

Of course, Ryans can't help but wonder if any of them are acting as eyes for the tiny council woman. He actually has a fondness for the blind woman, but not in the same way as Huruma… or the warmth that comes with thoughts of Lynette. It's more of a protectiveness, possibly coming from the fact she's as young as his own girls.

Eileen, being wise beyond her years, probably keeps eyes on birds at all times; if she doesn't hear about most goings on in the woods, Huruma would be surprised. "Yes." She looks after the low hanging branch. Now he sees why she'd been leaning in on the saddle. Tall people on tall animals, something like that. "Asking me when they are going t'get a tree t'put in th'dining hall. Hang a few ribbons for her, and it is like I am her best friend." Not that it's a bad thing. Huruma can appreciate Liza's enthusiasm.

"I've thought about getting one from town, and wrapping it for th'boat… there are not many small pines out here. I figure that as long as w'can burn it for fuel later, it may no'be so bad." Liza is determined to make something normal. Huruma glances over to Ryans, finally, to gauge what he thinks.

Ryans seems to be mulling it over when Huruma looks his way. He seems almost distracted as his thoughts seems distant. "It's a noble cause," he comments softly in that gruff voice of his. "Not a bad one either, considering all the kids on the island. It's not going to be the most joyous of Christmases, so every little bit would help."

Head turning her direction, Ryans gives her another small smile, this not reaching his eyes. "And Liza is just grabbing onto someone, needing a friend. She's a good kid and I think getting a tree is a good plan."

"Maybe I can stay out here and get one. If you can handle th'horses. Or we could both go, if you're interested. T'be quite honest, I have no idea what I'd be …doing. But I will get one." Huruma notices the smile, too. She feels a little sheepish about not milking the first smile now, it was such a rare thing. She frowns down at the reins, looking up, almost askance, not actually at him.

"I am sorry for being moody." Though, she offers no explanation for it, just an apology. A sort of one, as if she doesn't know why either.

"I think that mission is a solo one." Ryans sounds a little reluctant to admit that, a nudge of heels picks up the horses pace, heading in the direction of the meet point for the next patrol. "I need to get prepared to take the trip off the island." Just leaving the island puts the old man into a world of danger. Especially, with being a 'traitor' to his country.

"Come on… the other will be waiting," Benjamin calls out over his shoulder, favoring her with another lifting of his lips into a small smile.

Solo, right- Scrooge! They may make him decorate part of it, when she does drag one back. Maybe Huruma will tell Liza an incredible tale that ends with Benjamin Ryans' muffled 'bah, humbug'. It will break her twee heart. When he looks back, Huruma narrows her eyes and lets a sly, yet brighter, smile to cross her face. She holds on and digs in her heels, and the dapple mare perks her ears upward, tail flicking and legs jumping into locomotion.

Racing cars is right out, but she'll be damned if she can't race around on a horse. Especially if it is to leave Ben in her wake.

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