Hot Daddy


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Scene Title Hot Daddy
Synopsis Lucille finds out about what happened to her dad, but not before she screams — loudly.
Date March 24, 2010

A Hotel Room within the City

So it's cold, but what else is new? People still brave the streets for various different reasons. Lucille is doing it for a quite noble one, she's checking up on her father. After entering the hotel and pausing to take a look at herself, Lucille brushes a strand of blonde hair out of her eyes before she's looking over to the front desk man and giving him a nod before entering the elevator.

Dressed in a cute dark red sweater, along with a pair of dark jeans and some killer high heeled boots that she was given by a designer. Lucille looks like she use too, like a successful model. Her hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail and her light grey eyes stare at the golden reflective walls of the elevator as she ascends to the floor her father is staying on.

When the elevator dings and the doors open, her heels click on the elevator floor before she begins to walk on the plush blue carpet. The young woman re shoulders her bag and gets a tighter grip on her magazine that she's holding. Guess whose on the cover?

Knock Knock Daddy's girl is here.

Hands are pressed on the white marble surface of the hotel's bathroom sink, he's leaning forward his head turning one direction then the other, brows furrowed. Freshly shaven, he still has a bit of a shadow to his jaw, but he's not looking at that… he's still fascinated by the lack of lines. It was still a shock to look in the mirror, he still does a double take as if he's seeing someone else.

Wearing a white undershirt that is actually stretched tight across his chest, he'll have to buy new ones now that he's filled out some, and a pair of black slack, Ryans looks nothing like the old man he was. Maybe that's why he hasn't told his girls.

A knock on the door makes him jump, a hand going to the hand gun nestled in the shoulder holster on the counter, but then he remembers he had ordered up breakfast. "A moment." He calls out — at least it's still the same rumbling voice — grabbing the shoulder holster off the counter, shoves it deep in his suitcase and zips it shut. The powder blue dress shirt is plucked up from the chair, as he heads to the door.

There is the sound of locks being undone and the door swings open on a stranger.

A stranger who's eyes actually widen somewhat before her father's voice comes from his mouth and says in surprise. "Lulu?"

Uh.. scream.

And that is what Lucille does for the next few seconds. She screams loudly and with wide eyes. She's seen pictures of her father when he was younger but this just isn't possible. The magazine falls to the ground and there she is, on the cover of one of biggest fashion magazines. That doesn't really matter to her at this moment.

It would be quite comical if you weren't in Lucille's shoes, she feels like.. she's looking at a ghost. "What the fuck." she says loudly as she backs away from the man that is her father, though a lot younger. "What.. the.. fuck." Yeah, she has a large vocabulary.

"What have I told you girls about your language?" It certainly sounds like her daddy, just without the rasp of age. Ryans brows lift slightly as he asks simply. "Are you quite finished screaming?" Taking a step out of his door, the formerly old man, glances down each side of the hallway as doors open to see what the commotion is about. He lifts a hand to wave at one person. "Sorry."

His sock clad foot bumps into the magazine on the floor, making Ryans glance down. Bending down, he plucks up the magazine and takes a step back. "Do you plan to continue to stand there and gawk young lady, or are you going to come and and talk like a civilized person?"

He doesn't show it, but Ryans is worried. How was he going to explain this?

Shaking her head, eyes still wide. Lucille looks up and down the hall and pushes herself off the wall and pushes her way into the room. She doesn't look happy. "I am sick and tired of how you always make it seem like I'm doing something wrong."

She doesn't remove her coat, she's pacing and then she's leaning against the wall. "My reaction is totally human. You look like.. you're younger and I very much doubt that you had work done or that it would have healed that fast. You drive me insane."

Yep, she's mad. "So go on, explain to me what a 'civilized' person would do when they see that their father has grown younger over night!" Lucille grits her teeth and clenches her hands together. "Are you Evolved?" she asks softly while she looks out of the window at the cityscape.

There are no word from the man as Ryans slowly shuts the door behind them, of course locking it again. If anything, he looks completely calm and collected compared to his oldest girl. "There are certainly better ways to react then screaming." The magazine is glances at, brows furrowing at the sight of Lucille on the cover.

Then he sighs, moving to sit on a corner of the bed, the magazine set next to him. Hand scrub over his face as he tries to think how best to word what he has to say. Finally, his hands drop into his lap as he amends, "However, you are correct. I did not have any work done. And no, I am not evolved Lucille. I was the victim of one." A lot of people might have said they were lucky, but Ryans didn't ask to be made younger.

Hands motion at himself and he adds blandly, "And this was the result."

"Whatever." She says to her father's explanation and then she's stopped staring out of the window to glance at her father and his new but old appearance. "So what happened? Some guy just randomly came up to you and said, I've decided to give you back your youth?"

The fact that her father isn't Evolved actually is good news, at least in a superficial way. She doesn't have to worry about the whirlwind of things you must deal with when you have to deal with a Evolved ability.

"Sorry if I'm a little cranky.. I.. just.. yeah." She shrugs as she takes a bottle of water and her pills out of her bag and quickly swallows them.

Ryans watches his daughter go through the motions with her pills, concern hidden behind that neutral mask. "No actually. An evolved man was being pursued by Homeland Security." He explains softly, glancing at the magazine next to him, gently he picks it up and climbs to his feet. "He committed suicide by transferring his life force from him to me…" There is a pause as he adds, "I just happened to be the nearest shmuck."

The lies are familiar to him, he use to lie to them all the time, and he'll do so again. It protects them from his world and his job. He slowly approaches his daughter the magazine clutched in both hands. "The doctors say he gave me back roughly twenty years of my youth. I am physically thirty seven again, about the same age I was when you were born."

The magazine is offered to her, and the old man says quietly. "You look beautiful, Lu. The photographer did a good job."

"Well.. you were blessed huh?" Lucille smiles softly and then moves to seat in a chair that is in the room. "Thanks dad, I told you there was nothing to worry about with that." She nods at her father and then she's crossing her legs. "How do you feel?" Is he sad? Happy? Ecstatic?

"I'm not sure I feel — blessed." Brows thicker then they had been furrow above the nose that has not changed. He glances out the window, blue eyes clearer then they had been view the world outside. "It is that much longer before I get to see your mother again." The words a gentle, a small smile touching his lips.

"But, I have a better chance of seeing grandchildren." There is a tease to how he says that, head turning to angle a look her way. A rare smile there for her to see.

"Downside to this, is that I will have to go back to work." Ryans does not in any way seem unhappy about it. "I was planning to go out today and see what is available, since my old place of employment was blown up and shut down."

The mention of seeing her mother again, makes Lucille blink and few times. That's because those are tears coming. The young woman makes a tight fist though and breathes deeply a few times. And then she's smiling at her father. "Yep, I wonder if me or baby sis will be first." She muses softly before she exhales loudly and looks over to her younger father.

"Well.. this is just nuts." She says with a soft chuckle and then she's standing up and walking over to give her father a tight hug. Happy he's alive and not hurt. "Where are you going to look?" she asks softly, how will he adjust to this younger version of himself?

“I wonder that as well. Both of you girls ended up with my rather wild spirit. Ryans? Wild? The hug is is returned, arms hold her with more strength in them then before, a small sigh escaping, he features relieved that she isn't shunning him or avoiding him cause of what happened.

“This is nuts, trust me. I look in the mirror and I see a stranger.” He releases her slowly, and steps around her, retrieving the dress shirt from where it dropped in his surprise. “Actually, I thought I'd look into law enforcement. Homeland Security seems like a good choice.” He turns to look at his daughter, “Go back to defending my country in a way.” The shirt is inspected before it's slipped on, but he doesn't button it up yet. “It is a start at least.” And a little less lying involved.

"Yeah dad, real life of the party." Lucille jokes sarcastically and she tilts her head as she watches her father. "Maybe you will be, you were given a gift. Might as well use it." She says with a soft smile and she dips her head in his direction. "Who knows, the Fates may have wanted you to end up this way. Atropos has given you her favor." Luci grins as she stretches her arms out and looks down at the magazine on the table.

"Well.. if you wanna play hero.. go ahead." Lu shrugs as she thinks about her father's choice. "You have to do something with that strong, young body now don't you. And I won't advise stripping, I couldn't live with myself." She wags her finger in her father's direction and winks. "As long as you get me all sorts of cool exceptions to the rules that being a model doesn't already get me." She teases lightly.

An odd look goes Lucille's way, before he gives a soft guff of laughter. "No, I will not strip. I am not that quality of man." Fingers work to button up the dress shirt, eyes on what he's doing. "I was my most proud protecting the people from outside threats." Inside ones as well. "So it seems like a good idea."

He moves to stand before the mirror and slowly works to straighten his collar. "Can I ask you a favor?" Glancing over at his daughter, brows lifting some. "Let me tell your sister."

"Good, just making sure my dear old pops." Lucille says as she swings her bag onto her shoulder and walks up to Ryans. Giving him a kiss on the cheek she nods her head. "Sure thing." She says softly before walking towards the door. "I gotta run, gots a go-see to go to so I'll see you later. For dinner." She chuckles and wiggles her fingers at her father.

"You shall dine at the eldest's home tonight. And there isn't going to be a no answer. I'll expect you there at 8. I have some stuff to do before hand. Like work at Lucy's for a few." The model grins and winks at her dad. "And please try not to take down too many numbers. This is coming from a total family like way, dad you're hot. Go on with cha bad self." She bounces up and down a few times as she laughs at the joke and smiles at her dad as she opens the door. "Love ya." Is said softly before she's out the door.

"Love you too, sweetie." As the door shuts behind his daughter, Ryans chuckles, head shaking some. Turning back to the mirror that smile falls away, brows furrow as he turns his head this way and that. His mouth pulls a little to one side looking unconvinced.

"Hot…. "

A small smile tugs at his lips and he shakes he head, totally unconvinced, turning away from the mirror to finish getting ready for the day.

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