Hot Detective?


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Scene Title Hot Detective?
Synopsis Just a moment of mistaken identity and Kaylee finds herself with an admirer… who just happens to have a thing for the other her.
Date July 20, 2013

A Club Somewhere in New York

Mid-2013 is a productive time for Magnes, as he's been out of rehab for a while, and he's just starting police academy. But a part of that is getting himself back out there and trying to live his life. So he's hanging outside of a night club in the middle of the, well, night, wearing a very dark grey pinstripe suit with no tie. He hasn't quite worked up the nerve to actually enter, so he's just standing out there, occasionally looking over at the bouncer who's just far enough not to think he's being a problem.

It has been a few days since Kayle Thatcher had been to the club, but like any addiction, a person is eventually drawn back to it. Of course, the one he sees approaching the club has dyed her hair an earthy brown. She is definitely dressed for the club, with her black dress and red leather jacket. She hurries towards the club, not really looking at anyone at that moment.

Her mind is elsewhere, lost in her thoughts.

Looking over at her, she seems a bit different, but… that's definitely Kaylee!

Magnes pushes off the wall, working up some courage, then heads over to her, clearing his throat. "Hey! Uh, Detective Thatcher, right? I know you don't know me, I guess you could say I'm a huge fan…" He offers his hand, smiling. "Magnes J. Varlane. I'm still trying to figure out clubs, I've been a little terrified to go inside."

There is a startled look from the woman he has approached, then a moment of recognition. Why hadn’t she… Brows furrow a little, then dawning hits her. This wasn’t the Magnes she knew. Relaxing just a little, Kaylee offers this other Magnes a smile. “You are mistaking me for someone else, though I have been called that before.”

After a slightly hesitation, she takes the hand offered briefly, “Leanne Edwards. Nice to meet you Mr. Varlane.” She glances at the club with a bit of a smirk. “You’ve never been?”

"Nah, I'm a little… new to a lot of things. I've had a bit of a sheltered upbringing. I'm practically Amish. But you're really not…" Magnes looks her up and down, swallowing. "You're not her? But you're so…" Hot, the word is clearly in his face, and on the tip of his tongue. His thoughts are loud. He would be the one ridiculous person to have a bizarre crush on a random detective. "Similar. But, I mean, I've never met her, so what do I know."

Of course, his loud thoughts clearly warp back around to insecurity. There's no chance, not with anyone like that, not anyone this damned cool, with all these other hot guys around. "So, uh, Leanne, you wanna go inside and hang out?" Oh god, is all he can think, that sounds like the opposite of confidence. Get it together!

“No…” Kaylee gives a softly, huffed sound of amusement. “Trust me, I’m definitely not her,” Fingers lift to tuck dark hair behind her ear, exposing the long scar left when she fled her old world. “If you like this detective so much, just approach her, talk to her. I mean… what’s the worst that can happen? Rejection?” she gives a wave of her hand. “You just move on. There have to be plenty of women out there.”

The club is eyed thoughtfully, then she glances at this world’s Magnes. “Know what. Come on, you have a better chance getting in there with me than on your own, anyway.” The bouncer knows her and is quick to move to let the pair in, past all the people in the line. The telepath gives her companion a wink, “I bet there is someone in there that would enjoy the company of someone such as yourself.”

"I don't even really know her, and she's a super professional detective. I just think she's…" Hot, so damned hot, just like Leanne. "Cool." Magnes answers out loud as they enter the club, and looks around, curious. "I'm in the police academy, I'll probably meet her eventually, but it's kind of silly. I really don't know the first thing about her."

"I feel kind of lame in here. I think I overdressed." he observes, looking around, feeling overall awkward.

“Well, I know nothing about that woman,” Leanne points out with a chuckle, pitching her voice higher to be heard over the music. “I’ve never met her in my life, so no help there.” Her eyes are already on the dance floor.

The awkwardness coming off of Magnes pulls Leanne back around, to study him. “Hmm.” She considers his looks for a moment. Stepping close, she unbuttons a couple of his buttons. “Better,” he can hear her murmur, before she works at the sleeves of his suit. Unbuttoned and folded up to his elbows on each side.

Done, she steps back.

“Okay… How about that?” There is an anxiousness to the woman, but still she is attentive trying to help Magnes out. “To be honest, suits can be a real draw for women,” Kaylee offers as reassurance, with a smile.

"I do feel a lot less stuffy." Magnes offers a hand to her. "Well, who needs a detective." he decides, feeling a little more at ease. "You seem kind of anxious. Any chance you wanna dance? Or maybe you're here to meet someone?" he wonders, unsure, but he's anxious himself, trying to think of the right combination of words to keep her attention.

Leanne looks like she is going to refuse, but then she sighs, giving Magnes an amused look. “I’m waitin’ for someone, but they are not here… yet.” More like she hasn’t found them yet, though her ability is already stretching out, curling through the fringes of the dance floor.

A hand goes to her hip as she considers, a smile curls on her lips and she takes the hand offered with her other. “Alright, Magnes.” She holds up a finger. “One. One dance.”

Magnes starts to guide her to the dance floor, smiling and looking back at her. "You're way hotter than Kaylee." he finally says out loud, apparently definitely believing that they're different people. His thoughts are already trying to figure out how to maximize this dance for the best possible outcome. There has to be a way, he thinks to himself.

He can do this!

"I can make pizza from scratch." he suddenly blurts out, and then his mind is blank, trying to figure out where the hell to go with that.

“Am I now?” Leanne finds this fact amusing. “I find that highly unlikely.” She for one isn’t scarred, unlike the woman before him. “You seem more the type to go for the sweet girls.” She observes as she allows herself to be drug out onto the dance floor and into the press of bodies. Having watched the other him from afar. “The ones that have that same starry-eyed look that you have right now.”

There is an amused smile on her lips as she turns towards him, before she lets the rhythm sway her hips. There is a pause, when he mentions the pizza. Brows lift. “He can cook, too. How are you still single?” She isn’t mocking him, many woman go for a type of guy like him.

"I like lots of types of girls. For a long time I liked a girl named Abby, but I don't think the way I am is really compatible with a girl like that. I'm just… I'm very wild in the things I do, even though I'm kind of sheltered at times. Yeaaars ago, I once walked into a poker game and told a room full of criminals that I'd keep an eye on them." Magnes laughs at that, since it was a while ago, sliding an arm around Leanne's waist.

"I cook, make clothes, play piano, I sing a bit… I have a lot of hobbies." He stares down at her as they dance. He tries to follow what other people are doing to the best of his ability. "I mostly just think Kaylee is hot, but she's probably very strict, I'd probably drive her crazy. You seem a lot more fun, like you could appreciate skating on a rooftop or something. Like Peyton Whitney, I used to follow all the things she did in tabloids and stuff. A wild girl like that, it makes my heart race, but I'm not sure if I'd be too boring or not."

"I was really hung up on Abby, like, I can't even begin to say how much…" He speaks in past tense, but his mind betrays otherwise. She's not the kind of person that a guy like him just gets over, but there's a complete sense of defeat in his mind, on the topic of Abby. "But that's the past, you know?" He raises a hand to touch the side of her neck while their dance. "I can handle experience." He thinks. Trying to act like he has any sort of experience is big on his mind suddenly, as he's entirely painted himself into a corner.

It is a lot of information for the telepath to take in, but one thing strikes her… “Skating on the — “ Blue eyes blink, there is a touch of a amusement.
Chuckling, Kaylee pulls the hand off her neck gently. “Look,” she sighs softly. “First off, a pointer. Don’t talk about crushes and old girlfriends to a woman you are trying to impress. It is a little off putting.” The telepath shakes her head slowly and she stops dancing; giving him a matter of fact look. “If you can avoid talking about the other women in your life, you might have a better chance with someone new.”

There is a little wave of her hand, as she tries to pick the right words for what she says next. “That kind of discussion is left ‘til y’all are well into a relationship, when she starts talking about her exes.”

"I didn't mean anything by it, I haven't seen Abby in years. I was just…" Magnes was somehow trying to say Abby was no big deal while horribly failing at it. He's sort of mentally imploding into defeat already, but he smiles. "Sorry, I should go." Because of course this was way beyond him, he thinks. "But thanks for this." he says, sincerely, even if it's with some sadness. Even now, he still lacks the confidence that he can succeed in these situations, but at least he's not about to go drink, so, that's progress.

“Oh lord… you are like some lost puppy,” Kaylee murmurs under her breath.

There is a soft resigned sigh, “Look. I’m just trying to help there.” Kaylee’s head tilts a little considering him, “You seem like a really nice guy, but this isn’t the type of place for a guy like you to find Mrs. Right.” Her hands go up and she adds, “And I am far from Mrs. Right. Try at the coffee shops… or… I dunno… libraries? Not the club.”

Gripping his arm gently, Kaylee adds, “Hey, keep at it. You’ll find someone. Promise.”

"I mean, that's… not quite what I was trying to do." Magnes' brain starts a mantra about getting experience, which causes his eyes to shift over her again, and then he catches himself and stares off into some random distance to avoid her catching him looking. "But you're right, I'm bad at this. I'm no good at being a Chad, even if I wish I could be."

“Trust me,” Kaylee comments blandly, her head shaking slowly. “You do not want to be a Chad. Just be you.” Tucking a hand behind his back, she turns him to look at the dancefloor. I bet there is someone out there who isn’t looking for a relationship, who will dance the night away.”

Even as she speak, there seems to be a brunette with a pixie cut that glances Magnes’ way. “Girls who want a relationship, don’t tend to be in a place like this.” A hand presses against his back, pushing him towards the dancefloor. “You want experience…” She gives him a bit of a shove, before letting her hand drop away. “Go forth and woo the ladies.”

Magnes very nervously goes to dance, looking back at Kaylee once. To him, because of the way that his mind tends to work, Kaylee is the hottest person in her. But he gets fixated, that's his thing. But, tonight his thing will be to try to unfixate, to try to quickly move onto someone else as quickly as he got stuck on someone.

Of course, all he'll manage to do is awkwardly dance, but still, it's something.

Really, tonight's experience makes him want to go talk to that girl from the diner again, but still, fixating is bad…


Being Magnes is hard.

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