How Best To Proceed


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Scene Title How Best to Proceed
Synopsis A meal is called to discuss business where Magnes aims to showcase his newly acquired manners. A slightly weary Yana opens up just enough to show that she still has a heart. Late comers join in on the festivities
Date January 1, 2011

Golden Luck Dragon Restaurant

On the surface, there is little about the Golden Luck Dragon Restaurant that seems unusual. The two-floor and upscale restaurant is one of the finest eateries in Chinatown, serving traditional Chinese cuisine alongside the more Americanized "Chinese Food". The restaurant's ground floor is an open-concept structure, with the majority of the tables and booths visible from the entrance. Much of the decour is themed with rich browns of stained wood framework around the large doorways, deep crimson carpets, and gold trimmed curtains that give the restaurant a dimly lit and intimate quality even during the day.

The restaurant's second floor is a balcony that overlooks the ground floor dining spaces, usually reserved for large parties and functions, it is often closed off by a velvet rope.

It's around 5PM when Magnes comes to pick Yana up after a brief call to ask if she was free, and if she wanted to discuss things tonight about him working with her, over dinner. After asking if she likes Chinese, he simply suggests that she wear something semi-formal. He shows up in his black '67 Chevy Impala, stepping outside and to the building so he can ask to be buzzed in, then heads up to her apartment.

Wearing a nice dark blue suit with a white shirt under the blazer and an even darker blue tie, he knocks on her door a few times. "It's Magnes."

For business discussion, Yana's mode of dress is just a tad bit different, but none the less classy. A woman's dress shirt, with a woman's black blazer overtop, a matching pencil skirt, and her feet are adorned with a black pair of pumps, while her hair is pulled back satisfactory. She really didn't over do it on this occasion, as it is one of those that she doesn't have to. After leaving her nephew to the hands of her attendant, Yana anwers the door, retrieving her jacket which goes with her outfit. "Ah, you're on time." she tells him, "Punctuality is important."

"It is. We're going somewhere nice. I brought the car, since I didn't think you'd enjoy flying there very much, and the wind might ruin your hair anyway." Magnes offers a smile, then when she seems ready, begins heading back for the elevator. "Did you enjoy the party?"

"After the initial incident, the rest of the evening went rather well, yes." All in all Yana would have to say it wasn't a total wash, it ended how she expected it to, which was the more important thing. "And I am certain you realize that I do have a driver, and a car of my own, correct? Flying is never necessary for me, unless it is catching a flight out of state or the country." She explains to him with a bemused look on her face. The woman is not entirely unforgiving as she follows him to the elevator.

Magnes presses the ground floor button, finally looking over so he can take her look in briefly, then faces forward again. "Flying is nice, and it gives a view that you can never truly have from a plane. Though it's admittedly a lot better when it's not sprung on you without warning. But I realize that flying isn't always appropriate." He steps from the elevator with her, then holds the front door and nods.

"I've long since given up my Peter Pan dreams. Even though these days, flying is entirely possible, I prefer to keep my feet solidly on the ground." She steps into the elevator and patiently awaits for the floor to be selected and the doors to close, "Though I do hope you are using your Evolved ability responsibly? We would hate to hear that you had another incident like in Japan?" the woman looks over at him, raising her brows, as she has apparently either kept some tabs on him, or did some research after the fact.

"Japan is practically a lifetime away for me, I've gone through and seen things most people shouldn't have to. At the time I barely knew how to use my ability, I actually had to touch things at the time and I couldn't even fly. But now I have a great deal of control." Once they're outside, Magnes leads her to the car and opens that door for her, offering his hand in case she needs help getting in. "I don't fly around as much anymore, but I'm very careful when I do. And anyway, I'd take you over Wendy any day."

"I see." Yana makes a few considerations, "Being Evolved is a bit responsibility. At least in my eyes, that is. There are some people who go about abusing the powers that they are given." Which is one of the reasons why she is working to control the flow of evolved abilities. "And there are some Evolved that are difficult to detain, due to their abilities. Those types.. that believe they can get away with anything.. Well.. those are private thoughts for now, just opinions that I have to myself. Like religion." she steps into the vehicle, all in all expecting everything he is doing at the moment.

Magnes walks around to the driver side, locking the doors and turning to face her. "Do you need help with your seatbelt?" he asks without actually putting his on yet, or actually moving from his spot as he waits for an answer. "With an ability like mine, a lot of things go through my head every day, but in the end, I'd never abuse the gifts I've been given, and I try my best not to flaunt them. Though I fully admit that there's a certain temptation, like what I tried with you the other day. I thought 'What can I do to impress a woman like this?', but a good friend of mine, and that book you gave me, taught me about a lot of mistakes I've been making, even before I met you. I feel like I'm more… self aware."

Yana can understand what is meant by the things that go through one's head, when their ability is brought to mind. There are so many things that she would like to do with her ability, but she cannot risk exposure. It is quite frustrating. Yes, Dr. Blite quite agrees. "I have it, thank you." she says casually and reaches to fasten her seat belt. "Self awareness is a good start, yes. It will probably prove refreshing to your parents that you are taking some things to heart, and are working to adjust your life positivly."

"Actually knowing what I'm doing wrong is kind of a relief, because it's like, hey, I have some direction. I even feel a little less nervous being aware of some mistakes I could make, and having some limits." Magnes carefully straps himself in, then starts up the car and starts driving. It'll be a bit of a ride, since they have to go to Chinatown, but it won't be too long. "Can I ask a personal question, about you?"

Yana can usually keep her cool in most situation, and there is something about today that has her a little less on guard than usual. It is almost as if she were tired or a little more stressed than normal, which makes her a little less jaded than she usually is. Though there is a certain tenseness that washes over her when the request for a personal question is given. She doesn't like to reveal very many details about herself if she can help it, "A personal question. Alright, go ahead." she agrees.

"Well, I've just been thinking about what we discussed in that restaurant, and a little about last night." Magnes drives pretty well, perhaps paying attention to the rules of traffic a bit more strictly than most people. The last time he took a driving test was with the NYPD. He never even takes his eyes off the road. "I was just wondering what the appeal of those escorts are. I don't mean aesthetic or anything like that. But you established that they're, uh, not the kind of escort that you take home. And you're paying them, so there's no real potential for emotional attachment. So I guess I just wonder… what do you get out of it?"

It is a question that is a little touchy. It is indeed a personal question. The likes of which she could easily take offense, or at least find some way to take offense if she didn't feel like answering. However, Yana doesn't bite his head off this time. Perhaps it has something to do with her being a little tired or some such. She does give a sigh however, planting her elbow on the door next to her, and proping her head up with her fist. "I suppose in some way, they take the place of Gregori, at least when it comes to leisure time. He was always by my side at events, and taking me to the theater, while being a star attraction." she smiles a little, "It serves to keep the memory fresh."

Magnes takes note of the sigh as they begin to approach the restaurant, shaking his head. "I'm sorry if it was too personal." But the question is asked, so he continues. "I can't even begin to imagine that I could relate to or understand what you're going through, but I know what loss can do to a person. You know Claire Bennet, the fugitive with the regenerating powers who's been in the news? She was my first girlfriend, we dated for five months. She was the first person I ever truly used the word love with. Then a man shot her in the head, and when she healed, she lost all memory of ever knowing me, even a good portion of her personality changed a bit. It was like losing her entirely, as if the girl I was in love with was replaced by someone else. After that, we were barely friends again, and then, well… you've seen the news."

"No." Yana shakes her head, "Not too personal. It's just bittersweet, I suppose. I try not to think about Gregori, but sometimes it is nice to remember. It is good to hurt every now and again." Yana gives a soft smile to herself, finding that she does miss her ex husband, even just a small bit. But.. sacrifices had to be made, and she did what she had to do. "But you didn't lose her." Yana assures him, looking over at the other side, "It was your opportunity to start over, do the things you loved with her all over again, fix the things that had gone wrong. She wasn't taken from your life, just reset. I watched Gregori suffer as the virus ravaged his body. I saw what it did to his very mind, as the man I loved became a slow shell." And it fascinated her.

"Yeah, I just wish I was in the state of mind to realize it back then. Right now I just wish her all the happiness in the world. Being with someone you love is never as important as their happiness, at least that's what I believe." Magnes finally parks, unbuckling himself, then steps out and gently closes the door before walking around to her. He opens the passenger side door, once again offering his hand. "Now I'm trying to look forward, put all the bad things in my past behind me. And, you know, you're an interesting person to talk to, when I can see behind all of the refined poise. It's like verbally looking into your eyes."

Internally, Yana has to give pause. Her mood was at least level initially, though the last words spoken to her are viewed as a presumption to her. Although, she can't quite blame him, Yana shows what she wants to show, and all the rest is non-existent. It is safer that way, for her. "That is something that you might want to be careful of. A lady is entitled to her secrets, and you should probably remember, you actually barely know me at all. I'm a very.. private woman, Magnes. My own family is even kept at arms length." Which is true, the number of people that know her true ability is a whopping one person. Someone she trusts with her very life, actually. Still, she allows him to help her from the vehicle, "You should focus on the discovery of science. And not my eyes."

"And I respect your privacy, but I am grateful when I learn something new from you." Magnes offers his arm, certainly not an escort, but he's tall and works out enough to be presentable. "Are you familiar with Doctor Isabella Sheridan?" he asks while opening the restaurant door for her.

"Surprisingly, yes I am." Yana smiles, "I just met her at work just last week. Charming woman. I was very impressed and thrilled to hear about the work she had done with a project that has held some interest to my research." She lets him go head and lead the way, after taking his arm and stepping into the restaurant, "Are you acquainted?"

"She's actually a very good friend of mine. She used to be my therapist when I was in the NYPD, but we don't have a professional relationship anymore. She's usually there to offer me advice, or to just have a nice discussion. I already spoke to her about what I'm going to discuss with you." Apparently the waiter was expecting them, since Magnes gives their names and they're quickly guided to a seat somewhere in the back of the restaurant, where they can discuss business without so many people listening in. "I already said I'd help you with your research, but I was wondering if you'd like her to help as well."

Yana recalls her impressions on her meeting with Bella, but she could not have guessed that there would be a link to Magnes of all people. How strange the world works. So much so, that the good doctor is actually considering and looking forward to a vacation at this point. She finds her own seat easy enough, and while she isn't all that hungry, she is at least gracious enough to humor. "Well.." Yana considers for a few moments, "I admit that my meeting with her was brief, and I am not quite sure what it is Dr. Sheridan is working on right this second, but.. I suppose if I were to seek assistance from anyone, she might be high on that list."

"I plan to speak with my father about it, and Bella's already agreed to all of this, so I think it'll work out very well. I'm familiar with some of her research, though I'm not sure how much of it is classified, so I wouldn't be so rude as to speak of any of it without her here." Magnes pulls her seat out before she sits down, making sure she's comfortable before taking his own seat. "You can order whatever you like. It's nice to be out on a quiet night like this, a good way to start the year. I could get used to this kind of life. I mean, I was playing Chopin for an audience, and people actually appreciated it for what it was. I'm not saying people are normally inappreciative, but it was nice, to have people know what I'm playing and actually know that I'm doing it correctly."

Yana is pretty sure that she could gain access to some of the classified subject material of Bella's research. It might not be classified to her, seeing as how she works there. What she does wonder however, is just how much Magnes knows of her research. It is decided that it would be better coming directly from Bella's mouth instead. "Yes, we should probably have her present before any major decisions are made. I would hate to seem rude and do things over her head." For now. Eventually, Dr. Blite will not require much assistance from non-loyal sources, as far as she is concerned. "But anyhow.. You have yet to scrape the tip of the iceberg, Magnes. This lifestyle isn't always easy to maintain. It took years for it to be settled into my head. You cannot expect yourself to change almost over night. You also need time to really understand it for what it really is, and then see where you fit in on the grand scale. I wouldn't want this to just be a whim for you."

"Oh, I know, I've been careful not to dip into my savings, and the Advocate does pay well, but I don't think I'm at limo renting status yet. Though something tells me it's not actually finances you're concerned with. Could you tell me what it is that you believe I should be considering?" Magnes orders the Chinese dumplings, then nods over in her direction. "It didn't occur to me to ask if you'd prefer alcohol or something non-alcoholic, so would it be rude if I asked you to choose instead? I wouldn't want to order a bottle of something you don't like."

"You'd have to know my father, Magnes. To understand what I mean. He is a very strict man, and he demands both respect and obedience from his children. We were all trained, and groomed to meet up to his impossibly high standards, and any slight derailment from his tight ship, would result in severe disappointment, and inflicted guilt. It would be like someone taking the sun away from you, in which you would do all you could to get it back. I was never rebellious, so I didn't obtain his wrath." she lifts her shoulders in a shrug, "And his expectations were… are much higher than mine. But I like to think that I am a much better person because of that. I think you should consider, possibly just why you want to do it. I mean.. you weren't exactly born into it, which means you still have a long way to go before it becomes second nature to you. It will be tough." she explains, and a hand lifts to wave a bit dismissivley, "Order whichever." she comments, "I'll leave it to you."

Magnes has to think back to Mister Panucci for this one, knowing he has to remember years as far as wine goes. "We'll have… 2004 Bianchi Cabernet Sauvignon." He's not rich, and certainly not the type of person to spend beyond his means. That'd be an immature way to try and impress someone, but he remembers a few things here and there. But his attention is quickly turned back to Yana, listening to her story. "It sounds like we had similar upbringings, except, well, I obviously rebelled, and you know how that turned out with my father. You knew me when I first started rebelling, so you probably didn't notice. But when I was a kid, I was never allowed to talk to anyone my age, my parents didn't want me to have outside influences."

"In all honesty, I didn't pay as much attention to you back then as you might have thought. You were a thing that had to be done, really. Like a class, or a term paper. My patience and concern for your education were just steps that had to be taken to ensure a successful completion." Yana is at least honest, and a bit blunt to admit her lack of personal attachment in the past. "I actually didn't notice much about you at all, to be fair. But, I suppose in a way, we are just a bit similar in upbringing, as you say. I won't deny you that yours was difficult, not being able to interact with others. Whereas my friends were selected for me. And I was also made to entertain many of my father's friends. I was to smile, and speak when spoken to, and bring no embarrassment to the family. So far, so good."

"Oh, it's alright, I mean I was fourteen, you were, what, eighteen or nineteen? You did influence me a lot, and that's what matters." Magnes explains all of this after offering the menu to the waiter, focusing all of his attention on to her. "If my father selected my friends… I can't even imagine. But it might have kept me from rebelling. A child can only watch the other children through the window so many times before he decides he wants to be a part of that. But in the end, it does look like we both escaped that in some way. But I want to do what you did, do something so great that my parents can't even hope to be disappointed. It's not that I'm concerned with what my parents think, I just don't want my upbringing to have been for nothing."

"Mm." Yana pushes her lips together and nods, "That could be where we are running into a hitch. From a very young age, I have had this lifestyle driven into every fiber of my being. It has been something I have adapted to and made my own over many many years. You.. why, you're just not joining technically, you have had other influences and ideas instilled in you just as I have had refinement instilled in me. There is so much that you still have to learn, and I don't think it is possible for you to learn in just a few days or so. I honestly wouldn't even know where to begin with you, considering I'm not really a teacher. Perhaps a school, if you can find one that would take you at your age. But they probably are like me, thinking that it might just be a little too late. You've passed so many developmental ages, it may not be possible."

"I may never be a refined socialite, or know every rule, and I'll probably never have it instilled into every fiber of my being, but…" Magnes' expression is a casual one, certainly not overtly emotional on the subject, but he does clearly hold some measure of passion in nearly everything he pursues. "Even without these refinements, even with just doing little things like reading those books and observing people around me, can you honestly say that when I put my mind to it, I couldn't hold my own in a high society situation, or show someone like you a good time?"

"You could certainly try." Yana remarks. That distance that she maintains still lingers in the air about her. It is in her voice, her posture and even her casual body language. "You can play the part. And a lot of times, that is what it is all about. I also have no doubt that you could please a crowd. But showing me a good time? Far more difficult. First off, I have to want to let you. And in order to do that, I would have to let you closer than I generally allow people to get. I've grown independent in my personal life, Magnes. I'm comfortable where I am, and enjoy things the way that I do them. I'm glad that you were able to take something of value from what we discussed, though if you are hoping for some kind of change within my heart, I can quite assure you that it isn't possible." Yana's heart has grown quite cold. It is speculation that it was never warm to begin with.

"I'd say I'm not hoping for anything at all, but I think it might be a bit rude to lie to a woman." Magnes smiles a bit when their bottle comes, and glasses are placed in front of each of them. He offers the waiter a polite nod, once more refocusing his attention back to said woman. "But I also, contrary to popular belief, am not a child. I don't doubt that I have more than my share of not-so-mature interests, but I've met far too many types of people to expect them to magically open up or change who they are. And I would never want to impose on your life. The thing is, I'm not trying to pursue you, any attempt would just come off as shallow and desperate, I realize that, something I should have remembered with Abby. For a man to be involved with a woman like you, in any way, I know it'd have to be on your terms, and I'd need something about myself that I could offer you. Again, not talking about money, but at the end of the day, if I truly did want to be involved with you, I'd have to ask myself 'What do I have to offer this woman'? And I'd need an answer."

"You are correct." Yana nods casually. "Which shows that you do possess the capacity to listen. Something i had my doubts about, given the first few times. Perhaps if you continue down this line, you'll find that you aren't as undatable as you might have thought, and some young girl will find this side of you to be irresistible, and you'll mend that part of your life as well. I think I could have a sense of pride in knowing I had a hand in achieving that." Yana smirks to herself. "Though we came to discuss business.. Perhaps you could tell me more of Dr. Sheridan?"

"Bella might translate what you just said as letting me down easy, suggesting that you believe I'm coming on to you again." Magnes snickers, looking around a few times, then grabs the bottle and flicks his finger to pull the cork out. It doesn't go flying, he simply takes it from hovering above the bottle. Immediately after, he's carefully pouring for them both, honoring the subject change officially now. "Bella's probably one of the most intelligent people you'll ever meet. Before I met you, she was the only person I could really talk about incredibly intellectual things with. She's always very curious, but I don't think she's dangerously so, and she's usually very strict about keeping her professional life away from her personal one. She's a nice person at heart, someone you can really trust."

"I see." Thoughts swarm through Yana's head, maintaining just a general curiosity, while the mad nature of her internal self still seems to be out to lunch for the day. "She spoke of getting together again when I encountered her that morning on the elevator. It is quite possible that she could prove very useful to my research. Which I suppose I should at least give you a little insight upon." She won't exactly go into vivid detail, or give away what she intends to do as far as experiments, but she can open the book a little at least. "Being a virologist, my main focus is on viruses. I'm studying the way that certain ones have affected Evolved abilities in the past. One of which being a project that Dr. Sheridan worked on. Which is why I wouldn't mind bringing her in."

"That makes sense, from what you've told me so far. I don't know if you have access to these kinds of records, but have you tried cross referencing viral cases with registry changes?" Magnes reaches for his glass, raising it to his lips to take small sips. "I mean, when you think about it, if a virus affects someone's ability and it's suddenly different, then someone who keeps their registry data updated would be a start. I'd also suggest doing a similar cross reference of people who have been affected by viruses, then arrested for registry charges. A virus could kick start a change that they weren't expecting. And, another that's probably less likely to preduce results, infected people cross referenced with Evolved manifestations."

Perhaps that is what has Yana in the mind wandering state she is in right now. Where next to pursue her research. It was really mostly just a matter of the holidays not being a good time for it, though now that those are over with… "I've done that, though not thoroughly." It is difficult for Yana to explain this to him, as she possesses an ability that would be a big key in unlocking the lid to this research. But secrecy to that ability is dire at the present time. So frustrating that she can't share this information. The woman finally decides she needs a drink, and she brings her glass to her lips. "I'm in the process of getting records regarding the Evo flu. I'll start there, and maybe even examine a sample." More like store one in her stock of viruses.

"I know people who had the flu. Would there be traces of it in their blood that you could get, if you had access to it?" Magnes wonders while watching her drink, making little mental notes. Then, he's leaning in, his tone lower. "I just want you to know that for your research, if you need me to do something, just ask. I can get samples, and I'm not afraid of being a subject."

"—so we finally meet up," Evan is saying to Skyler as they're being shown to a table: the place is pushing the limits of his pay grade, but he can get away with it once in a while, at least. "And of course that's the day it hits. I think the blizzard last year must've burnt out all my cold tolerance, you know?" Nice mixed metaphor there, Evan.

Skyler is on her best manners today, and trying, really trying to take care of her somewhat soggy-of-sinuses boyfriend. "Nice place." she says looking around. She leans in to whisper in his ear "we can go Dutch if you need. I just got paid." And it's true. Such a transition in two months. She makes more now than she's ever made in her life, working for Warren. She might wish she had a better grasp on the overall plan, on Warren's goals, on anything really, but she can't fault the paycheck. No siree. She looks at Evan. "More likely you're teaching students who go home every break and bring back new germs for you." she says. "Are you going to be okay for dinner?"

"Had." Yana says as she shakes her head, "Once the virus has passed, it is out of your system. It wouldn't do any good to try to obtain a sample from someone who has already passed the virus. Would have to be from someone who already has it. Though, that probably won't be necessary. I can probably get one from work to be honest. I have a safe way of dealing with the sample once I get it." she looks up and across the table at him, "You should avoid exposure as best you can. However, if you do catch it, I suggest you see me immediately. I may have a vaccine that can purge it from your system." Her eyes are drawn over to the pair that just entered, recognizing at least one.

"So what can I do to help? You tell me and I'm on it. And I think we should maybe get together some time to actually work, since I want to learn from what you're doing, if it's not inconvenient for you." Magnes looks over when she does, but not recognizing either, he turns back to her. "Our food will probably be here soon. But I hope you had a good time tonight, so far."

At the mention of money, Evan's brows arch, and not in a good way. He's happy that her finances are on the up-and-up, and they've traded the check back and forth a couple times before this, but it's still irritating that he needs to worry about it at all. Well, at least they haven't had to actively contend with anything worse lately. "Yeah, you're probably right— the con crud principle. And yeah, I'll be fine, it's pretty much back in remission at this point." As they sit down, he returns Yana's glance and waves to her— and the man with her, who looks familiar somehow. It'll probably come to him in a minute or two.

Skyler squeezes Evan's hand and follows where he's looking. She looks at Yana a moment, the look of the woman ringing a bell in Sky's mind. "Oh." she says. "She was at D'Sarthes." Sky doesn't remember the majority of faces from that night. She did have other things on her mind. But Yana does catch one's eye. A level of sophistication and class Sky hasn't even learned to aspire to yet. "Good." she says, jumping back into the conversation with Evan. "I wouldn't want to miss New Years wtih you too." She smiles at him.

If he is going to help, then Yana will have to figure out a way for her to let him in on things. As it is right now, she isn't quite ready to open that can of worms just yet. "We'll do it like this.. Once we procure Dr. Sheridan, and establish just what we're going to work on, I'll be able to better direct you as to what to do. I'm sure that it will prove to be enlightening if anything else. For now, just see about forging the connection. Once we get things going, everything will fall into place." the woman nods her head, stirring her drink around in the glass a little. She smiles over to Evan with his greeting, and with a lift of her glass and a tip of her head, she returns it to he and his companion gracefully.

Magnes offers a slight nod to the two as well, not wanting to be rude, but he has to ask, "Are they friends of yours?" And moves back to business. "I have to go on a bit of a road trip to see my father, but I promise I'll work something out. I want to show you that I really am dedicated to this."

Speaking of missing events… Evan had planned to be there with Skyler that night, only to be dragged away at the last minute when a department meeting got moved. He's not sure whether that turned out to be a good or a bad thing. "Well, good to see she made it out all right, then." It's not addressed directly to Yana, but there's an easy opening to segue into introductions whenever the other conversation reaches a stopping point.
Skyler nods to Evan, and picks up her menu to flip through it. Hmm. Mushu Pork or Kung Pao beef? Sky considers between two of her favorite dishes. It's been a busy day, and she hasn't had time to eat much. Some things are more important than seeing or being seen.

"An old acquaintance of mine, back in college. Mr. Langford. His friend I am not sure of, though.." Yana peers at the woman without trying to stare closer, "I do believe I have seen her before. Possibly at that horrendous event where I almost lost my life." She speaks of the gala with a bit of disdain in her voice, and is struck with a bit of an idea, "Actually, there is something you can do.. I'd like to get as much detail as possible as to who was involved in that little act of terrorism. I assure you, it has plenty to do with research." It has to do with revenge, but viruses will certainly be involved.

"I'm pretty sure it was Humanis First, but I'll ask my sources if they know anything in detail." Magnes takes another sip of his drink, and finally their food is coming. "I punched their leader in the face once, he was trying to kill a friend of mine. It felt a lot like punching Hitler." He looks down at his pocket as he hears a vibrating, then holds a finger up. "I need to take this, it's work. Do you mind if I go outside for a moment?"

"Evan, please," the older man chimes in, "and this is Skyler— even older acquaintance, recently back in town. And this is—" Where does he know that face from, anyway? "Well. I'd like to punch that guy myself, because if this was 1965? You know he'd be stumping for 'separate but equal'." He leaves it at that for now, nodding to Magnes as he excuses himself.

Skyler smiles, and tries not to look embarrassed. "Hi." She says. "Nice to meet you." She watches as Magnes wanders outside to take his call and looks back at Yana while Evan continues, then nods at his comment. "Yeah, no doubt. Or 25 years before that he'd have been stumping for something else again.

Oh, Yana plans on doing so much more than punching him. "Yes.. I'm pretty sure it was that organization as well. Though as I said, I'm looking for specifics. But there is no real rush on that." she dismisses the idea for now, and allows Magnes to excuse himself from the table. "Oh, yes, of course, Evan. I must admit, I myself do not prefer violence if I can help it, though something needs to be done with that organization. A message needs to be sent or something. But anyway, I digress." Yana waves a hand about the air, "It is a pleasure to meet you Skyler. I was just having a business meal with Mr. Varlane, discussing aspects of my research. Though it appears he was called away."

Evan snaps his fingers. "Varlane, right, thought I recognized him… We met about a year ago, when the city was freezing to death for months on end." Literally so, in all too many cases. "You mentioned working at the Suresh Center, right? Working on some aspect of disease containment?" There's a brief sidelong glance to Skyler as he brings this up.

Skyler pricks up her ears - so to speak - and listens as the Center comes up. "Disease containment at the center?" she asks briefly. Sheesh, all she had to have done there is have her teeth fixed.

Disease containment… "Something like that, yes." Yana replies to Evan's inquiry. "It is a bit more complex than just that, but there are only so many things we are allowed to talk about. Funding grants and all that, you understand." The woman smiles, looking apologetic. "Which.. I should be getting back to soon. I didn't finish my report in the lab earlier, so I need to work on it at home."

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