How Do I Bought Drugs?


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Scene Title How Do I Bought Drugs?
Synopsis Dean Parker (Also known as Magnes J. Varlane) shows up to buy drugs, which is has no experience doing. Ellen has to dig deep not to commit murdercide, a type of murder that only a person with that sort of pent up rage can commit.
Date August 24 2009

The Lucky Monkey - Storefront

The main floor of the Lucky Monkey is one long space that reaches right to the back. Two rows of free-standing shelves run the full length of it, dividing it up into three very crowded aisles, which are jammed with an eclectic mix of (if the sign outside is to be believed) everything. While not literally "everything" is carried in stock, there is an astounding variety of goods for sale here: household items, decorative pieces, handtools, jewellery, electronics, parasols, even some strange snackfoods without any English on the packaging; if it carries the "Made in China" sticker, it can probably be found here. Everything is quite inexpensive, though most of it is also cheap in workmanship as well.

There is, at least, some semblance of order, for disarray would be sheer chaos. Everything is tucked neatly away on its labelled shelf, but it still takes a careful watch to navigate around the inventory without breaking or tripping over something. With no back room, nearly all of the inventory is kept out on the shelves for convenience, though there are two narrow flights of stairs in the back, one leading down and one leading up - both with locked doors at the other end.

Early in the evening, Magnes couldn't think of what he could possibly do to ask for Refrain that wouldn't seem suspicious. He's obviously not the best at dark and gritty, hell, not the best actor in general, so today, since he's going into a Chinese shop, he's decided to use people he's known for a while as a reference for this persona.

Entering the shop, Magnes has a blue-haired silky wig that stops just below his ears, a pair of swirly anime nerd glasses which allow him to see out but no one can see in. On his upperbody he has a bright yellow cotton jacket with all sorts of anime and video game pins on it, and a white t-shirt with the Bleach logo on the front. And, on his legs, some baggy blue jeans with more pins and a patch ironed to the right leg that says Girugamesh, and some simple black sneakers! What absolutely makes the outfit, of course, is the Naruto headband, and the thick Death Note manga in his hand.

"Kawaiii!" he exclaims excitedly, looking around the shop as if it were the most amazing thing ever. "I love Japan, but Chinese stuff is just so… suki ne desu ka!"

The new shop on Staten Island has opened quickly and without much fanfare. It lacks some of the authenticity of the original Chinatown location, as well as the three generations of family ownership, but it is already well-stocked with the usual bric-a-brac and crowded aisles that could be found in the original Lucky Monkey. Ellen has taken a bit of time from the old place to help make sure everything goes smoothly with this expansion. Coming out of the back, she finishes speaking with someone in Chinese, turning around to survey the store as she begins to head for the front.

Just in time for the rather strange young man to make his even stranger entrance. There isn't much that can throw Ellen, but this - this gives her pause, and there's a definite beat before she manages a polite smile, making her way to the front counter with a cant of her head. "Ah, well, welcome. Is there anything I can help you find?" she inquires politely, rather pointedly opting for English rather than a language perhaps neither of them actually knows.

Magnes' face lights up, possibly his eyes, who knows behind those weird glasses as he quickly rushes over. "Well, I'd refrain from making assumptions about the Chinese culture purely from rumor, but I'd certainly like to learn more, Oba-Chan! Desu." He's speaking in code, except, well, the last three words, smiling the entire time as he leans on the counter.

Ellen's eyebrows lift a little at Magnes and his enthusiasm - and perhaps at what he's saying. Her polite expression doesn't really waver, but she gives him a closer look over as he comes in her direction. "I don't think I'm much of a teacher, I'm afraid," she replies, and it's hard to tell whether that's an honest response or meant to be code in return. Coming around behind the counter, she tucks some hair behind her ear and simply looks at the kid rather passively.

"I've got super strength, Oba-Chan, but I usually refrain from using it!" Magnes looks over at a particularly heavy mini-statue, about the size of his leg, then he lifts it with one hand as if it were made of paper. "You get what I'm asking, desu ne? I can afford to refrain from a lot of things."

Ellen watches Magnes lift the statue as if it were nothing, but her expression still remains rather impassive. "You haven't actually asked for anything," she points out, thought it's meant to be more of a dry witty statement than a suggestion that he should start asking away here. She leans forward against the new counter, crossing her arms lightly over the corner of it. "What rumours have you heard about the … Chinese culture?"

"I hear when you get a bit of Chinese culture in your blood, the past seems a lot better than it did before. Better than getting an injection of Japanese blood and living out my dream of becoming a J-rock idol! Girugamesh, suki desu!" Magnes enthusiastically explains, all smiles as he sits the statue down and digs into his pocket for a wallet with kanji characters all over it.

Ellen is beginning to look like she'd prefer to tell him to knock if off with the Japanese already, but she just smiles politely - even if the smile is starting to come across a bit strained, and only grows more so when she sees that wallet. "And where did you hear that?" she asks easily, neither too much suspicion nor feigned innocence to her tone. But still, inquiring minds want to know. She makes no move to straighten up yet. If she is dealing anything here, other than cheap tchotchkes, she takes her sweet time about it.

"Bars! Me and my friends go there and drink sake all the time! Maria-chan gets so drunk!" Magnes exclaims with a laugh, looking through his wallet. "So, how much would it cost to learn about Japanese culture? I wanna buy a few lessons so I have enough knowledge to share with my friends."

"Chinese, kid. You mean Chinese," Ellen reminds him, trying not to sound quite so weary as she sounds. She finally straightens up but doesn't move to take any of his money. "And I think you've got your wires crossed in more ways than one. I'm not selling any sort of culture. Just knick-knacks. Of course, if you wanted to leave a name, a number, some way of getting in touch with you, I could pass it along if I hear anything." She shrugs her shoulders indifferently.

"Chinese! Sorry Oba-Chan." Magnes says with a few apologetic bows, then slides his wallet into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper and a Sailor Moon pen, writing a number and email, and the name Dean Parker. "My name's Dean, my friends call me Kenta-kun!" he introduces, offering the piece of paper. "You're a really nice lady, Oba-chan."

"Oh, well, I don't know about that," Ellen replies as she eyes the Sailor Moon pen before dropping her gaze to the paper, reading what he's writing upside down until he hands it over. "Nice to meet you, Dean." She maybe rather purposefully chooses not to call him Kanta-kun, either because she doesn't consider herself a friend, or, well, for many, many other reasons. Taking the paper, she folds it neatly in half and tucks it away under the tray of the cash register. "I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks again, Oba-chan! This is the most desu kawaii place ever!" Magnes exclaims, quickly walking to the exit after enthusiastically waving back at her. And, possibly to the relief of Ellen's sanity and willpower, he is gone.

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