How High?


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Scene Title How High?
Synopsis Three stressed individuals settle in to partake of a little smoke. Some people get higher than others, and two discover what it's like to get high with a telepath.
Date December 21

New York Public Library

Once upon a time, the New York Public Library was one of the most important libraries in America. The system, of which this branch was the center, was among the foremost lending libraries /and/ research libraries in the world.

The bomb changed that, as it changed so much else.

By virtue of distance, the library building was not demolished entirely, like so many others north of it; however, the walls on its northern side have been badly damaged, and their stability is suspect. The interior is a shambles, tattered books strewn about the chambers and halls, many shelves pulled over. Some have even been pulled apart; piles of char in some corners suggest some of their pieces, as well as some of the books, have been used to fuel fires for people who sought shelter here in the past.

In the two years since the bomb, the library — despite being one of the icons of New York City — has been left to decay. The wind whistles through shattered windows, broken by either the blast-front or subsequent vandals, carrying dust and debris in with it. Rats, cats, and stray dogs often seek shelter within its walls, especially on cold nights. Between the fear of radiation and the lack of funds, recovery of the library is on indefinite hiatus; this place, too, has been forgotten.

Over the past couple of years, a number of groups have camped out down in the library. During this time, various parts of the library have become something more… liveable than the original state of the place after Peter Petrelli went through a sudden and violent meltdown that reduced Midtown to a smoking ruin. Only three feet of marble kept the building in one piece at all. These days, the low rumble of gas-powered generators echoes through the underground floors and space heaters scattered strategically around the living area has rendered the place almost homey.


One of the former offices has been transformed into something closer to a living room. There's a television (no cable) and a few players attached to it, DVDs and VHS, there's even a Beta plugged into the thing. A comfortable if ratty couch has been shoved in, and a loveseat that entirely doesn't match. There's a mini-fridge off to one side, and a coffee table that Richard Cardinal sets a stack of pizza boxes upon. "Sausage, pepperoni, and olive," he declares, "And six-cheese."

There is one fact that can be assured these days, it is that Harmony hates telepathy, as in having it. You know.. it was only mildly annoying with just Cardinal, but the number of guests has increased, as if she had started a trend. God.. if she is gonna have to deal with all of these people thinking useless shit all the time, she is going to make sure to be blazed 24/7 to put up with people. Before she really didn't have a problem with others, but now? She has to share things with them and have them share back, without much choice from her. There are some things she is better off not hearing. And the stuff that really doesn't have any purpose other than nonsense is very very irritating.

Though she has enjoyed one aspect of this temporary power, such as picking up the location of some rather choice marijuana in a drug dealer's home. Now.. normally, Harmony isn't going to be the type to snatch something that doesn't belong to her, but there was so much there, he wasn't anywhere around, he was dumb enough to leave his door unlocked, and granted his hiding place was very very good, but come on.. she's a telepath. He's a drug dealer, so stealing from him is considered a good deed. A Robin Hood thing, with her being the unfortunates receiving.

The bag she procured could very well have someone spending the rest of their life in prison from the charges. How she got it all the way back here is a tricky thing indeed. But she's got it, and it's here. The blond girl stepping into the library, toting a bloated ziplock bag big enough to hold a hole chicken, filled with the fluffy herb called weed. She's gonna smoke all of this shit too, you'd better believe it. Sooooo high…

'God's Vagina…' she thinks as she reads the sharpe letters on the bag, 'I'm not gonna care about SHIT by the time I'm done sucking this down.' She isn't quite in the same room with Cardinal, but she is close enough.

Griff's been staying around here for a few days, though he's been keeping to the darker reaches of the library, staying alone. It's safe, it's off the map, and nobody but Richard Cardinal and his trusted knows about it, insofar as he knows. Thus, he grabbed himself a cot, and hunkered down. At least it's livable here. If he ever has to, perhaps he could bring his son here, if temporarily until something better can be arranged. He'll have to ask Cardinal on that one.

Wearing a comfortable long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans for once, Griffin is enjoying the climate that Cardinal has set this place up with. Not that he's enjoying much else. Christmas is on its way, there's a possible Humanis First attack looming on the horizon, his son is stuck on Pollepel with a bunch of people that the boy doesn't know, his sister…well, he keeps getting flashes of her the last time he saw her, every time he closes his eyes. His thoughts are not a fun place right now.

But he's trying, at least. He knocks on the door to the makeshift living room as he steps in, brows arching slightly. He smelled the food, and he's more than a little hungry. "Hey." This is the simple greeting he offers to Cardinal. Harmony's voice chiming in his head prompts him to blink several times, startled, and glance around nervously, that eerie white creeping over his eyes.

And then, he lowers his voice to a whisper. "Who the fuck was that?" Indeed, that's what he's asking himself. Should he go investigate? Should he kick some ass? Who is sucking down what now? What the fuck?

As that brush of telepathy skims across the fringes of Richard's thought, his head lifts ever so slightly from the pizza boxes. A smile tugs up a little at the corner of his lips, and then he steps over to the sofa's textured upholstry and sprawls back onto one corner, gesturing grandly to the coffee table and the pizzas.

"Help yourself," he invites, "I'm not eatin' all of these by myself, and Val's sleeping… don't worry about that, that's Harmony. She'll be here in a minute." 'Hurry up or you'll miss the pizza, hot stuff.'

There are people here. Yep, she should have know. She knew Cardinal would be here, but she was hoping to miss anyone else. No such luck. She almost feels like a teenager, sneaking back into their room after a long time partying. Ahh.. the good days, when she was 18.. She couldn't do that now, everyone would know her business as soon as she hit the window. So now she is left with a dilemma.. What to do with her stash. Well, normally people are pretty sketchy about smoking weed, so she doubts that any of the guests now will want some.. Not that she doesn't have plenty to go around.

Cardinal voice makes her give a small sigh of defeat, and she moves to be social, picking up the other brain in the area. She doesn't recognize it, but man.. at this rate, Cardinal should just turn the place into a night club.

The stuff she has is extremely potent. The sticky smell of it permeates through the air a little bit before she enters, clutching the back to her breast, and peering in with green eyes at the room and it's inhabitants. "I stole it. Before you even ask. I stole it, and I'm not ashamed of what I did." Harmony chimes it immediately before anything is said to her about it.

Griffin tilts his head to one side. 'Weird.' Shrugging, the telekinetic's eyes fade back to their normal green, and he swoops into the makeshift living room, scooping up a slice of six cheese pizza and settling onto the loveseat to eat it. "Thank you kindly." He murmurs, before taking a rather large bite of the pizza. Hungry telekinetic is hungry, and pizza is perfect to fill a hungry tummy.

As the blonde arrives, Griffin turns, blinking a few times. 'Hey, I saw her before. She is such a beautiful woman.' Yes, Harmony is now privy to the thoughts of Griffin. Outwardly, he offers a smile and a wave, along with a curious look.

Then, he's standing, moving to greet Harmony. He does this by gently taking her hand that isn't clutched around the bag of marijuana (which he only offers another curious glance to), and lifting it to kiss the back of her knuckles. "Harmony, I take it?" A smile. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Griffin Mihangle." Once he's done kissing her hand, he promptly limps back over to his seat and settles down.

'Oh, Jesus.' The mental roll of Cardinal's eyes is matched by the physical one, and he leans forward to claim a slice of pizza from that box himself, balancing it in both hands and bringing it up to take a bite of the tip. He chews, swallows, and then flashes over a wry smile, "…I've spent most of my adult life as a professional thief. See if I give a shit about you stealing anything, Harm. Pull up a seat and share, or I might start caring."

It is one of those times that Harmony feels the need to hold it all in, to clench her brain and not let her thoughts get out. Not the most comfortable thing in the world, liken to the feeling of being constipated, but since she can't shut the power off, all she can do at times is hold it at bay. So Griffin will have to forgive her for the slightly scrunched up look of her lips and nose, that she has when he greets her. It isn't directed at him, she just has to thought-poop really bad, and she doesn't wanna. Puck it in, Harm.. puck it in.

It doesn't really stop her from picking up directed thoughts so much as turn down the volume on them, for her sake of sanity. Before she knows it, he is reaching out to take her hand, and for a second, she thinks he might be after her stash, until he takes the free hand instead. It has been some time since she had a greeting like that. Most of the guys she attracts would simply see her standing at the bar, slap her on her ass and say 'Damn bitch, you fine.' A fact that has her in the state she is in now. "Hey.. Nice to meet you." she offers to Griffin with a pursing smile of her lips, "Um.. It's gonna be one of those nights, so.. I thought I'd try to kill my brain a little, to keep the thoughts out." she moves to find herself a seat, and drop the bag of product upon the table, "It's called God's Vagina. So it's really got to be good. I don't know how you both like to take it.. If you both do that is.." she looks at Griffin for a second, "But you're welcome to have some."

"God's Vagina." Griffin repeats this, his brows raising as he quickly polishes off that first slice of pizza, dusting his hands off on his jeans. Sometimes, it's nice to wear jeans, simply because you can wipe pizza dust off on them. You can't do that with the suits that Griffin tends to wear. "That is a fascinating name for a bag of cannabis." He smirks, leaning forward to peer at the product.

Keeping thoughts out? That sounds like a good idea. Maybe he'll be able to sleep without having nightmares of his sister's face blown halfway in. After a moment of appraisal, Griffin nods quietly. "I haven't smoked since…good lord, it has to have been fifteen years ago, when I was in college."

After a moment, he offers a halfhearted grin. "Killing our brains to keep thoughts out…that sounds like a good plan to me." He snatches another slice of pizza, this one pepperoni.

After the current bite of pizza is swallowed, Richard leans back on the couch with the slice of pizza cradled in his hand — gesturing with the other hand towards the bag, fingers curling to beckon a little. "You got papers? God knows that I can use a smoke right about now, I've got… a lot going on in my head right now."

Too much going on in his head, really. It's been quite the month.

"Toss in a movie if you want," he adds.

What, are you kidding? Of course she has papers. Harmony is the pot fairy, here to bring joy to all the good little boys and girls. She reaches her fingers down the front of her shirt, to the space between her breasts, and pulls out a small package of papers to toss in Cardinal's direction, "Knock yourself out, those are just what I use for spare.. The real treasure is.. probably something you two aren't privy to using." Harmony gets up for a second, rising to her feet to find her bag and rummage through it for a bit. What she takes out is a bong in the shape and coloration of a penis, as if anyone would expect her to have anything less than that novelty item. "Now, you can hit from this if you wanna. But I can't promise that it won't get out. My thoughts do tend to wander, and if I remember this moment, someone'll probably know. But.." she retrieves a lighter, "Hopefully I'll get so blazed, that I won't even remember I have hands!"

Griffin is a gentleman, and kindly doesn't watch as the woman pulls the papers out of her bra. He grins to Cardinal, nodding to him as an indication that it's up to him to roll the joint. Then, green eyes follow Harmony as she moves over to and roots through her bag, his eyebrows raising as she speaks something about the real treasure.

Then, she pulls out said treasure, and Griffin just kind of…stares, for a long moment, his face slackening a bit. He's probably have his mouth hanging wide open, but he's controlling himself in as much as he can keep himself from jaw dropping at her. A penis bong. A large one. He can't help but stare at it. And her. Then, he's raising a hand and waving it.

"No thanks, I'll stick to the old fashioned way." The telekinetic is still going to watch, though. And sit here. And not move for a while, probably. Nadira would probably kick his ass if she were here.

Cardinal is rather less of a gentleman, so he doesn't bother to look away; both hands lifting up to catch the package of papers tossed to him, his fingers clasping around them. The package is torn open, and he scoots forward to the edge of the couch, dropping the pizza slice onto the box. He starts to lay them out on the table, reaching over to open up the bag of green with a tug - just as she whips out the giant glass penis bong.

He stares for a long moment, blinks, and then lets out a bark of laughter. Shaking his head, he goes back to starting to roll the joints, "…yeah, I think I'll pass too, no offense, Harm."

Harmony doesn't look hurt in the least as the pair of them turn down her offer to puff from the glass replica of the single barrel beaver hunter. Kong really won't have his feelings hurt either, it is probably a bit more natural if Harmony does it. "Suit yourself." she shrugs and steps over to plop down on in a seat, setting the thing in her lap and reaching to pull a bit of green to pack tightly down into the orifice sticking out of the phallic image. She takes the lighter and packs pushes the but of it in to make sure it's in there good, before she settles back, flicks the wheel and lights the end. While she probably isn't quite using it in that way, she is in the presence of to men, and any way she puts her mouth on it to inhale is going to look that way. Harmony takes a hug puff of the smoke, enough that it actually swells out her chest, holding it in as she takes it to her head. The look on her face a second later will dictate the quality of this stuff. She fights the urge to cough, and she can't help but bring her hand up to squeeze her eyes together tightly.

Her voice is strained and comes out in a groan. Her eyes are watering and she goes deathly still for a few moments, "Are you fucking kidding me?" she manages and the finally exhales, dropping her head back upon the couch. It's like someone just dipped her brain in an liquid orgy.

The telekinetic is left with idle hands and nothing to do but watch as Harmony does this. And due to the lovely testosterone that courses through his system, he finds it quite difficult to take his eyes off of Harmony as she partakes in the drug from that particularly raunchy-looking bong. Oh yes, Nadira would probably be shoving water down his throat in retaliation for the fact that his eyes don't leave the woman.

As the groan comes, Griffin clears his throat, looking around the room with wide eyes as he tries to ignore the fact that there's a beautiful woman doing something that, while innocent, looks and sounds particularly depraved.

Quietly, he eyes the joint that Cardinal is setting to work at, adjusting his pants ever-so-slightly.

The first two joints are laid out on the table, Cardinal's fingers still deftly working on a few more; his gloves are off, as rarely happens, and the black marks covering his right hand can be seen. Almost like some sort of black tattoo of a man's hand over his own. An odd fashion choice, to say the least.

He's watching Harmony out of the corner of his eye, though, smirk tugging a little wider as he sees her take a hit off what looks for all the world like a giant phallus. At that groan, he exhales a laugh, turning to offer one of the joints to Griffin, "…that good, Harm?"

It's pretty unreal as far as Harmony is concerned. She just lost a few seconds of living as the drug makes it seem like she just traveled into the future. 'Did that just really happen? There— there's no way that was real. Okay, let's try this again..' There isn't anymore holding back at this point. After a kick in the head like that, Harmony has no hope of shutting it off, she is just numb to the irritation it causes. Once again, her lips wrap around the head area of that bong, and she fires it up once again. She takes a slow hit, which has her coughing a second later, and her already bloodshot eyes blinking.

'Oh my god.. I gotta let the rainbow out..'

What rainbow?

The rainbow in her pants.

Harmony holds up a finger to Cardinal, telling him to wait a moment while she presses her back into her seat so that she can lift up her hips. Her hands go to her pants and she undoes them, wriggling her hips to pull them off, not really caring that the two of them are there. She is wearing panties of course, and her shirt drops down long enough to cover her modesty a bit further. But now? A giant colorful rainbow beams out from her thighs, filling the room with it's psychedelic colors. Only.. not really. But really it does! In her head. This shit is that good.

She flops back in her seat, "Hey!" she says with a slur to her speech, reaching out with a hand to slap Cardinal in the chest rather sloppily, "Hey!" she does the same to Griffin with the other hand, "Do you see that?" pointing to the nothing across on the wall. "Double fucking rainbow!"

The joint is taken graciously, Griffin eying that tattoo on Cardinal's hand with raised brows. As he sets the joint between his lips, he nods toward Cardinal's hand. "Peter's work?" Griffin raises his brows as he lights up the joint. puffing it once, twice, three times, before it's fully lit. Then, he takes a long drag of the joint.

Even as he does so, he is watching Harmony with slightly amazed eyes. The harsh smoke prompts him to cough, rather hard as well. Even as he's coughing, he's tugging at his pants, adjusting them for comfort.

Then, she's taking off her pants. And he's staring for a good moment, before he rips his eyes away. Nadira would kill him right now. She would totally just drown him right here and now. Or mummify him. Either way, he would be a dead man if his girlfriend was here. The slap to the chest prompts him to jump a little, and he promptly sets to work puffing on the joint.

At the question, Cardinal hesitates for a moment. "Yeah." A hint of withdrawl from the question, as if there were something about it he didn't want to think about right now. 'A small price to come back from the dead….'

He picks up one've the other joints, offering it over to Griffin to light before there's a hand smacking against his chest, and he turns to look in her direction— a pause, a blink, and he observes mildly, "Harmony, you're not wearing pants." A dubious look at the joint in his hand, "What is this laced with?"

And then it is time for the spacing out phase. Harmony lets the floating effect of the smoke take hold, her eyes dully looking across the room, seeing a picture in a frame. Of a piece of corn. Is it really there? Could be. But regardless, her thoughts drift. 'Heh. THAT is where corn chips come from. Huh. Maybe Richard is onto something.. He probably really loves corn… And all corn related products.. I mean.. isn't that what you're SUPPOSED to put in a frame? Things you love?' She finally settles back in her seat, folding her hands over her glass penis, smiling blissfully, one hand coming to rub her belly.

'I'm gonna do that. When I get home, I'm gonna frame a bunch of stuff I love. Like lasagna. I LOVE lasagna. It's SO good. And CHEESY. You know who else loves lasagna? Heh.. Garfield!' her smile only gets bigger. 'Man, that cat REALLY. Loves. Lasagna. Maybe I should put a picture of Garfield in a frame. You know, as a kind of short hand way of saying, 'I love lasagna'? That would be so fucking inSIDE.. heh..' She drops her head back against the back of the couch, her eyes staring at the ceiling. 'Or how about a photo of president Garfield? Oh SHIT! That'd be totally meta! People'd be all like.. Harmony, why you got a photo of president Garfield on your mantle? And I'd be like.. Because I like lasagna, of course!'

And now she is rubbing her bong. This might be snicker worthy to a group of stoners if her bong were normal, but the representation of it makes it much worse. And then suddenly she snaps into another state. "Huh? Laced? Nothing. Why?" Harmony lifts the bong to her lips a little more and smokes a bit more c— Well someone had to say it.

"Richard, Griffin? You both have penises.. What is it like? I mean.. why are guys so fucked up? And why do they do fucked up shit to girls? Does your penis tell you to do that kind of stuff? Or your balls? Like one is all angel and the other is devil, trying to get you to do the right or wrong thing, and most guys only listen to the wrong thing, and do fucked up shit to girls? Why is my love life a tragic mess?!" Speaking in a few circles at this point.

"What ever happened to boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy makes girl his.. yadda, yadda.. marriage.. kids.. happy or at least a little content? Rather than.. 'Your body is made of sex, and I want it'.." she leans up, reaching out to grab Griffin's shirt and pulling a little firmly, "Hey! Hey! That— that's what he fucking said to me. Do you believe that shit? And lemme tell you, he thought he was ALLL that. No.." she raises a finger, waggling it back and forth in Griffin's face. "Nonononono.. I honestly think? He cut his hand off on purpose, and made his mechanical one, so he could give himself a Stranger. Know what that is? It's where you sit on your hand till it gets REAL numb, and then you—" She notices the pizza finally, "Hey! Pizza!" the blond reaches out to grab a slice.

Griffin's eyes draw toward the door as he moves to relax on the loveseat, kicking his feet up and staring out toward the rest of the library. "Whatever it's laced with, or however well grown it is…Santa Clause is watching me, guys." He frowns out of the office door. "I swear to god, he's watching me." Indeed, in his head, Griffin really is being watched by a chubby man in a red suit. "He's sitting on a book shelf. I think he's mad at me."

Then, he turns to peer at Harmony, brows raising slightly as she goes on a rant. He's quiet for a long moment, frowning quietly. "I…can't really talk for that one, my dear. I married my high school sweetheart and had a son with her." He frowns. "Then my ability manifested and killed her." That must be what he got that nice crescent-shaped Moab scar under his chin from.

Then he's being grabbed and pulled. Griffin blinks a few times down at her hands. Then down at her cleavage. Then down at her underwear. Yeah, he can see what that guy meant. But he pushes his thoughts away from that note rather quickly. "You just haven't met the right kind of guy yet."

Uh huh. Cardinal regards the rolled joint in his hand a little suspiciously, and he just leans back on the sofa without taking a hit off it; one foot lifting to brace against the table's edge as he watches the pair as she grabs Griffin and drags him in. The broadcast of thoughts bringing a quiet chuckle from him. Maybe I should give these two some privacy at this rate…

"Well, what do you expect? He's a fucking lunatic," he observes dryly, "He'll kill us all yet."

Met the right guy? Is he kidding? "Ffft.. Right guy. Yeah well.. I've certainly attracted some hot ones." She mentions to Griffin, "I mean.. my first was Jason, and he was a possessive monster. I—" she pinches her brows together, "I think he might be stalking me now.." she frowns, "I dated a soldier for a while.. he was hot, but so married with his career, and he always managed to make me feel like an shoreleave fling. But he was hot." After her mind idles for a few seconds, she continues, flopping back in her seat, "There's this really hot Irish guy, but he's got these secrets, right? Up here.." Harmony reaches and taps her head with a finger.

"And up until a little bit ago, I didn't know those secrets, but.. we got into a big old fight and we're not speaking to each other right now… I so thought he was the one." Harmony's head hangs a little forward, her eyes settling on the picture of corn again. "And my roommate is really hot, but he's a fucking dick… And he actually blew up the hot Irish guy's house too.. so yeah.. he's a big dick.. I kinda hate him."

Cardinal gets her attention, and she flips over to him, reaching out to grab his shirt now. "Hey! Hey! He is a lunatic! I wanna go beat him up.. Can I do that? Will you let me? Go over there and punch his face for every guy that's done me wrong.."

"I could sic Elle on him!" Harmony adds, her blond brows lifting in a stoned mirth. "She's got my power, right? I could show her how to make him sterile.. or— Hey!" she suddenly remembers, "Yeah.. there was this geek too, named Magnes? GOD.." Harmony's head rolls in a full circle, hitting the wall behind her. "Ow.." she reaches back and grips her head. "Magnes.. what kind of name is that anyway? Sounds like a dollar store action figure.. He has no confidence at all. It's sad, just sad. I don't want a wussy guy. I want a man, a true, honest to god man that can make me feel like— like— Like lasagna!"

Griffin blinks a few times. He's pretty red-eyed himself, but unlike Harmony, he is just…mellow. Smiling without realizing he's smiling. Watching Harmony as she rants. Her final statement prompts a raised eyebrow, the man peeking over at her thoughtfully. "Like lasagna, you say? What does that feel like, I wonder?" He keeps reminding himself that Nadira would be kicking his ass right now…

But there is a beautiful blonde woman running around in her underwear and paying little mind to personal boundaries. He really…really can't help himself. Really, he can't. He'd almost love to be able to tear his gaze away. Fucking beautiful.

The joint in Cardinal's hand is tossed lightly over to land upon the coffee table finally; hallucinations are not a great idea when you already have nightmares as terrible as he does. "I wish," he mutters under his breath, "Unfortunately, we kind've need him…" A hand lifts to ruffle Harmony's hair as she grabs hold of his shirt, and then she's pulling back to chatter about Magnes, drawing a snort of breath from him. A glance over to Griffin at his words, a moment's pause, and then he stirs to push up to his feet, "I'm gonna go grab a beer or something."

Soooooo high..

That is Harmony at the moment. Half naked and high. The half naked part is a pretty common thing for her. It might be something Griffin isn't used to, but Harmony is generally a free spirit, and she has very little personal boundaries when she isn't stoned off of her ass. "Lasagna is like.. cheesy and so good! It's like.. laying there on the plate, all hot and gooey, smelling so delicious and making you want it. It's like.. just daring you to eat it because it knows it'll feel so good in your belly. And— and then you like, taste it, and you savor it, and you chew so slowly, just to keep the taste in your mouth, doing anything you can to keep from swallowing. But eventually you have to swallow, but it's okay!" she pat's Griffin's leg comfortingly, "It's okay, because you know what?"

Harmony sits there and grins at him knowingly for a few moments, leaning forward to whisper to him, "There's still more lasanga left." she boops his nose with a finger, and then she blinks, as the object on Griffin's face just got that much larger. "Whoa!" she jumps back, blinking at his nose. "Where did that come from!? Hey! Hey! Richard!" she reaches over to grab for Cardinal, but he isn't there. "Richard?" she frowns, and looks back to Griffin's nose. Harmony leans forward and dips her head to look up Griffin's nostrils, "Richard.. did— did you go in there?"

Griff can't help but lean a little closer to Harmony, his brows raised as she describes how lasagna feels. He even nods slowly along with her words, apparently agreeing wholeheartedly. Good lord, this woman makes me feel young again. As she leans close, whispers, then boops his nose, he's left blinking a few times, looking mildly confused by her reaction.

He offers a small wave to Cardinal, far too distracted by the woman sitting so close to him. She's got that forbidden fruit thing going on, on top of everything else, so he is quite happily hanging off of her words. "He went to grab a beer." Griffin then frowns as she peers up his nostrils. Apparently self concious, he lifts a hand to cover them. "It's a Polish nose, inherited from my mom."

"Have fun, you two…" Cardinal pauses at the door to glance back over his shoulder when she's shouting for his name at Griffin's face, exhaling a faint snort of mild amusement before his fingers trail off the door's edge and he heads out, shaking his head slightly. 'God, I'm an idiot.'

She is certainly way more animated than she normally is. A little more heavy handed, kinda sloppy in how she uses her hands, and completely in a state to where she'll share just about anything. But that is how she has always been. There really isn't a person that knows the girl that can say that she isn't an open book. She doesn't go out of her way to mask the truth or harbor secrets. Heck, even when Cardinal first met her, she was perfectly honest with him, and up front. That isn't changing now that she is high, it is simply more pronounced. "Have fun you two~" Harmony sings out in an echo to Cardinal, "Hey! Hey! Griffin, that sounded like Richard.." she informs the man still sitting there. "Hey.. you know.. Richard is really hot too.." she is whispering again. "But don't tell him that, okay? It's a surprise… Shhhhh.." she clumsily brings a finger to her lips. As she touches them, she acknowledges that she has lips there, her finger fliping against them. Neat! She is making a gesture similar to one that a person would make to indicate going crazy.

"So.. that's a Polish nose?" Harmony asks and she reaches out with a hand to grab for Griffin's nose. Not hard or anything, but she just has to feel if that fucker is really as big as it looks to her right now. "Is that like.. a Polish sausage? Hey.. that— that kinda sounds dirty!" she wrinkles her nose with a smile. "I think.." she wiggles her bottom in order to push herself forward from her seat, "I think I'm gonna go pee.. and then I'm gonna go find some lasagna. Yeah.. that's— that's what I'll do. Where is Richard?!" she frowns and then she falls forward, landing on her face on the ground.

But that's okay! Because she smiles and curls up right there, into a little ball, "I'm fine. I'm gonna lay here, and not think about guys. I just— I just want.. just— just once— I'd—" Ladies and gentlemen! Harmony has left the building.

Griffin blinks several times as Harmony is going…rather silly on him. Damn. He was almost hoping. But he's probably going to hide that pot at some point, if he gets the chance. Call it concern, for both his wellbeing and for Harmony's. Nadira probably would be attacking her, too. He allows his nose to be grabbed, arching a brow quietly. He's confused.

And then, she's up, and she's teetering, and…she doesn't hit the ground. In fact, invisible hands have gently caught her, and are now lifting her from the ground, over to lay down on the couch, with her feet propped up in his lap. He's a bit too fuzzy right now. In fact, he's dozing off, himself, simply from having smoked a bit of pot that must have been laced with LSD.

Next time, Griffin is buying his own damn pot.

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