How Is The New Partner?


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Scene Title How Is The New Partner?
Synopsis Girl cops and coffee.
Date May 1, 2009


Her case load has been remarkably low, but Elisabeth is pretty sure that's because her boss — Captain Will Harvard, that is — slacked off on her to let her study for the detective exam. And now that she's passed it and been granted the new shield and pay bump (heh!) that comes with it, Elisabeth finds herself wading through all the cases that have popped up in the past several weeks, checking for which ones actually need Evo-cop follow-up. SCOUT is stretched thin at the best of times. These days, with every Evo-related crime supposed to be getting sent their way, they're inundated with files every day that they're required to at least look at even if they don't personally go check. She's been reading the damn things for hours already — coffee is now a necessity. She's heading for the Starbuck's around the corner (precinct coffee could strip engines and she's in the mood for girly coffee today) when she spots Cassidy and alters her course. "Hey, lady… wanna grab some coffee?"

Case Load. What a nasty phrase. Cassidy has herself buried deep in cases and dealing with the new partner. Currently, her eyes are glued intently to a computer screen, there is the soft sound of a mouse being clicked again and a again. On the screen is rows of criminal photos. Her desk probebly proves that Cassidy isn't much of a house keeper. A couple of styrofoam food containers are shoved to the side and a variety of starbucks coffee cups sit scattered about her desk. Both speak of hours spent there. She pulls her attention from the screen to focus on Elisabeth, though it takes her a moment to realize who she's seeing. She blinks. "Oh! Elisabeth. Hey there." Sudden'y a knowing grin crosses her face. "Or should I say.. Detective Harrison?" She glances at her screen again and click the program off before standing. "Congratulations.. And yes, I could use more coffee. My treat." She pushes her chair into place. "Not much of a congratulations…"

Elisabeth laughs. "Thanks! It was actually a bit easier than I expected… but maybe that's cuz Collins and I turned our brains into pudding studying for the thing," she says, rolling her eyes. She shrugs a bit. "Never let it be said that I turned down congratulatory coffee," she adds. Rolling her shoulders a bit, she heads toward the outer door, nodding to several friendly officers who wave or what have you and ignoring a couple of others who give The Eye. "How's the new partner working out?" she asks the other woman — cuz she has heard the gossip around the locker room.

Cassidy follows after the other woman, picking up the pace to catch up after grabbing a few things. "Coren? Seems alright. Trying to get use to his schedule. The man is tiredless." She nods to a uniform as they pass, "Hey Smith.. Good work on that bust." Her attention goes back to Elisabeth. "But it's nice having a partner as obsessed about getitng the job done. My other partners thought I was nuts when I spent a lot of my free time on my cased. Hey Mary." She waves at another woman before moving to open the door. She gives a bit of a bow and makes a motion that Liz should go through. "New detectives first."

There's a snicker, and Elisabeth heads outside. "I'm glad the two of you are getting along. I like him. Got the chance to work with him on a case. He's a good cop. Really cares about the victims." She glances at Cassidy, shoving her hands in her pockets as they walk. "How's he holding up? My friend Abby was one of his cases, and she seemed to think he's not doing too well with the outcome of that one… I haven't been able to catch him in the precinct to check up on him."

"Not completely sure. Seems fine, but one thing cops are good at are hiding their emotions." Cassidy comments a tad blandly as she let's go of the door letting it swing shut behind her. "I think we're a bit too new for the open up to your partner talk." She gives the woman a lop sided smile. "Course it's only a metter of time." She shoves her hands into the pockets of her trench coat. "But I have to say he seems a bit off to me. I dunno. I'm watching him though." She gives a little 'what are you gonna do' shrug. "So, any luck on your end of that Greenwich Village Case?" She asks curiously.

"No, nothing," Elisabeth says in disgust. "Whatever's going on there, it's driving me insane. Aside from what we already got, I haven't gotten ANYTHING. I take it none of the store owners had anything for you either?"

Cassidy gives a heavy sigh, a hand coming out of her pocket to run through her hair. "Not really. Not for the lack of trying. Some owners won't even give me the time of day. These kids actually scare most of them. " She looks of frustration passes over her face. "They are hiding something though. Just a gut feeling though." She bites her lips for a moment before adding. "What's even weirder. is when I ask of they know of a guy with a brownjacket. They say no, but… I dunno. I think it might be not be the last death if we don't find this guy. I think they are protecting him somehow." She gives a seepish smile. "Again.. gut feeling."

Raising both of her eyebrows, Liz considers this idea. "You think that he's maybe extorting protection money from them himself, promising to keep the OTHER people extorting them away?"

"That's one theory." Cassidy says thoughtfully, "It's that or we're dealing with a Bruce Wayne." She glances at Lis and grins. "You know. Vigilante." She gives a slow shrug of her shoulders. "Personally I think it's a money thing like you said. But never know." She glances down the street at the growing Starbuck's sign. "I plan to get into the database today. I want to see if any of the store owners or thier family are registered evolves. If they have one in the family there may be more."

There's a smirk as Elisabeth notes, "I know about Batman." Heck, we've got our own personal Oracle out there, though Cassidy doesn't have access to Hana. "Sounds like a good start. I'm working on getting back up to speed on the other cases I'm being assigned to, but if you want to take a run down there today or tomorrow, we could do a little more looking."

Cassidy gives a firm nod. "Sounds like a plan. Barring anythign that comes up between now and then." She chuckles and shrugs. "I think in our line of business it's hard to make a set plan for anything. Hell, I haven't even tried dating in years. No time for a personal life." She gives her a sideways glance. "But yeah, I'd like to get this thing closed before some more kids get their throats blown out. Even if they are punks."

Elisabeth snickers. "Yeah…. dating pretty much sucks," she admits. "All right… let's grab that coffee. I've got a couple cases I need to check into, but barring anything untoward, I'll grab you this afternoon."

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