How To Shop For Mallory





As Trisha

Scene Title How to Shop for Mallory
Synopsis Reed is unhappy with her current wardrobe. Shopping ensues.
Date April 29, 2009

21 Forever

Reed is going through Mallory's closet, looking for something to wear. You can tell because clothes are flying out of the closet faster than lighning. She shakes her head as she finds the closet empty. "Unacceptable. I can't believe this stuff was actually in fashion." She holds up some clothing, and then just dumps it into a nearby box. "Time to go shopping." Reed figures if she's going to be a girl, might as well /be/ a girl. She sits down at the computer and before even touch it, she puts out a few feelers to see if the real Mallory is lurking about. Coast is clear, so Reed pulls up this and that, shuffles some money around where she can get to it and there you go.

She leaves the house, making sure Simon isn't around to bug her and catches the bus down to the mall. She steps inside and looks around. A mall is a mall is a mall. Of course, now she has to find the right place to shop. She talks down the long path, behing some lollygaggers, who she finally moves around and then stops in front of a store. "Forever 21." Huh. She steps inside.

It's one of those stores that caters to the teenagers and the college crowd. Affordable pieces, likely not in need of dry cleaning and is easy to shop at. Even for guys. The store with it's waxed pine flooring, white walls and pillars with grooves in them. Racks and tables of clothing of varying colors, styles fabrics, prints. You name it, they have it for the 18 year olds of the world, or for those want to dress like their name implies. Forever 21.

When Reed steps inside there's a few people browsing around, and at least one person who's moving around is an employee, tow more behind the sales desk and one popping in and out of the changing area's. "Welcome to forever 21! My names Trisha, if there's anything I can help you with just let me know!"

Reed blinks as she's addressed by Trisha and she returns a smile to the female. Seriously, deep inside the female is a seventeen year old male, so maybe she leers a little at the attractive employee. She approaches. "Well, I need to add a few things to upgrade my wardrobe a little. As you can see, I don't have the best style going for me at the moment." Her jeans and t-shirt, worn, and sneakers aren't in the best shape either. Perhaps you can help me pick a few things out to put a little more color on me?" she asks, trying to look somewhat helpless. In all reality, Reed could use all the help he can get.

"I can do that certainly! Did you have anything in mind, tops? bottoms? we have some shoes that you can pick from. We can help you with everything!" Trisha answers, motioning for Reed/Mallory to follow her. "You look like a size… 2?"

Reed ahems and has no clue. She looks down at herself. "Well, I need tops and bottom and probably some shoes as well. I need the works. Probably several outfits would be very nice." She fingers through one rack. "And I'll probably have to try something on."

Ca-Ching. Big Comission. She'll make her sales goal from today that's for sure. 'Lets try a size 2, and …." She starts pulling stuff off the racks, anything that Reed looks like he might be pondering and some other things. "I'll arrange them in outfits for you, that should help" Well the customer DID say themselves that they needed help. Mini skirts, leggings, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, a few skinny scarves, flats, heels, boots, Trisha is applying the art of 'try everything on and see what looks good' before shuffling Reed off to a changing room.

"Um. Okay." Reed gathers a couple of outfits and slips into the dressing room. She slips out of her current gear and starts to put on the ones provided by the clerk. One thing Reed is still getting used to is looking into the mirror and seeing a naked female there. It's.. awesome, but.. odd at the same time. Okay, back to the task ahead. She tugs the shirt over her head and then pulls up the skirt. "Now, this is girlie.." she grins as she looks it over in the mirror. She opens the door and slips out. "This is kind of nice. Does it suit me?" she asks Trisha.

Trisha's parked there, waiting. one hip juts out, looking at Reed before grabbing up some fingerless thing cotton gloves, another shirt and another skinny scarf. Item by item she puts it on Reed, carefully, politely, turning her this way and that way. "There, that looks good nwo!"

Reed hmms at the scarf and gloves. "That might be a little /too/ much. I mean, I want to look like a girl, but not too much so." she smiles to Trisha. "Let's just stick with the shirts, skirts. Maybe even some cute pants. Oh, and shoes still." she looks at some of the other outfits. "Let me try this one.." she steps back in and isn't long before she's back out again in a different outfit, the colors are still bright. "How's this?" She spins around.

Well, she had to try for some add-on's. Can't blame a sales girl for trying. "Ohh, that looks good!" She chirps, setting some stuff aside to go back onto the racks. "You have great legs for carrying off the skirts. You should wear them more!"

Posing in front of the mirror, she nods. "I am pretty cute in this." she thinks to herself as she grins. "It's still a little chilly out. How about some pants?" she asks. "And I'll take a look at some shoes as well." Her eyes are on the mirror though. Well, except when Trish walks away and Reed's eyes fall to the clerks ass.

'That's why you wear tights with the skirts in spring. You can wear black or white, or even get away with bright colors. It's /all// about the colors this season" Trisha turns though, that tight ass on view as she bends over to hand over a pair of canvas flats with the rubber toes. 'Try these" And a pair of black tights. "I'll go get you some pants though!"

Reed bites her lip as she watches Trisha bend over. Ahem. Clothing. Clothing. She tries to refocus here. She sits down and tries on some shoes and stands, walking around. "Maybe a half a size smaller here on these?" Several shoes are tried on, and she finally picks out a couple of pairs and sets them aside. "I'll take these and those outfits over there that I tried on. You don't mind if I wear these out, do you? Maybe help me with the tags?"

'Nope! I don't mind, we can do that. You'd be surprised how many people actually wear their clothes out" A change in shoe size later and everything is ready to be carted over to the counter for check out while the blonde Trisha just stands back, looking at Reed. "Girl, you look hot. You'll have all the guys at school drooling into their cokes"

She dips down in a little curtsey. "I'm glad you like it." She's going to at least look like a girl now. "I appreciate all your help Trisha." Reed pulls out a credit card from her pocket. She walks up to the register to pay. "How much do I owe you?" she asks.
It's going to take three minute, maybe more, ringing up all the stuff but eventually there's a tally that Reed can see and Trisha tells him even as she's plucking the card from Reed/Mallory's hand. "Well you should like it too, but if you want my opinion, your going to knock em dead. Glad I was able to help you" There's a grin from Trisha then, the card being approved and the recipet slid across for a signature.

The card is approved because Reed places her hand on the register and tells it to approve the transaction. Once the approval goes through, the hand is removed. "That's my plan. To knock them dead." she grins back to Trisha, giving her a wink. "I may have to come back and see you again, Trisha. You were very helpful." She gathers the bags, ready to head off to the next store for more clothes. She has a wardrobe to fill, you see.

Only on the back of the reciept that was slipped into the bag, especially after that last comment, is Trisha's name… and her number as the blonde watches Reed/Mallory walk off with her three bags filled with clothing. And a big grin.

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