How Was Your Day, Dear?


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Scene Title How Was Your Day, Dear?
Synopsis Veronica and Katherine meet up at Primatech and have a nice little chat.
Date March 5, 2009

Primatech Break Room

Ah, the joy of waiting. At least there's work to do. Veronica is curled up in one of the break room chairs, her knees drawn up to her chest, as she does some work on a lap top computer set up on one of the break tables. A twenty-ounce cup of Starbucks coffee sits to the side, and her feet tap with a frenetic energy to the beat that the Ipod earbuds apparently are feeding into her brain. Her fingers fly across the keys — the woman must easily type 90 words or more an hour. Dark circles under her eyes and a bruise on one cheekbone stand out against a face that seems a touch pale.

Having dealt with a hostage crisis, Katherine Marks has decided to actually come in and file a report for a change. Seriously, she's behind about five reports, but who's counting? She walks in with her own laptop and slides it on the table. She walks over and opens the fridge and pulls out a diet cola of some kind and pops it open. Good thing to keep in stock. She walks over and takes a seat at the table and opens up the computer and takes a glance over at the other agent, then tilts her head as she sees the bruise. She's make a snarky comment, but it would go wasted, with the earphones in.

Someone to talk to beside the walking suit of hormones that is Brian? Or the eerily calm, deep-voiced presence that is Goodman? Count Veronica in! The tired looking agent glances up at Katherine and pulls the earbuds out — the sound leaks, and some Coldplay leaks out before she clicks off the Ipod on the table. She pushes a strand of dark hair behind her ear.

"Hey," she says, with a nod toward the other woman, something like a smile curving her lips upward.

Kat grins as she puts the can down and offers a return smile. "What's going on, Sawyer?" she leans back in her chair for the moment. She reaches over and pulls up the internal network web page where'll type up her report. She clicks to navigate herself to the page to check her emails, most of which she deletes. She looks over the top of the laptop and asks. "I hope whoever gave you that has a nice tombstone."

Veronica laughs and shakes her head, reaching a hand up to touch the bruise a little gingerly. "You know, I'm really not sure how I got it, to be honest. No one punched me, but the next day, bam, there it was. I think I fell on the target's shoulder," she says with a shrug. "Really wasn't the worst of my problems that night, to be honest. Or today, for that matter." She picks up her cup to drink a bit. "It's Agent Marks?" she asks — one of those people she's seen around but not really met.

She arches her brow up at the other agent's confusion. Kat tilts her head to the side and hmms. "You don't recall? That's odd." She reaches across the table and offers her hand. "Kat. Call me Kat. So, what do you have going on now that's giving you problems? You're assigned with Winters, right? New guy?" she picks up her own drink and takes a long swallow. Her eyes drift over to her laptop and her eyes pick up something on the newsfeed that causes her some sort of discomfort before she reaches over and puts her hand on the laptop and lowers the lid.

Veronica chuckles, though without a lot of humor, regarding not remembering. "A lot was going on. Sort of chaotic. I didn't feel it at the time it happened. You know how it is. Adrenaline, etc." She shrugs at the rest, though she notices the discomfort on her fellow agent's face. "Just work. Partner stuff. Nothing too horrible. I haven't killed him yet." She smirks a little there, dimples emerging when she does so. She nods to the laptop. "You don't look like you're having a good day either?" she asks, curiously.

There's a soft snort that comes from Kat as she has to laugh at that. "You can say it's been an interesting month. I dropped a guy into the river, saw a guy blow up a gas station, walked into a hostage situation, and rescued hijacked generators that were bound for a hospital. And I have to buy a new damn suit!" she grumbles, though it's good naturedly. "Not only that, I have to put up with a bossy negotiator down at the NYPD on a regular basis, and if I don't put a bullet into her pretty soon, I'm almost certain she's going to put one in me." she leans back. "It's been a full month."

Veronica laughs at the forthcoming honesty, so very different than her own answers — vague and nebulous, but then, she's not been given the most open of all files to work with and chat about. "Sounds like a headache. The cops are always a pain in the ass, aren't they?" she says, in a commiserating tone. "She doesn't have rank on you though, does she? But thinks she does?" she asks, curiously. "Do you have to answer to her, or is it just a stalemate?"

Kat grins as she shrugs. "I have to pretend she does. I'm supposed to be in a support position for the NYPD, so technically, her word overrules mine. Doesn't mean I have to make it easy on her." She leans forward in her chair and puts her elbows on the table, leaning forward. "So, what is it exactly you're working on, if I can ask." Honesty is what you're going to get from her, as she tends to have to make up stuff all the time, so it's nice to be able to be straightforward.

The Californian girl chuckles. "That sucks. Undercover's not so much fun when you have to work for people with egos the size of Alaska," she says, closing her own laptop and sitting back to hold the coffee cup in both hands. "Winters and I are on the Case case," she says vaguely enough — if Kat knows the case and it's details, fine, but if not, she hasn't given much away. "Got a secondary target to trace too, in addition… finding needles in haystacks. Know anyone by the name of Deckard?"

"It's not the size of the egos as much as the size of their mouths." she chuckles. Kat finishes off her soda and thinks for a moment. "Isn't that the name that Goodman sent out an alert on? Other than that, I've no idea. If you can't say anything, don't worry about it. Nor much about the Case file either. I can peek around NYPD if you need me to, just let me know what you want. If it's there, I can dig it up." She taps the can against her front teeth as she watches the other agent across the table.

"Cops do have big mouths, as a rule, I think," Veronica replies with a smirk. "Deckard… yeah, he interfered with our bagging Case. After running into us and insisting he knew Winters, he shot at us while we were trying to deal with Case… who was in the possession of some triad thugs." She shakes her head. "So… not a fan of mine at the moment. If he had not interfered, we'd have had Case by now. If you see anything on him, yeah, I'd like to know." She taps the computer. "I already got his rap sheet and that sort of thing. More like… where he is. We need to make him forget about us." She sighs. "Do you ever feel like what you're saying makes absolutely no sense in a logical world, and wonder when you're going to wake up from this dream?" she says a bit tiredly.

Kat glances at her watch and reaches for her laptop. She guesses that'll be six reports she's behind now as she's going home to take a bath. She stands and walks over, dropping her can into the wastebasket and turns to smiles at the agent. "Nope. I'm afraid not." She walks over and places a supportive hand on her back and offers an encouraging smile. "Don't let it get to you. If you ever need someone to talk to, my number's on the alert roster. Call anytime. And if Winters gives you anymore crap.. well, you've had hand to hand training." she grins. "It was nice meeting you.. Veronica, right?"

Veronica smiles, a sincere, bright thing with big dimples. "Thanks, I appreciate that. Yes, it's Veronica," she nods. Her cell chimes and she glances at it. "Good timing. Apparently he's all gift wrapped and ready to go home," she adds with a wink. "Thanks, Katherine," she nods to the other woman.

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