Howland Hook Facility
Howland Hook Facility
Owner Maxwell Construction Company
Current Status In Reconstruction
People Come Here For… Nothing Good…

Unfinished buildings that look like gutted iron rib cages is all that remains of the unfinished Howland Hook Facility. What was going to be a revitalization of Staten Island's abandoned rail system was cancelled after the bomb of 2006 ripped thorugh Manhattan and sent a poisonous fallout cloud down onto Staten Island. All that remains of this massive abandoned facility is a sprawl of seventeen unfinished buildings in various state of disrepair over 187 acres of land.

Ranging from two floor office spaces to gigantic roofless skeletons of warehouses the Howland Hook new constructions only serve as haunting landmarks between far older though more intact structures. Old rail houses and terminal stations for Staten Island's abandoned rail network rise up from the crumbling concrete parking lots and industrial parkland here, connecting old and derelict rail lines that criss-cross through Staten Island and north into Jersey City through tunnels that cut beneath the northern river.

One sprawling building in particular is now little more than a blackened crater surrounded by newer construction equipment. Destroyed in the fall of 2010, the Howland Hook administrative building is so much shrapnel spread by the detonation of enough C-4 to rattle windows on Manhattan.

This complex was intended to be a container ship port and features a derelict ship berth 9,000 feet long that had been intended for the use of loading and unloading cargo. Shipping cranes have since been left abandoned here, reaching up with peeling paint and rust towards the skies. Now activity has been replaced by construction cranes, bulldozers and back hoes, all branded with the Maxwell Construction Company logo.

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