HR Nightmare


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Scene Title HR Nightmare
Synopsis Much is revealed. How much is factual, that's a difference story.
Date November 9, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

It's storytime at the precinct. And no, there's no children around. Nash has moved to the next set of cubicles as he talks to the four men that work there, all married, and lack of any sort of life outside of wife, kids and job so he's been a sharing sort of mood. Plus, when one can flaunt their conquests, then it truly is a conquest, right? "So, Friday night Harrison and I went to that Lucy's place and I met the hottest woman I've seen since I've been here. Her name was Heather and she was one hot number."

One of the guys pops up, "Wait, you mean Heather the server? Oh man, you did not score that."

Nash rolls his eyes, "Puhleeze. You're not talking to am amatuer here. Thirty, forty five minutes tops, she was inviting me to her place." There's a round of applause, even from Officer Skeptical.

The low drawl of his partner comes from behind Nash. "You do realize that by telling that tale, you just lost drink priveleges for, like, a month, right?" Elisabeth sounds duly amused. "Kissing and telling's just so bad form, Nash." She props her elbow up on the cubicle wall next to her and sips from the coffee cup in her hand.

"She did this trick with this marshmallow.." Nash is interrupted by Harrison, as he turns and shrugs. "What's the point of getting laid if you can't brag about it? And don't tell me that Heather's the nice girl type, like Abigail. I have pictures that prove otherwise." He turns around to the other guys and taps his watch. They'll talk later. He grins at Liz. "What's up? We got anything?"

Trying desperately to ignore the bragging of Nash, Cooper is stationed at his desk leaning over it squinting at the computer screen. He chews on a bite of sugared donut as she clicks on various files on he evolved registry. "No… no… no…" Harrison's comment is caught and Cooper pipes in with a "Hear hear! Especially, the married guys." He turns his chair so he can lean out of his little place in the world, which once was desks of Detectives Shelby and O'Shea. "Though you did miss the girl's kissing last night as Lucy's." He adds for Nash, before disappearing again to go back to his registry search.

"See, it's my number that's the one you get to brag about and that is the really great accomplishment" Comes the nasaly, cold riddled voice of the pink haired bar owner from the doorway of the room. Cream knit cap, scarf, blue woolen coat unbuttoned, she look at the pair and their companions. "the others, well, if your handsome enough, they'll take you home for the night" Someones got a cold, and she is al red nosed for it to boot as she wiped a hanky over the end. "Hey Liz"

There's a snicker from Elisabeth and she just shakes her head. "Yeah… that was quite the show," she admits, shoving off the wall and walking toward her desk. "Hey, Abby," she greets the pink-haired one with a wince. "Wow… you sound icky."

"But you look good, that's what's important Abigail." Nash gives her a wink, then moves away from Liz, lest she decide to smack him in the arm or worse. "What? Girls kissing? And no one called me? Did anyone YouTube it?" He moves towards his computer now and sits down, pulling up the web page and typing in.

"Oh yeah.. let me just get my cellphone out and take video." Cooper comments rolling his eyes glancing over at Nash and Liz as they take their seats. The movement of another person out of the corner of his eye and Cooper ends up staring at Abby. Pink hair? He is paused mid donut bite as he looks at the pink girl with a confused look, brows lifted. "Um.. anyhow.. Yeah, you missed it.. Oh.. and Nash.. That Brenda.. tell her you like Elephants.. she'll be all over you." He sends a mischievious grin Harrison's way before he starts clicking through various files. "How many people in this damn city can create shields? Damn."

"I think I have like my first cold ever and I just want someone to take a crowbar to my face and heavens, I can't imagine having to go through this" She wishes she had her healing back, she could make it go away, or actually, she wouldn't even be in this position. "I was dropping off some stuff, thought I'd see how you were… I see now i'm gonna have to have a talk with the girls about taking home pets for the night from the bar"

Coopers stare doesn't go unnoticed by the cross wearing woman and she offers a nod to him. "Abigail, i'm a … friend and baby chick to Liz. Let them know you're a cop at the bar and you'll get your first few drinks on the house. If not, just.. tell liz and she'll let me know"

Rubbermaid container is passed to liz with cookies in it. "Promise I made em before I got sick"

Elisabeth facepalms at the antics, which just makes several of the other cops chuckle. The blonde mourns mildly, "Where the hell are Damaris and O'Shea when I need 'em?" She offers Abby a seat near her desk with a grin. "Yeah, I'd definitely caution them about Nash there." She rolls her eyes. "Especially if they want any semblance of an actual date versus a rep at the precinct for …. well, dating. I'm sorry I missed you last night." She admits in an undertone to Abby, "Went to Mass." Because yesterday was…. far harder than she let on. "Thanks!" she says to the cookies, genuine pleasure in her expression as she sets the coffee down and takes the container. Not even gonna share!

Nash smirks as he listens to the three. "You all act as if every girl is looking for a steady boyfriend. Trust me, for every one like me, there's a girl who just wants to get laid. No questions asked. Who puts crumbs in their bed on purpose to dissuade guys like me from sticking around past third go around." He closes his web browser, and swivels in his chair towards the trio. "Don't paint me all bad because I have the knack for finding these girls." He lifts his nose up at the container being passed around. Heywhatchagothere??

Picking up his heart covered 'World Gratest Dad' mug to take a sip, Cooper lifts it into Abby in greeting. "Cooper." He offers in return. "Nice to meet you, Abigail. Nice bar you got there. Though you seem more like the…. I dunno… Just don't seem like the type to own a bar." He kinda wiggles a finger at her hair. "I think it's the LazyTown pink hair." He takes bite of his donut, brushing sugar off his red tie.

Cooper arches a brow at Nash. "I wasn't saying she's looking for a steady boyfriend." He murmurs around that bit of donut. "Just helping you get laid." Simple.

"Liz, what's lazytown?" As if the other woman might know what the hell Flint and now Cooper are referring too. "I inherited it. The former own gave me a job there, and taught me how to bartend. She died and apparently, left it to me. So… That's how a good Baptist girl came to own a bar and keep running it in the memory of the one who made it. It's about… two steps up from a strip club and my parents done hate it, but… that's life and I like working there" That and it provides a neutral ground for so many people. "They call me the Nun there. Course now Thalia owns half of it too."

The hanky is lifted to rub at her nose again as the cookies are watched and in turn everyone else watches Liz and the cookies. "You're gonna have to share, I did make enough for everyone." She often showed up with baked goods when she did show. Abigail was a known name, for more than a few reasons, at the precinct.
Elisabeth doesn't bother to retort to Nash. She is one of the women like that — or has been for a long time. But she doesn't see the need to advertise it around the precinct either. Her relationships have mostly — with only a few exceptions, like Felix Ivanov — remained out of the eyes of her squad mates. "I have no idea," she confides to Abby about Lazytown. And she pulls the cookies to her chest, giving Abby a skeptical look. "I even have to share with Nash??" she demands with a pout.

"Especially Nash." He winks as he reaches his hand out for a cookie, or the container, though that's probably not in the best interest of anyone else who may want cookies. Whatever his reputation, which ever part if truth and which ever part if fiction, doesn't seem to phase Nash one bit. Whatever it is he is or isn't, he embraces it fully.

"Kids show. Main character has pink hair. My daughter watched it a lot when she was little." Cooper offers helpfully, watching the others, eyeing the box curiously. "The nun?" He studies her with a small smirk, he gives his head a small shake. "Better watch it Nash. Women are pretty particular about you touching their goods." And that totally came out wrong. "Er…. cookies…. food…" He turns back to his computer quickly, grimacing a bit when his back is to them.

Oh. Well. That makes sense and Flint was at the lighthouse so odds of hte kids informing him of that. Right. "Right. lazytown." Abigail glances towards Nash as he's making a move for the cookies. "I'll be right back, if you'll excuse me. Ladies room"

There's a faint frown at Nash as his hand moves toward the container of cookies. And Elisabeth sighs heavily, pops open the container to take several for herself, and then passes it on. Because practically every eye in the place is avidly on her container of cookies now. But she looks somewhat pouty about it. "I want fudge for Christmas," she murmurs to her pink-haired friend. "And I wanna flaunt it under their noses without having to share."

Nash really only takes one cookie from the container before passing it on. "Nash, I'm trying to use that tri-," there's a pause as one of the other officer step around the corner and notice the gathering. "I'm trying to get that thing to work. You know, that THING you showed me the other day." Nash nearly falls back in his chair as he attempts to swallow the cookie and prevent his demise at the same time, his hand slamming on the desk as he gets to his feet. "Oh, the thing, sure. I can help you with that." He looks with a grin to the others. "I'll be right back." As he walks off, he can be heard mutters. "Did you put that IP address in I told you about..?"

Cooper watches Nash wander off, his eyes narrowing a bit suspiciously a tiny amused smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth. "That man sometimes makes ashamed to be a guy." There is a shake of his head and turns back to his computer with a sigh. "This registry is a headache. I am searching on people with shields, the person that leveled that parking garage had one there are so damn many. They don't seem to have it arranged in colors." He clicks another one and grumbles a bit before going back to the list.

You know…. if IA really wants to know what their cops are up to, perhaps they should police certain officers' Internet usage more dilligently! Elisabeth eyes Nash's departure with a jaded eye. She could eavesdrop. Easily. But you know what? It's not worth it. She shakes her head slightly and looks toward Cooper. "I might have to give him a chastity belt for Christmas," she mumbles. And then she glances at Cooper. "You're… what? Any luck?" It's sorta like searching VICAP for rapists, true enough…. but it's a step Liz hasn't ever taken. Just skimming through the Registry of Evolveds looking for people with a particular power just to question them about a crime!

"Not a bad idea." Cooper comments at the chastity belt idea. "I'll chip in fifty." He turns his chair and the his monitor a touch so that she can see that he's in the registry database. "There was a parking structure that went down. Leveled badly, killed a bunch." He wave the details away. "I'm sure you heard. Anyhow, witnesses said the woman had a blue-greeny shield. It was an accident.. hell of an accident.. But she got hit by a car and thrown into the pillar. I was trying to identify her so I can check to see if she comes up on the dead list or if she left the scene of the crime."

Well, shit… "I don't think they actually mark down what color people's powers are or how they exactly manifest, do they?" Elisabeth would be surprised, but then again. Maybe they're getting more detailed as time goes on.

Back, hands washed, some folks waved too, Abby's coming back to the room and parking her blue coated butt in the seat she was in, dropping her head down on the desk. "Maybe they did? There a way in the registry system to look for "Shield, blue, green, woman. You can eliminate the men, right off the bat, and if they guessed an age, round about you could eliminate those who really weren't within that age bracket"

Mind you, SHOULD they be discussing this when Abby's in earshot, probably not, but the pink haired woman isn't about to fire off her mouth to someone else. "You do take down all the information, including hair color and eye color and the like, cross reference it all that you know?"

"Well, you know what all is on the form… physical description and such. Did they take specifics about your power? How it looks?" Elisabeth asks Abby thoughtfully.

"No.. they don't." Cooper grumps a bit reaching for another donut. "Not color. I'm reduced to flipping through women with shields…. checking all that stuff she just said." He motions at Abigail over his shoulder. "Just taking…." He pauses as clicks another one and the file pops up. A picture of a woman in a 'fire engine red' jacket. He picks up his notebook checking something and he suddenly grins. "Well hello there… Found her. Thank you lord.. I thought I was gonna be here all night."

"They never asked me what color my healing took. White, that one time that it was augmented, it was white. But they asked me all my vital statistics" No surprise. There's a series of sneezes that only make the pink haired woman cringe as she wipes her nose after. "Ask and ye shall receive, he doesn't tend to leave people wanting when it's something they really need"

She reaches out to grab a cookie from the container, treat herself at least. If she was going to feel miserable, she was going to allow herself a cookie as she glances to Cooper. "I hope she's okay. If she had shields, well, maybe she is one of the ones that got pulled out or she got thrown to someplace where it wasn't collapsed?"

"Dunno. Have to see." Cooper quips in a much better mood now that he has a name. "It might not even be her, but I got a name." The donut is balanced on the edge of that awful mug so that he can pick up a pen and start scrawling information. He glances at her briefly as he writes and asks. "So.. Abigail.. Your evolved too? Healing? Sounds like an interesting one."

Liz has stepped out for a moment, called away like Nash was. Cooper at his desk and Abby at Liz's nibbling a cookie and looking like death warmed over. "Was. I think i'm the first un-registered person in the united states" spoken with her nasal southern accent. "I used to be able to heal. I think half of scout has been seen by me. Now i'm just.. Abigail Beauchamp, fledgling EMT'

There's the three-beat cadence of Felix coming. The only person likely to be found in the HQ who walks with a cane. Though he pauses to lift it and point it accusingly at the dark haired man walking with him. A Mr. Frederickson moment. "I don't fucking care, O'Meara. We have a solid case, and all his lawyer's quibbling isn't going to keep Katzev out of jail. We got a confession on the wire, plain as day." O'Meara, smirking, lifts his hands as if to placate Felix, before ducking into his own cubicle without further delay. And then there's Abby. And questions. Fel scowls, heading that way as fast as his general gimpitude allows. Someone's on a bitch tear. "She was," Fel says, in all apparent seriousness, "Touched by God. Saved my life more than once. But she doesn't have the Suresh marker. Beauchamp. While I'm always glad to see you, what on earth are you doing here?" His air of truculent weaselness fades, at least a little.

Brows lift high on Cooper's head. "Holy shit? Seriously? I thought you could be 'cured' of being evolved?" He rolls his eyes a bit at the word cured, "Not like they need curing.. shit.. sometimes I wish I had a super memory or something. Woulda made my exams easier." Felix entrance gets a bit of a wave from Cooper. "Hey…." He trails off as he realizes he's forgotten the mans name. Exibit A as to why Cooper needs to super memory. "Er.. you… I got a lead on the cause of the parking structure collapse." He was there after all, so might as well let him know.

That was a bit more information than she had wanted to get out. Didn't have the marker in her genes. "Language Ivanov" Abigail offers up to the surly fed. "Cookies?" So innocent, you can't really get mad at her, what with the pink curls all tamed and flowing beneath the creamy knit winter hat and pink raw nose from being wiped. "Any russian cures for sinus colds?" Because you know, she's never had one before. Ms Abby of the great health. Sure, shot, bones broken, things that you can't avoid when you have guns pointed at you or fists coming towards you. But nature inflicted germs? Nope. She's gonna need to buy antibacterial hand gel.

"I wasn't cured" And the tone in which Abby says it, sounds like there's a bit more to it and it wasn't good. "There is no cure, it's not a disease. They're gifts and I lost mine, and should never have had one in the first place and now I have to learn to live without it and get … colds, and flu's and all sorts of stuff that I never got before and feel like i'm dying"

"Vodka. But then, we believe that cures everything. And if it doesn't cure you, it makes the dying much easier. Hot tea'd help, too," Fel says, more amiably. He blinks at her. "Wait. Your old ability prevented -you- from getting ill, too?" HE offers Cooper a grin. "Ivanov. The Fed. More often, that fucking faggot Ivanov, depending on who you talk to. Did you? What's the story? Actual terrorism, or a terrakinetic with the hiccups?" He props himself against the entrance to the cubicle, showing no impetus towards actually going to his own desk.

Elisabeth returns to the squad room to find Felix Ivanov in the room. She'd tease him with the gimp comment, but she's still too raw and guiltful all the time over what he's suffered. "You do realize that considering the rumors about WHO you've been fucking, 'that fucking faggot Fed' doesn't really apply anymore, right?" she comments to Ivanov as she skirts around behind him and joins Abby at the desk. She was refilling her coffee cup. And she sets a cup of tea in front of Abby too — courtesy of the human resources ladies.

"Vodka sounds pretty damn good right now." Cooper comments eyeing his mug of coffee, before looking up at Felix and leaning back in his chair "That's right.. The guy with the weird last name." He glances at his screen with a bit of a smirk, before he answers the Fed's question. "Would you believe it was an accident?" The smirk bleeds away though as he continues. "She got hit by a car and was thrown into the support pillars and….." He lifts his hands face down and makes an explosion nose letting his hand shake a little and lower like a collapsing building. "Found her registery. Gonna make some calls see if she's either on the list of the dead… at the hospital or if she went AWOL." Which could land her in jail really, but he doesn't say that outloud.

"UGh, why do you all love that word. It's just not polite unless you're getting a gun in the face or there is a lot of blood" THe pink haired woman grouses with a sigh. "And i'm not old enough to drink so Vodka is out of the question" But tea, teaaaaaa oh thank god. Thank you Lord on high. A small prayer murmured as she shoves her face over the cup to let the steam rise. "I don't remember getting sick Ivanov. Tired yes, really tired, but not sick. Hurt, but not sick" She falls silent then, listening to Felix stick his nose into Cooper's case.

Felix blows out a breath at that. He lays a hand on Liz's arm. "Everyone knows you're just a beard, Liz," he says, teasingly. "Even if a beautiful one. C'mon, like a guy like me could land a girl like you. Pff." Sexual harassment suit ahoy. Cooper's news has him looking grim again, though, expression rearranging itself into far more somber lines. "Weird, it's not weird. It's the second most common surname in Russia. Basically, the equivalent of Jones. What was her power? And any evidence it was deliberate - we've got the car accident confirmed?" Abby gets a very thoughtful look. "Interesting."

Elisabeth slaps the crap out of Felix's arm. "Asshole. Sorry, Abby," she says automatically. She's staying out of Cooper's case, though. "You are just cruising for an ass-kicking, Felix." She plops into her chair giving him the evil eye. "Her power was a forcefield," she volunteers, though.

"And make sure you clean up your registry and history before you leave.." Nash says as he steps out from behind the other cubicle. He walks over and plops down in his chair, "What? Liz can grow a beard? Wow. That gives me a different sort of perspective of her now." Nash glances at Cooper, "Did you try putting 'forcefield' into the search?" He's apparently been listening to part of the conversation at least.

"Shields." Cooper offers a touch blandly right when Liz says it, watching Abby drink that tea with suspicion, course anything from the HR ladies is suspicious. "And yeah.. the two in the car that accidentally hit her confessed to it doing it. Real torn up about it too." His eyes move to look between Liz and Felix. "You know.. If I said something like that to her, I'd probably get my ass kicked, not threatened.. actually throttled from here to next week." He sounds highly amused, rather then offended about the fact. "And do the ass kicking herself without asking for help." He knows when he's outmatched. Annnnd Nash is back, Cooper's eyes narrows at the man. "Too late, already found her."

Whoah, beard? ABigail sleans in to Liz again. "What's a beard?" In all seriousness, she has not a clue. You know, other than what a guy growns on his face.

"Oh, you straight men," Felix sighs, aggrieved. "Beard. Liz is my beard. That's when a gay man takes up with a straight woman in order to pass himself off as heterosexual. Clearly, none of you have ever worked Vice." he explains, in tones of exaggerated patience. He shakes his head at Cooper. "Well. I suppose it's something that it wasn't deliberate." He shoots Liz a positively impish look. Clearly, he is stifling some retort.

Elisabeth's tone to Cooper is mild. "Being as I have fucked him, he gets slightly more privileges than you do." The rumor mill is going to run rampant in the damn precinct today — although perhaps not, since it's hard to tell, but Liz has isolated this particular small section of about half a dozen desks from the rest of the room. So basically, everything since she got back with the tea has been hidden behind the mute button — Nash caught the tail end only as he came back in! She does facepalm at Abby, though, laughing softly. "Christ. All right. I call a moratorium on ANY MORE sex talk. And good job on coming out majorly to Abigail, Felix."

The sly grin that comes from Nash towards Liz as he shakes his head. "Harrison, from what I know of you now, I don't want to hear another word about how I pick up dates." Wasn't that you said said something about 'kissing and telling' earlier?" And of course, Nash isn't one to avoid taking a little credit as he turns to Cooper. "Glad I could help you find that." And finally to Felix, whom he hasn't met yet. "I can hook you up in that department if you need. You just have to know how to ask the right girl." Apparently, or at least as he'd like everyone to believe, he's done this before.

Cooper stares at Liz and then Felix for a moment as if swearing he didn't hear that right, finally though he huhs softy. His brows flicker up slightly and he gives it some thought, "Oh… well… you put it that way, make sense." He looks slightly disturbed and amused, leaving him with an odd expression on his face. "Your gay?" He suddenly asks of Felix. Mr. Obvious has struck and he shakes it off with a shake of his head. Not waiting or an answers since it's really not his business, "The things you learn.. .anyhow.. you want me to keep you informed on this?" That question directed at Felix.

And now, now some things make much more sense, with regard to Felix + Teo. No. Surprise. "It's okay Liz, it's not like it makes me think any less of him. I've seen him near naked anyways, a couple times. I think i've even seen his spleen. how many people can say they've seen his spleen" The tea is gulped, since the heat isn't scalding and the pink haired woman rises. "I should go, I still gotta get groceries done and I gotta see if i'm gonna be up for class today"

"You can get me a beard?" Fel says to Nash. "I have one. Liz is very good at it. And I don't need another girl, thank you. Not entirely gay. Just mostly. Harrison here snuck in under the radar. Yes, I do. I'm glad it looks like a local case, but…..I suppose I'm just nosy." He peers at Abigail. "You really didn't know, did you?" His tone is gently bemused.

Glancing from Felix to Harrison, he smirks. "Under the radar? I can see how that'd happen." Smug grin follows. Nash'll take whatever chance he can get to get his digs into his new partner, if only to lighten the mood. He turns to Abigail and arches a brow. "Seems like everyone knows you around here. You're kind of like a celebrity or something. Must be the pink hair."

A hand is waved in farewell to Abigail. "Nice meeting you, Abigail. I imagine I'll see you at the bar maybe." Cooper gives that pink hair another amused look, before turning back to his computer so that he can continue writing down some of the information he needs. He does manage to give Felix a thumbs up "Will do."

Someone slips by to add another folder to the growing stack on Cooper's desk before moving on. "Oh come on…" He calls after the woman who ignores him and he flops back in his chair with a huff. "This flying solo crap is getting to be a pain in the ass.." He glares at the rickety pile of folders as if he can will them away. He grabs the new file sliding it off the pile, holding on to the rest of the folders so they don't fall.

"Not like I hang around you much Agent Ivanov. You were usually unconcious when I did. Or grilling me" Blue eyes glance over towards Nash with a flicker of a frown. "Ivanov can tell you." The fed given permission to relay if he wants. "Cooper here has part of the story. I really should go before my meter runs out. I don't think i'll get out of a parking ticket" THis punctuated by a sneeze and a groan. "At this rate, i'm not going to class" She sighs, heading towards the door. "By Liz" the womans on the phone it seems, but that won't stop her from saying goodbye. "see you all at the bar"

"'Don't complain, or they'll assign you to me," Fel retorts. "Though that's not the threat it might've been. Gotta head down to Quantico for training, fairly soon." He doesn't sound enthused. "True, Abby. Take care," he adds, tone more gentle than usual.

A wave is tossed towards Abby as she leaves, though as she leaves, Nash is not shy about watching her go. Ahem. He turns back to the others, seeing his partner on a phone call, he nods towards Felix, "I don't think we've met. Chris Nash." He stands and offers his hand towards the agent.

"Actually, I think it would be the other way around. You don't want to get saddled with me." Cooper chuckles as he flips through the newest file to the mountain. "Then you'll be on the bad side of the human resources ladies, just by association with me." He watches Nash move in a Felix with a smirk, before letting his eyes move to his file, he plucks his sugar donut from where it was perched on his cup as he reads.

Elisabeth grabbed the phone when it rang, and she's been diligently taking notes on the call while ignoring the rest of the conversation. ALthough there is the question of whether she's even heard it, possibly muting them for a more professional demeanor on the phone! She waves to Abby as the pink-haired one gets up to leave - she'll catch up with the other woman later - and then hangs up the phone and turns to the men. "Okay… now here's an interesting little catch. You guys ready for it?" Yep… totally ignoring the conversation about beards and whatever the hell else they're talking about. Cuz you know what? Wanda Delgado in HR just came by with Cooper's paperwork load and if those boys aren't careful, they'll be getting Sensitivity Training. Again. She wants no part of that!

"Felix Ivanov," Fel says, taking Nash's hand and shaking it firmly. "Pleased to meet you. I'm the local FBI liaison, so if the Bureau comes and pisses in your cornflakes, come talk to me. At least for the next few weeks. I'll try and figure out who's coming in to be my replacement, let you all know." He grins at Cooper. "Nah. They already dislike me on my own account." And thenhe glances curiously at Liz.

Elisabeth eyes Felix and says dryly, "Meet my new partner, Fel." The one she complained in his ear about the other night when she stayed over. But hey… maybe, just maybe, he'll take her side against Nash if push comes to shove. She hasn't bothered to inform Nash that Felix has been her de facto partner for nearly the past year. "So this lady just called in and swears that her dog is talking to her. I think Nash needs to go respond to that one!"

"And Nash has a partner who'll be more than willing to accompany him. Just in case the dog also is a sharpshooter." Nash stands and grabs his jacket and tugs it on over his torso before he reaches for his badge and tucks it onto his belt. "I'll be in the car." Of course, maybe this lady is hot. "Of course, if you're not out there in a few minutes, I may have to go check out this dog on my own. He probably holds far better conversation than going on here currently." He grins and dips his head to Felix. "Nice meeting you. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around. Coop." And with that, he's out the door.

Glancing up at his paperwork to Liz his brows lift a bit. "Her dog…. talked to her? That's a new one. I agree. Nash, sounds right up your alley, don't forget to get her number." He waggles brows at the younger detective as he leaves. Then he narrows eyes at Felix and he smirks. "Somehow, I doubt it's not quite as bad as my fuck ups." He flicks a glance to Liz, she knows all about it.

"That's animal control, that's not even NYPD," Fel says, teasingly. "Good to meetcha, Nash," He grins at Liz. "Good luck with Doctor Doolittle over there."

"Actually, it's freakin' Evo patrol …. cuz every time some scatty old lady says her dog, cat, fish, or bird is talking to her, we gotta go check it out now," Elisabeth says with a roll of her eyes. And then she gives Felix the evil eye again. "Next time, for God's sake, do not encourage the Hound, okay?"

Cooper can't help but chuckle, tossing the file aside. "It really isn't have hard to do." He points out with a matter of fact look. "He could probably find the naughtiness in anything you'd say." The mug slide off the table and he tests it, making a face when he finds it cold. "Ug.." Setting it aside he sighs. "I would have labeled him something more like Deuce Bigalo myself or Austin Powers. No reason to put Doctor Doolittle in a bad light."

"I meant the little old lady whose dog is talking to her," Fel says, mildly. He gives Liz abland look. "Encourage him how?"

Rolling her eyes, Elisabeth says wryly, "I slipped under the radar, huh? You don't think now I'm going to take shit?"

"Well, you kind of did," Felix protests, gently. "What do you mean?"

Elisabeth shakes her head and sighs, moving to stand up and grab her jacket. "Nothing, Feeb." She kisses the Fed on the cheek — what the hell, it's not like the rumor mill hasn't already run rampant about the two of them anyway. "Lemme go deal with the animal patrol." She grins. "See ya later."

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