Hudson Electronics Fire Deemed Arson

The Star Ledger
January 24, 2011

JERSEY CITY — The fire that tore through the Hudson Electronics building in Jersey City on Sunday has been deemed an arson by fire investigators with the New Jersey Police Department that reviewed the site yesterday evening.

Authorities believe that the fire originated with an improvised fuel bomb that exploded in the machining floor some time Sunday afternoon. The fire quickly spread through the factory and up into the remainder of the building. By the time the Jersey City Fire Department was able to arrive, the building had been deemed a loss. No employees of Hudson Electronics were on premises during the time of the fire, but it is expected to have caused over ten million dollars in damage to the company, which had just begun work on an extensive defense contract for the Pentagon.

Sources within the Department of Homeland Security are stating that the fire is being investigated for possible connections to known terrorist plots, but they believe that this was likely the work of a single individual. Recently laid off employees of Hudson Electronics are being questioned for possible involvement or knowledge of the arson.

Hudson Electronics is a manufacturer of circuit boards and machine parts used in many advanced military hardware applications. Their recent contract with the Pentagon is speculated to be connected with a push for the development of more advanced military drones for use in Madagascar and Iraq to minimize soldier casualties.

No suspects in the case have yet to be named.

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