Human Resources


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Scene Title Human Resources
Synopsis In the midst of an information exchange, Aude gets a visit from Humanis First's HR Department when she decides to file a complaint about the way certain things have been handled lately.
Date September 1, 2009


It's midnight in Midtown, cool and clear and calm enough that a few smothered stars are just visible through the haze of light pollution that lingers over the city like a rotten film of brown and puce. Moonlight glances off of rusting metal and broken glass, reflected matte off of still fields of ash.

Further south, burned out buildings creak and groan disgruntled among them on the northern border of Chelsea, where reconstruction hasn't really had time to take hold yet. Down on the street, Danko's looking better than he has in a couple've days in a fresh change of clothes with a cigarette jutting freshly lit at the corner of his mouth, both hands tucked into his jacket pockets while he waits. He's easy to pick out from afar — familiar in the arrangement of layered black shapes and fuzzy white skull set out sharp against the gloom of the wreckage looming up behind him. It's been a while since he's said anything, and once he finally does, it's like someone's had to reach down his throat and drag the word out of him at a rasp. "Truth."

No shift tonight. No annoying juvenile little evo partner trailing beside her and having to watch him like a hawk. Or vice versa. She needed to get rid of him. Get Patricks back. But right now, she had other things to do and worry about. Mr. B's boss for instance.

Out to Chelsea she went from Brooklyn. A taxi and then a walk in. The last of the evo tests in her purse since now that they were open for public purchase, he wouldn't need to get the smuggled ones. Black hair untamed, allowed to run free in it's frizzy nimbus dark clothing all around to further make this midnight clandestine meeting that much more fun and traditional. She can be seen a couple blocks off by the pair, making her way to them carefully, keeping an eye out.

Completely unaware of anyone outside of Danko and his burrito he's eating, wrapped rolled back and salsa dribbling down one side of his hand, Bill Dean contemplates Danko's offering with a furrow of his brows. There's a cast of his head to the side, experimentally going over questions in his head before shifting his focus up from the bus-stop bench and towards Danko's short, wiry frame. "You ever cried while watchin' a movie?" His thin brows go up, and the wrap of his burrito goes squarely into his mouth, chewing noisily, lips smacking and a drop of salsa spotting his jeans as he reaches for a handful of napkins sitting on the bench beside him in an open Taco Bell bag.

It should probably come as no surprise that Danko is slow to answer, even if it is with an excessively patient, "No." No he has never cried while watching a movie. It's the sideways look he gives Bill whilst wondering after the same question in return that levers Aude into his sights. A sigh coils in on itself in a haze, smoke thinning quick but slow to vanish entirely without a wind to kick it off along the street.

"She's here."

She presumably being the person they are here to meet, and not some other random she bopping along through the ruins of Chelsea an hour past curfew. "…Truth or dare?"

Indeed she is, more visible in the moonlight and the ever present and oppressing smog. Not a word however, is spoken, as she heaves nearer and into more immediate view. Bill is someone new for her visual cortex, and he's takne in as she eventually comes to settle a few feet away from the bench. "Wow. You partner. Where's the hottie, playing with the monkey's at the zoo or is one of the handful they found at the met?" ONe hand rises to run through her kinky hair. "Tink" She tosses by introduction to Bill. The brown bag pulled from her purse and tossed to Danko. "Four, that's the rest and all of them that I got"

"There's another burrito in the bag if you're hungry, sweetcheeks." Bill grimaces as he looks across to Aude, eyes drifting up to Danko a moment afterwards as his head tilts to the side. "So this is the cop, eh?" His head cranes back down, looking at Aude as he takes a large bite of his burrito, a dribbling line of sauce rolling down from the corner of his mouth. The silence while he's chewing gives him time to formulate a plan of attack in regards to this new face.

"Truth." It's both a confirmation of Danko's question and potentially his own way of avoiding directly questioning the new face, his focus returned to that nearly finished burrito now, a late dinner is better than no dinner.

"Are you trying to piss me off?" muttered in a hoarse aside as what might well be the last question in the game, Danko glances to the taco bag and then to Bill's face, brows canted with such finesse that there can be no doubting the genuine depths of his disgust.

BUT THEN there is Aude, and he's having to snap a hand out of his pocket to catch the tossed bag crinkle crinkle against his side.

"This is the cop." Simple, to the point. Puffy asshole with tacos, meet cop, cop meet puffy asshole with tacos. Emile's already holding the bag up to squint vaguely at the contents as they're laid out under wan moonlight touching light at the trail of smoke every turn of his head drags after it. "Mr. B is babysitting."

"Lucky Mr. B." Insert sarcasm here. "I got off babysitting tonight. Hooked me up with some snot nosed gravity manipulating kid fresh from the academy. Swear to god, he's still swinging by his umbilical cord" Not that Aude's that much older than Magnes herself and definitely, young enough to possibly be the daughter of either men in front of her. Bill and his poor eating habits are eye'd, a motion made with one hand to mirror on her face where there's dribbling on his. "No thanks. Already ate. Thanks for the offer though. So. You got a problem. Sorta. And it's my problem too. Mr. Linderman sent a little hound down to tell me that I was to arrange a meet between you and his assistant. Or else"

"Butch is a hell of a kid," Bill notes with a lick to two of his fingers, crunching up the burrito wrapper in one hand before pitching it over his shoulder to land on the concrete. "Really gets into his job, lots of motivation. But that other kid of yours, Danks," Danks, "the skinhead kid?" Obviously referring in the most unflattering way possible to Douglas, Bill waggles his brows up and down, "that boy really gets into his job, really attacks it with a sense of love and care," making strangling motions with his thick fingers as he talks, Bill's smile is ear to ear, "nothin' I love more'n a man who's got his priorities straight."

Leaning toward Aude, Bill's brows go up. "So, what's in the plastic bag, eh? Maybe a little somethin' to make ol' Danks relax? Bastard's been stiffer than a horse's cock in spring the last couple'a days. You'd figure being able to play a few kicks at the Feeb's head might've changed that."

Then, with a smarmy smile, he wipes one hand on his jeans and offers it out towards Aude. "William Dean, by the by. But just call me Bill, William's a fuck of a formal thing in'nit?"

"A little enthusiasm goes a long way." Cleaves the axe in that extra inch through through wet skull and brain, shouts at just the right pitch to make a grown man piss his pants. Danko forces a smile that couldn't hope to pass for pleasant in the wake of comparisons drawn between him and equine phalluses, tolerant the way farmers are tolerant of little baby piggies they intend to fatten up and slaughter six months down the line. It wouldn't be a nice look on someone else's face. On his, crinkled into the corners of hollowed out grey eyes and a thin mouth, it's toxic.

"They're test kits. In case we have some lingering doubt to dispel before we take action. What's this about Linderman?"

"I don't think he needs to relax Little Willy" Danko answers about whats in the bags and for now, he's ignored. "Sent his personal assistant, to my home and instructed me to get in contact with someone high up in Humanis First and attempt to arrange a meeting. Or else, was distinctly referred to as 'or else you get exposed and loose your job' and i'm fairly damn sure, I like my job despite my partner" Aude glances over at Bill then back to Danko. "Better it be Mr. B who's babysitting than one of his men"

"Hey now there little missy, my boys are the ones that stopped ol' peachfuzz here from getting his ass waxed in prison." There's a speculative look from Bill to Danko, and then over to Aude as the balding man rises up to his feet, hands on his hips. "Unless you think that e'just was coincidentally shot in the leg atta' government function, you know, jus' for show."

There's a look down to Aude, then up to Danko. "So this Linderman guy wants to see you? Knows who Aude is?" His eyes settle over on Aude with one brow raised. "Well I think tha' bout says pack up yer fuckin' job and roll on off to someplace else, dearie. I hear Quebec is wonderful this time'a year." Bill's eyes narrow as he looks askance at Danko.

"One man who we ain't told shit who knows us? Sounds a bit fishy t'me Danks. I'm thinkin," his head rolls from side to side, "we head out to Staten Island's airport, fill up a Cessna with C4 and fly it in'na his building as a message, right? AIn't never been much'a fan of his fat head anyway, he's one've them."

Danko listens without actually listening, ash tapped off the end of his cigarette while he shuffles the plastic baggy down into the leather jacket pocket his right hand previously occupied. There's a dull glint of low light off gunmetal at his opposite side, then a dry sniff as he too pushes to his feet, more at ease than Bill gives him credit for. Or trying to look that way, at the very least.

"Unless you have another contact with the NYPD who's willing to keep you up to date on any cases opened in your name, I think you should find room in your skull to think a little harder about this one."

More ash is unsettled and he fidgets with his nose on his way to poking the cigarette back into his mouth, irritation drawing lines white across the back of his hands where he refuses to let it set into the slope of his shoulders. "Mr. Linderman is a man with a lot to lose. I'll give him a call — see what he's after. If I don't get a straight answer, then you can fly explosives into his house."

There's a polite clapping coming from the petite woman, golf clap really and not so loud as to gain attention. "Great job there, fucking subtle that Willy. I'm sure that Mr. D here is grateful, but you can't rest on that forever as your shining moment. Think you coulda tipped the hand of the organization a little more? Couldn't have waited till D here got taken out and then steamrolled the vehicle he was in, instead of steamrolling right through the met in a souped up ice cream truck? Lemme know when your boys are gonna do that Cessna thing so I can get the pop corn and watch from afar"

But he's right, sorta. She's on borrowed time if Linderman's goon was knocking on her door, maybe it really was only a matter of time. "good luck killing him" She's sure many others have tried. There's a purse of lips and look to Danko when he muses about giving the New Yorker a call. "Give me a heads up if I gotta disappear will ya? If he doesn't want to talk nicely." but she's passed on the information that she needed to pass on. Brown eyes though, settle on Bill. "Can your boys do a simple task without screwing it up? Like pound the crap out of someone?"

"My specialty ain't never really been long term planning. Y'know me,— " or really don't, in either of their cases, "I jus' roll with the punches." Bill flashes a crooked smile and rolls his shoulders again, this time because the hair on his arms is standing up and he looks a little chilly in that garish hawaiian shirt he's chosen to wear tonight without a jacket. "Fuck's sake it's chilly out," it's then obviously enunciated, "you know I remember back when summer was a lot longer'n it is now. I bet you can blame the freakjobs for that too maybe." His eyes drift over to Aude, walking over with his head tilted to the side, smiling serenely like he's done much of the night, before stepping in and headbutting her in the bridge of the nose as hard as he can, sending the lighter woman down to the ground and onto her backside with equal speed.

With a line of blood trickling from his bald forehead, Bill's brows rise and his head tilts to the side. "Don't tell me how t'do my fuckin' job, an' maybe I won't have t'tell you t'shut your mouth again." Then, looking over to Danko as if nothing even happened, Bill just forces a smile. "You two play Get Smart with ol' Danny Boy, and I'll truck up some C4 out to the airport and get to wirin' a plane. Even if we don't use it for Linderman we can fly it straight into something, right?"

Sagaciously, Danko says nothing. Nothing through Aude lecturing Bill (his eyes glide ghostly grey to take her in like a peep in a soon-to-be-activated microwave.) Nothing through Bill's advance or the abrupt application of his skull to her face (he settles back on his heels, rolls a shoulder, funnels smoke swift through the flare of his nostrils at the tell-tale glisten of freshly let blood.) He doesn't move to help her up, either, left hand kept in its pocket, right still lazily occupied with the business of smoking.

"…I'll keep both of you informed. Unless you'd rather fight to the death right now, in which case, by all means…"

"Why doe severyone go for the nose. Really" Nasally sounding, Aude glares up at danko from her splaying position on the ground. She hadn't been expecting that. IT's a full glower as the black woman raises an arm and a sleeve up to wipe at the blood, cringe at the tenderness and blink away the tears that her watering eyes are letting loose. "No. Tubs has proved himself. You know how to get ahold of me"

She thrusts her hand out to Bill, expectation of the man to help her up.

Both brows go up, and instead of helping Aude up, Bill walks back over to the bench, snatches the Taco Bell bag and whips it down to the ground in front of her. "Some napkins inside, wipe yerself off." There's a flash of a smile from Bill as he looks back over to Danko. "Lem'mie know when you get a pretty little thing to entertain our Fed. I'm goin' t'go back and see if my Leprechaun friend's got any ideas…"

Glancing back at Aude, Bill offers her a broad and toothy smile that says good evening sunshine as he turns to walk off down the street. All in all, a little bruise on his forehead is a small price to pay for establishing dominance. Like he said earlier; it's very important to love what you do for a living.

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