Humanis First Accused

In the wake of the unexplained explosion that destroyed the Redbird Security headquarters last week, a video has been leaked to major media sites that is supposedly produced by the anti-Evolved movement, Humanis First, laying claim to the destruction as a deliberate act of terrorism. The video contains live footage of the explosion itself, as well as news media citing Redbird Security's activity within New York City, such as its defense against riots during the Dome crisis, and it's security on Staten Island and Roosevelt Island. A modified voice over explicitly takes responsibility:

"From Phoenix to Redbird, we make ashes of the mutant threat. Human is first."

Redbird Security has made headlines in the past year for its involvement of enforcement in major crises in the city, and most prominently for its possible affiliation with an ongoing Evolved Registry conspiracy in tandem with FRONTLINE, when some of its employees were discovered to have falsified Registrations and possible terrorist connections.

The Department of Evolved Affairs made the following statement. "We can't confirm that this video is honest, whether in its accuracy or even integrity, and investigations into the attack are ongoing."

OOC: What will not be explicitly stated in news media is that the modified voice resembles that of Georgia Mayes, a reasonably media-centric figure of the Department of Evolved Affairs. Unofficial media outlets may point out the resemblance, but there is, thus far, no official recognition of the similarity. But people do whisper.

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