Humanis First Crackdown

The Department of Homeland Security has announced the successful acquisition of intelligence and an initial crackdown against cells of the anti-Evolved terrorist organization Humanis First!. As of November 11, 2009, several dangerous paramilitary operatives are in DHS custody and thousands of dollars worth of ammunition, arms and other supplies have been seized.

Spokeswoman Janine Zellini assures that this is only the beginning of a fruitful nationwide effort to end terrorist operations targeting innocent Evolved citizens in the United States. Zellini claims that dedicated undercover work and anonymous tips from civically responsible patriots have been crucial to recent progress.

Investigations into the abduction of Belinda Aniston, 16, have revealed that her abduction is connected to Humanis First! and her rescue continues to be underway. Belinda Aniston was taken from Homeland Security custody when her medical transfer was brutally attacked en route to a more secure location, at the cost of one Special Agent's life. Civilians are encouraged to contact the New York Police Department with any information regarding the missing girl or other Humanis First!-related activities.

This announcement comes in light of numerous allegations of pervasive prejudice and unlawful dealings within law enforcement and federal bureaus, varying from secret prison facilities to Phoenix sympathizers within the hierarchy. DHS critics continue to credit recent inroads into the Humanis First! situation to the fresh involvement and regulatory influence of the Department of Evolved Affairs.

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