Humanis First In Battery Park City
Date June 29, 2010
Relevant Logs Without Good Humor

Channel 4 News

A perfectly coiffed blonde news-anchor turns to the camera, looking at the teleprompter then back to the camera. "A civic duty today took a turn for the deadly when a Humanis First suicide bomber along with other members of his cell killed ten individuals, including three children and injured countless other when they took out a registration tent on the front lawn of a Battery Park City Community Hall. Delinda is on the scene with the details. Delinda?"

The screen flips to a sunny afternoon, the scene behind obscured by ambulances, crowds of people, police tape and officers. "Thank you Stephanie. Behind me today, many families were enjoying the summer day. Picnics on the lawn, a volleyball team off to compete against the Soho Squirette's in a tournament. Many of Battery Parks residents turning out to see if they too were evolved and to register as the law requires. But what should have been a beautiful day, has quickly turned to disaster for many.

The screen turns to previously filmed footage of a fire fighter and policemen helping a woman away from the grass to the shade under a tree, an ambulance riding off after loading someone into it's back with sirens blaring and a close up of the banner hanging over the side of the community building while the reporter voice-overs. "A Humanis first member, witnesses say, dressed as a ice cream seller is reported to have set off a device strapped to himself and underneath the ice cream cart. Police at this time are still investigating. A second device was set off inside the tent, killing the individuals who were inside."

The camera focuses back on the reporter, gesturing to the building behind her and the banner. "Sources state that two individuals who were reportedly hired to start repainting the exterior of the building, erected a banner, claiming responsibility for the atrocious acts that went down this afternoon. Police state that the men who did that were stopped but no other news has been heard regarding the individuals. Stay tuned for further updates, This Channel Four news, back to you at the desk Stephanie"

"That was Delinda, on scene at the Battery Park Community Center"

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