Humanis First Terrorist Threat

Starting at around 7:00 EST tonight, news bulletins start rolling in about a terrorist threat being called into an unknown New York based facility, possibly on Roosevelt Island. By 7:30 EST, the information will have resolved into a semi-specific Humanis First warning most likely directed at the Suresh Center: "Shut down your operations now, or see you loved ones suffer in the cleansing fire they deserve."

The timing of this threat is consistent with a recent spike in '09-26-09' additions to Humanis graffiti scattered around the city.

Not long after the threat is confirmed as legitimate, the Suresh Center and nearby portions of Roosevelt Island are evacuated, initially via the bridge until a multiple lane traffic accident renders it impassible around 8:00 EST. After that, VIPs are removed via helicopter and others are shipped off on boats, not all of which are officially sanctioned transports, which will doubtlessly lead to a little confusion and chaos. The start of +event 1 will begin shortly after this point!

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