Humanis First! Threatens SCOUT

The New York Police Department has finally released a statement regarding the disturbance down in the Financial District on Sunday afternoon. A bomb threat to SCOUT by the terrorist organization Humanis First! was averted, thanks to the gathered intelligence and actions of Detective Leland Daubrey. The entire facility was evacuated, searched, and cordoned off before an attack could ensue.

The slaying of a twenty-seven-year-old Registered Evolved woman in Tribeca that occurred later that evening is allegedly related to the precincthouse incident. The victim's name has not been released to the public to protect family and associates who may similarly be at risk.

Humanis First! has been responsible for a number of anti-Evolved hate crimes since Senator Nathan Petrelli revealed the existence of individuals with the specific genetic anomaly, including the highly publicized attack on Chicago Air in May and the more recent threat to the life of Doctor Melinda Bianco, wife of Mayor Harry Bianco. Despite the new administration's radical policies to suppress terrorist activities, violence perpetrated by Humanis First! and like-minded factions has remained steadily on the rise since President Nathan Petrelli took office.

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