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Scene Title Hunch
Synopsis Rebecca drags Cassidy back to the scene of Coren's shooting for a little flashy flashback.
Date June 3, 2009

Alley Behind Old Lucy's

Since the night of May 31st, the alley around the side of Old Lucy's has been cordoned off by police tape. The only thing that has changed then is the no faded pool of blood next to a dumpster and the trail leading there from the other side of it. Coren's blood has clearly been cleaned up, probably to make those working at Old Lucy's more comfortable about taking out the trash. As per Cassidy's request, there are two unmarked vehicles with plainclothes officers on either side of the street in front of Old Lucy's.

Riding along with Cassidy on the way to the crime scene. She has probably thanked her a dozen or so times for going out of her way — while on administrative leave, no less - to bring her here. She has her forensics kit, and her mirror. She's going to attempt to look to the past to see if she can at least get an image of the one who shot Detective Shelby. Make that thirteen times, "Thanks again for bringing me out there." Reecca doesn't have a driver's license, and even if she did, she's not sure she'd do much driving as it is. "I hope I can be of some help here."

Taking her eyes off the road long enough to glance over at the woman next to her with an amused expression. "Stop thanking me." Cassidy chuckles. "Your welcome. Besides, me coming along benefits me just as much. I might be on the sidelines, but I and Coren are still interested in what happens." She gives Rebecca a pointed look. "I shouldn't even be here. But I think the brass is turning their backs this once." Pulling along side Old Lucy's, her eyes scanning the area, approving the security. "Nice to see they take me a bit more seriously since Mortimer escaped." She slides out of the car and settles her trench coat and pushes her sunglasses on top of her head. "Alright.. let's do this."

"Well, what I've found so far is that the rounds recovered from Detective Shelby belonged to Officer Johnson, Richard.." Rebecca starts to recite from memory. "However, that weapon was reported missing before the incident. The cell phone offered little evidence, unless one Abigal Beauchamp is the shooter, but we alread established that she handled the phone. There was another set of prints from someone named Mark David, which may be something that needs to be looked into."

Rebecca is already following Cassidy over to the alley. Her eyes already begin to scan the area looking for anything that could have been missed or deemed unimportant just out of speculation. She's been known to catch a piece of evidence that has been overlooked by the previous techs in the area. "There was matching evidence on another victim, to include rounds fired from the same weapon." She's not sure if Cassidy would have any questions so she goes quiet for a moment as her eyes continue to take in the area.

"I heard two other shots further down." Cassidy comments quietly. Shoes crunch softly on the ground as she makes her way down the alley, stopping at the faded spots of. A small frown touches her lips, but she turns slowly looking around the alley. "I didn't go after the shooter, for obvious reasons. So the bastard got a cops gun." She murmurs, eyes going to the spot where she found her partner. "Mark David?" She asks curiously. "Probebly the guy who found it in his pocket. Or that is what was mentioned to me when I was taking statements."

Rebecca doesn't like to deal with statements. She doesn't like to read them. She likes to look at the evidence by itself first in order to not taint her findings. It's too easy to let the evidence swerve to meet the statement rather than the evidence alone.

She turns back to Cassidy. "I don't see that they missed anything here." If they had, she'd have found it by now. She squats down on the ground and opens her kit and pulls out a mirror. She walks over and stands directly where Detective Shelby was found. It's almost like walking on sacred ground — or at least it would be had he died, which thankfully that was the case — but in any sense, she has a great respect for the spot on which she stands. "If my projection is right — the shot came from this direction." So she turns around and then sits on the ground. Her fingers tighten around the base of the mirror — the handle — and she watches it.

There isn't much at first as she is still a rookie at these things, but she is slowly starting to get the feel for time references as she realizes it's not back far enough. She sees someone spraying down the blood. Rewind. This has to be the night off. It's dark. She tilts the mirror and scans. There's no blood so this is prior. She tries to edge it forward when she sees a pair of shoes running out into the alley. Those would be the shoes of Detective Shelby running into the alley.

It's more than Coren saw, that's for sure. Sure, he frantically searched the alleyway for something, anything, but came up with nothing. Coren had his back turned, walking back to the door. He's near the dumpster when he hears the deep voice from behind him say, "I just want you to know: I hold your life in my hands." Coren is seen just starting to turn when the man, roughly Coren's height, raises the service pistol of Officer Richard Johnson and fires two rounds into the detective's back. Coren is seen lower himself to the ground at the side of the dumpster and turning. He watches the shooter, who is visibly bald even in the dim lighting of the alleyway, stand there for a moment before turning and walking away. Coren, meanwhile goes out of sight as he moves to hide behind the dumpster, where Cassidy had found him. When the shooter gets near a street light towards the end of the alleyway, it becomes apparent he's an African American, wearing a black performance jacket — just like Donald Fandio, who was also bald.

"Dunno, I didn't see it happen. It happened just as I was coming out of the bar." Stepping aside for the other woman, Cassidy can only stand there in silence and watch her. She paces away a bit to give Rebecca room to work, she looks down the alleyway going thoughtful as the other mirror gazes.

Rebecca is able to send off a description of the shooter to Cassidy as she sits on the ground. Then she jumps as the shots are fired and she watches Detective Shelby get shot and fall to the ground. She doesn't move from her spot, though her initial reaction is to try and save him — she knows this is not the present and can do nothing. She pulls herself from her trance as she sets the mirror down and immediately reaches for her head as the throbbing starts — one thing she'll never get used to.

"Hmmm." That's all Cassidy says for a long moment, her eyes moving back to Rebecca as she reaches for her head. "You gonna be okay? I remember you getting a migraine last time" She asks moving to crouch near the woman, watching her. She rests a hand on Rebecca's shoulder and sighs. "Your vision just created more questions. It's looking like two people now." Eyeing the woman as she continues. "Coren's been getting prank calls. He had the call traced and it was traced to Old Lucy's and that phone. So…." Her hand slides off Rebecca's shoulder as she stands, with a soft curse. "Things are never easy.. So.. we have the caller… and then the shooter." She ticks off each on her hands.

Reaching into her kit, she pulls out some pills and proceeds to pop two into her mouth. She has learned to stomach the taste as she doesn't always have something to drink it down with. Rebecca's mirror is put back into the kit and she slowly stands — still a little disoriented. "I can relook at the evidence now once I get back and maybe something will click."

Without thinking, Cassidy reaches out steady Rebecca as she stands. "I appreciate thing. I know Coren will be anxious to hear what you learned." A smile tugs at one corner of her mouth. "Maybe when your feeling better have someone.. or even me bring you down for the other site, see what you see." Once she's sure that Rebecca is steady her hand drops to her side and tucks into her coat to pull out her cellphone with a glance at the time. "Anything else while we're here?" She drops the phone back into the pocket. She seems almost anxious to get back to her partner.

Noticing the motion, Rebecca shakes her head. "No, you get back to him. If you can drop me off at the office, I'll call you if I have anymore more." Rebecca gets into the car and shuts the door behind her. She can hit the other scene tomorrow probably. She has a feeling she's going to end up with the same result as today — just a hunch.

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