Hunt For Hiro

On the morning of the 17th, Director Everrett Hicks of Homeland Security attended a New York City press release to announce new intelligence gathered on the New York City Bomb of 2006. In 2007, President Nathan Petrelli, then Senator of New York, had revealed the identity of the criminal "Sylar" to be responsible for the massive devastation, and it has come to light that he did not work alone.

"We have sufficient evidence to believe that an Evolved man named Hiro Nakamura was directly involved in orchestrating the attack of New York City in 2006," Hicks reported. "We are committed to finding this terrorist and bringing him to justice, and I feel that with the progression of the FRONTLINE proposal, we will be able to do more to keep the world safe from dangerous men such as this."

No further comment was made as to the suspect. In attendance was Vice President Mitchell, Mayor Bianco, and various Presidential staff including Tracy Strauss.

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