Hunt For International Terrorist Ends

Associated Press
July 7, 2010

A several month long international manhunt for members of the Anti-Evolved terrorist organization "Vanguard" has come to a close with the discovery of the body of Aleksander Kozlow in Trenton, New Jersey.

Kozlow was one of several remaining members of this violent organization responsible for a thwarted viral assault on the United States in early 2009 to have fled a joint international task force overseas to American soil. When the cell's ringleader Carlisle Dreyfus was found dead at the end of winter and the remainder of his cell's operatives dead or in custody, Kozlow was the one loose end remaining.

New Jersey Police discovered Kozlow's body in an abandoned apartment building during an unrelated sweep following a tip about a meth lab operating out of the building. According to NJPD coroners, Kozlow died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

White House Press Secretary Elizabeth Warren stated in a press conference earlier today that "The United States will continue to pursue individuals with ties to the Vanguard organization overseas with vigilance and determination. No group or peoples whose sole purpose in existence is the extermination of another race or creed of people will be tolerated in a civilized world, and we will not rest until every last person with past ties to the Vanguard have been punished for their crimes."

A joint international task force with the sole purpose of hunting down associated of the Vanguard have been operating overseas since 2009 and will likely continue to for years to come.

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