Hunter's Point Restoration

In the aftermath of the riots of November 8, 2010, Hunter's Point has been sealed off from the public after devastating fires turned the river side neighborhood into ruins. Recently, the Department of Evolved Affairs has announced its intention to fund Hunter's Point restoration in order to outfit it with inexpensive housing for Registered Evolved as part of the DoEA resettlement projects. Summer Meadows, an Evolved only neighborhood on Roosevelt Island, was deemed "Evo friendly" in early 2010.

Minor set backs in the form of violence and property destruction are reported to be the leading cause as to why the resettlement projects have not expanded, but security measures will be phased in along with the reconstruction of Hunter's Point. "The Department [of Evolved Affairs] has had the opportunity to work with some very talented Evolved researchers and developers," Senior Analyst Georgia Mayes recently told The Times. "We're excited to be integrating the latest in robotic security and enforcement to make sure that our Evo safe spaces remain safe."

Hunter's Point has been closed to the public since the fires of November 8, 2010, and will remain so throughout the duration of its restoration. A date has not been provided for when the new neighborhood will be complete.

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