Hunter's Point Waterfront
Hunter's Point Waterfront
Current Status Closed
People Come Here For… Smuggling

Set within view of Roosevelt Island and the jagged, ruined skyline of the island of Manhattan, the waterfront at Hunter's Point is completely abandoned. While the dark shape of the Queensborough bridge rises high to the north from these shores, there is little such architectural wonder left here. The fires started here, however they started remains a mystery though. But the warehouses situated on the waterfront are all reduced to little more than skeletal framework and crumbling brick walls. Wind whipping in off of the East River had driven the flames inland towards the heart of Hunter's Point before being turned around and swept back over and out to the river again towards the end of the night, thouroughly demolishing whatever was in the fire's path.

The handful of warehouses that now bristle up like the skeletons of dead buildings are abandoned, whatever merchandise they housed warped, molten or slagged by heat and flames. Broken glass, twisted metal, burned trucks and debris is all that is left here, save for an inviting port with little police presence.


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