Hunter Telecommunications Heiress
Date March 4, 2010
Relevant Logs Smoke

MANHATTAN — Residents of the Solstice Condominiums in Manhattan's upper east side are reeling today from a horrible tragedy that occured right on their doorstep. Just shortly after 9:30 Thursday evening, police responded to a call from concerned residents on the second floor of the condiminiums about loud crashing and screaming coming from the condo below, belonging to Wendy Hunter (28).

Hunter, the youngest child of Peter Hunter, owner of the Fortune 500 company Hunter Telecommunications had been in the news in the summer of last year when she was kidnapped alongside Peyton Whitney by members of the anti-evolved terrorist organization Humanis First.

When authorities responded to the call, reports offered to the Times state that a man was seen fleeing Hunter's apartment, and when ordered to halt by police unleashed a destructive wave of kinetic energy that instantly killed patrolman William S. Barton and critically injured his partner Paul Ferguson.

Police have not released any further details surrounding the killing, including the circumstances of Hunter's death, only that she was found unresponsive in her apartment and was unable to be resuscitated on the scene.

This is the second media blackout on a recent New York City murder in as many weeks, leading many to speculate that Hunter's death may be connected to the Jane Doe found dead in Flushing Queens just last week.

Details for a memorial service for Wendy Hunter have not yet been confirmed.

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