Hunting Evolved Psychopaths


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Scene Title Hunting Evolved Psychopaths
Synopsis Minea brings a request to help hunt an evolved psychopath and would like some resources.
Date August 13, 2009

Fort Hero: Len Denton's Office

It's a Thursday afternoon and Len actually has nothing on his plate for the moment. He expects that to change within the next couple of days as he prepares to head north to Canada. However, now that Minea Dahl has a clean bill of health, Len is ready to put her back to work. Right now, he's looking through potential assignments to see what would be good to send her out on that wouldn't bring her into contact with any Pheonix operatives. He's called her in regardless so they can talk about it, and get back into the swing of things. As he mulls over what he has, he waits for her to arrive to his office.

Too late. She's already met with a former one, which was why she was eager to get the meeting done with. She didn't know right now how things were going to go, whether it was mindwipe and release to retire, mind wipe and carry on working or.. carry on working. Regardless though, right now, she had a proposition for Len that was likely, in the company's best interests.

So there's a rap of knuckles on the door that signals the arrival of the returned Agent. "Denton. Karaoke when you get back"

"You keep telling me you karaoke, but I've never seen you there one time, Agent Dahl. Come on in." Len invites as he pulls his boots down from the top of his desk. He gives a motion towards the chair in front of his desk. "Well, I have some good news for you, and some bad news. How do you take it?" he asks with a bit of a smirk to his grin.

"Damn, you know, I forgot to do that in between getting shot at… and passing over sensitive files to the baby terrorists. Beside,s yes you have, I just had a compeletly different type of karaoke, or have you forgotten our little session way back when?" Instead of leaning on the door, Minea eases her way in to take a seat across from him. "Lets see… is the good news… i'm retiring to france and the bad news, that it'll be with a mind wipe first?"

Len waves his hand. "You've been given a clean bill of health all the way around, so welcome back to the fold. The bad news is that I actually don't have any assignments to hand you, though I was considering giving you just a little time off to let things cool with the Phoenix faction." He leans back in his chair. "So unless you want to sit at a desk for some time catching up on paperwork, I could let you get out of the country on a little 'r and r'."

"How about… I give you my next assignment?" Surprise! Minea raises her brows at him. "Not that I wouldn't object to some R&R in Cannes, but.. maybe after this"

Len arches his eyebrow up and tilts his head curiously. "You have something we need to look into?"

"Teodoro Laudani had asked me to help him on something, before I was extracted. He took a chance that maybe I wasn't dead or mind wiped and sent me a text message a few days ago. There's an evolved running around by the name of Samantha Tanner. She's been serially killing other evolved individuals. She's responsible for the death of two children who were positive for evolved traits, the captain of SCOUT william Harvard and a few others. I took the chance and visited him, seeing as he wasn't a member of Phoenix anymore. He gave me a shopping list of resources he'd hope to have access to to track down, lay a trap or bait Tanner with, and wants my help"

Len taps a few keys on his computer. "She's not registered. Nothing at all on the radar of Samantha Tanner. What more do you know about her? Anything at all? What is her ability? And my last question, are you sure that Laudani isn't baiting you back into a trap by Phoenix as payback for you moling them?"

"He's not. We've always had an understanding that, it's the job, we're doing our job. That and intel and sources while I was with them showed that he'd pretty much abandoned leadership once Dean came back from, get this, the future" Minea leans back. "I dont' know much more, I think he was feeling me out to make sure. I told him i'd bring it before my homeland cronies. I get the sense that she's pissed at him, or that she's out to get him, but I also get the sense that whatever bodyjumped into Teodoro, which is complicated, may or may not still be there. They might be playing tag with each other inside his body. But he's sane, and in all my dealings with him, he's been on the up and up and followed through, regardless. Even when he knew that I had handed over names, pictures and abilities of everyone the first time around, to homeland and to you"

"But you have no idea what Tanner can do, or if there's any particular reason for the serial killings?" Not that there needs to be one, but motive is sure nice to have when planning an operation such as this. Len is still typing on his computer as he speaks. "And did he have any particular idea what may stop her?"

'Something from the eyes, there was a corpse or well, corpse is too.. solid a word, more like, a puddle of melted human. Supposedly, she's responsible for that. A cop saw the woman melt a guy to death. I went sniffing already. I'm thinking, and so is Laudani, radiation of some sort." as for what might stop her. "Uhh, negator, bullet to the back of the head"

"Looks like our negator is out in the field already." Len leans back and clicks the toe of his boot against the side of his desk for a few times as he considers for a moment. "There is one idea." He glances up and looks over at Minea, "Talk to Lu and Sawyer. Whatever damage Lu takes, he just passes off so if he can get close enough.." He lets Minea fill in the blanks for herself with that.

There's a snap of her fingers and then drumming of them on the desk top. "Tanner goes down instead of Lu. I can get you the list of what he requested. He stated if he couldn't get access to any of that, it's not the end of the world. The company from my understanding has worked with him in the past, and the Haitian has been in his contact a few times, and not for standard memory wiping but to help"

Len grins as she figures out the rest and nods. "Take whatever tranqs you may need to put her down. I don't suggest out right killing. There maybe someone who might be interested in your Ms. Tanner. Just don't bring her here." No reason to put anyone at risk.

"Bring her to homeland? Or is there a secondary Location?" They may have holding facilities here but even she knew that this was not to be compromiused. Hell, she'd come back from the meeting in round about ways in case Laudani was trying to track her.

"Homeland will take her. I'll make a few phone calls." Len says as adds a few more notes to a sticky pad on his desk. "Let's get her into custody and see exactly what it is we have first, then I'll know more what steps to take."

"Sounds like a plan. I'll keep tabs on Laudani too. But, contact with him means that dear Wireless knows that I'm not dead. Apaprently phoenix or at least Laudani was working under the assumption that I was six feet under. So i'll keep an eye out for our favourite technopath as well. But I don't think she'll be a problem" Particularly since Minea didn't include information about the cattle rustlers. "I'll go find Lu and Sawyer. Keep you updated" Up from the chair she goes. "Karaoke, same place, when you get back. Bring your A game Denton"

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