Hurtful Heroics


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Scene Title Hurtful Heroics
Synopsis Sometimes being the hero means leaving those who you idolize behind, if only for a little bit.
Date February 15, 2009

Dorchester Towers - Matt Parkman's Apartment

While Matt's apartment is still rather bare, it's getting better. At least it's cleaner than it was before he started to see Kaydence regularly (read: before she started to take it upon herself to clean up after him a little). But with the prospect of Kaydence, Cole, and Molly all three moving in, Matt has taken it upon himself to ravage the Ikea stores warehouses of the nation. The other bedroom, before used for simple storage, now has two twin beds, the frames and linens a simple white. Any decorating beyond the bare essentials will be happily handed off to the females in Matt's life. And yes, for now that includes the nanny.

For now, like Molly, the older woman has moved into the Dorchester Tower's apartment, and is currently taking up the bed that is meant to be Cole's, eventually. But she's been sent out to do the grocery shopping in the early evening, leaving Matt to lounge on the couch and Molly to do her homework. Starting at a new school in the middle of a semester can't be easy, or fun…can it? For all accounts, Matt looks like he's dosing, but he's at least sitting upright.

"Finish." Molly grins and pushes her chair and comes to stand in front of Matt. Hands on her hips, "Ya know.. there is this thing.. it's called a bed." She teases and snickers softly. Her golden hair is curly and placed in a messy ponytail, wearing a long sleeved blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Molly has found entering school to be.. /different/. But it's something she has been wanting for a long time, she missed not going to school like she use too when she was younger, now she is on the slow path of making friends. Oh boy. Sleep, she thinks.

"I'm awake," Matt claims, though he doesn't open his eyes for another few seconds. When he does, it is to look at Molly sidelong. He then pats the couch cushion beside him. "Come talk to me," he says, though it is more an invitation than a command. "Do you like it?" But whether Matt's referring to school or living outside of a Company facility (not that there aren't plenty of people stationed on the ground to watch out for Molly's well-being, since Sylar is still on the loose) is unclear.

"I love it!" Molly says cheerfully and she sits on the couch next to Matt, but she doesn't snuggle all close to him, just turns to face him. "The kids are so cool and there is this one boy, his name is Henry Issacs."

Matt is definitely awake now. He squints at Molly, but it takes all of his self control not to dig every little thing about this Henry Isaacs out of her brain. "…what about this one boy named Henry Issacs?" he asks, doing his best not to imagine some leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding, gratuitously pierced punk. It's a private school, after all.

"Nothing like that! Jeez!" Molly shakes her head, "He is going to help me with my math is all." Now Matt should know something is wrong.. Molly never needs help with her homework. He would also notice that she is doing her best to not think anything aloud. Trying to block the telepathic connection the two keep often.

"What, like…during lunch or something?" Because he's certainly not going to come over here. When Molly asked for sleepovers- but Matt shakes that from his head. Boys are so far from what he wanted to talk about with Molly. It really is a blessing that Kay is moving in soon.

"Yeah! And maybe we can go to the library and stuff. Ya know, places where gets /normally/ study together." Molly says and looks at Matt with a slight pleading expression. Oh please! He's nice and I'll end up helping him get a good grade in class! Ahh so she'll be tutoring him instead.

Matt still doesn't look pleased. "School library," he counters. "And only for an hour after you're done with classes." That will mean that there are still plenty of people in the building, both staff and students. Matt shakes his head then, wanting to move on. "I need you to be extra careful for awhile. I have to go away on an assignment, and I don't want to have to worry about you too much. Okay?" But in the way he says it, it's clear that Matt will be worrying anyway.

"Fine." Molly says and crosses her arms. We'll see about that. she thinks and doesn't care if Matt hears her. On mention of him going away. "On assignment where?" We haven't even spent that much time together!

If Matt doesn't answer her, Molly is likely to find out for herself anyway. He frowns as he watches her, unsure what to do. "Close," he settles on, "but not close enough to come running. I won't be able to drop everything if something happens. So I need you to be careful. But hopefully I won't be gone all that long."

"Your job is acting like a douchebag." Molly says darkly and glares at the wall. "I can never see you as often, and we're suppose to be living together now.. a /real/ family Matt!" Molly bites her lip and shakes her head.

"Molly!" Chalk it up to not being around her all that often, but hearing language like that out of the girl is as bad as nails on a chalkboard to Matt. He stares at her in shock, but his eyebrows are furrowed in something closer to anger.

Matt pushes himself up off the couch and moves away from the couch, shaking his head in disbelief. He stops at the window, looking out with his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans so that he doesn't end up curling them into fists. "My job is keeping people safe. That includes you. I don't really have a choice when it comes to this assignment, so we're all going to have to just live with it. It won't last forever, and then I'll be back, and things will be better. But you just have to trust me." Matt feels like a broken record. Always begging for trust. Always having to wait.

"Got it." Molly says in sarcasm. She does get the bigger picture she just doesn't like it. "Just don't die, alright?" her eyes travel to where Matt is standing.

The words sting Matt, and he shuts his eyes and hangs his head when Molly says them. Tentatively, he turns, but not all the way, not even enough to look over his shoulder at her. "I love you, Molly," he mumbles, but the phrase doesn't lack weight or meaning.

"I love you Matt." Molly says softly and folds her legs under her and places her head in her hands, facing forward. "You're my hero." And those words, she means with all her heart.

Feeling a bit braver, Matt moves back toward the couch, but he steps behind it in order to reach and place a hand on Molly's back, giving the spot between her shoulders a brief rub before he steps away again.

And you're mine.

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