I Am Human



Scene Title I Am Human
Synopsis Aude smuggles another evolved test out of the precinct and lies to herself that she's not like every other evo-hater.
Date May 31, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

It was something she could do to help the cause really until they made the damned things for public use. Evo tests. Best invention in the world.

"Castalides! Hey! Heading to the coffee shop?" A portly and tall policeman from his desk calls out at the sight of the travelers mug in her hand

"Sure things tiny, you want a half caf?" The soft voiced policewoman offers.

"Sure thing Gigantica" The portly office fires back before paying attention to whats on his desk

"Pendleson, you see that movie one more time, I will officially disavow all knowledge of you. And I won't invited you over for poker!" Comes from the side and that just makes Aude smile. For all that she's a member of Humanis first, you wouldn't generally know it. You expect them to be lanky grumpy with perpetual scowls, screaming at the top of their lungs about the necessary extermination of all things evolved.

Instead it's a perky police officer, reminiscent of the old Police Academy movies with the way she walks, courteously, seemingly a littel air headed. Woe be to the perp who thinks he can pull one over her.

"One half caf. Back in an hour, going on my lunch break" She has a personal errand to run. Not that anyone else there knows. Best of her knowledge, no one else had been doing what she was doing here. "Oh! They needed an Evolved test earlier. I found a dud, wrote it off and disposed of it. Guy wasn't an evolved. Lady must have been yapping it out her ear about him sticking her hand through the bars at the bank. Probably just had skinny arms She must have been smoking something herself from the sounds of it" Aude shakes her head. "Everyone thinks that every criminal is evolved now"

"You know it Castalides. You know it. get getting that coffee already!"

"Aye aye mon Capitan!" She mock salutes and is heading with her coffee cup towards the bathroom. The womens bathroom. Why there? Because that's where the 'dud' got hidden. Third stall in, the dark skinned officer sits down as if doing her business, then comes out of the stall. It's underneath the counter, taped there to some little ledge. No ones in the bathroom so the cap is popped on the cup and the one test is dropped in. That's eight. Since there was a call out for the evo tests. Hey it was something that she could do. She snuck them out ever since it was said that they were produced.

The cap secured, and her hands washed, the illusion of having gone to the bathroom, the petite officer maneuvers out of the facilities into the department proper and then out the door on her lunch break and her coffee errand. Whe she gets to her car, underneath the seat she reaches beneath her seat. Some cheapo phone that's net postworthy to some message boards. It's how she does it. She won't step foot in a cafe to post.

It goes up though, quickly enough.

Got tests. Looking to pass off. You know how to get a hold of me. HF396

The phone is shut off, shoved beneath her car's seat and she sticks her key in the ignition. Time to stick this one with the rest of them. Maneuvering the stick shift of her car, the petite officer pulls out. Some day soon, someone is going to take them off her hands.

"I am Human" The curly haired woman murmurs, looking at herself in the mirror. "Rest of you are just freaks who deserve to find another country to go live in" Or worse. But she'd never say it out loud. Because she's not like the rest of the Humanis.

She likes to think she isn't.

But she is.

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