I.C. Weiner


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Scene Title I.C. Weiner
Synopsis Magnes breaks into Tracy's apartment to convince her that he's not scary, and to tell her that he's not a terrorist anymore. She tries to get information, he gets uncomfortable in his pants and leaves.
Date May 29 2009

Tracy's Apartment

It's very swanky!

Little does anyone know that Tracy will be in for one strange night, with all sorts of visitors. At this point, she doesn't. In fact, she's coming home just now from a long day at work, not the normal 9-5 job anyway. The only reason she's home? Curfew, otherwise she would be at the office until several wee hours into the morning. Stepping through the door she eases her bag down to the floor, peeling off her blazer to reveal a blouse and pencil skirt as she moves to the kitchen for a drink, flipping on the news as she walks.

Most people don't instantly look up when they walk in the door, and Magnes is sitting up, on her kitchen ceiling, drinking a glass of water. There are no glasses, and he's dressed in a plain white t-shirt, some blue jeans, and a pair of cheap black sneakers. He's not wearing what Minea picked out at the moment, he wanted to be comfortable for, well, breaking and entering.

"Miss Strauss?" he asks, from the ceiling, where for some reason his cup of water doesn't spill, and his loose shirt doesn't fall.
The glass of scotch she was about to take falls to the floor and shatters as Tracy turns to her a voice, one that makes her jump out of her skin. She pushes her back to the kitchen wall, looking left. Then right. Then up. "Magnes Varlane?" she asks, her voice as incredulous as it could possibly. And what else can she say beside that?

"I'm sorry about your glass, I'll pay for that." Magnes jumps down, sitting his glass of water on to the counter, then grabs a broom and a dustpan, starting to sweep the glass from the floor. "I know I shouldn't have broken in, but I wanted to apologize for the other day. I really scared you, I think, and I don't like scaring anyone, especially a nice woman. I just wanted to let you know, personally, I worked everything out, I'm not wanted or a terrorist anymore."

"You're the self-admitted protege to Hiro Nakamura. How are you not a terrorist anymore?" She steps back, letting the boy sweep up what he will, as long as he's out of touching range of her. Can never trust those evolved, after all, or what they might do to you if htey can touch you. Or, in some cases, even if they can't.

"I can't tell you that." Magnes says with an apologetic tone, starting to dump glass into a trash can, then bends down again to get the smaller pieces up. "But I felt like I owed you, I had to come and tell you. I wouldn't hurt you, I wouldn't hurt any innocent person. You're a business woman, you work for the president, so you have values, and virtue, things I have to respect. And I'm telling you, Hiro is not a terrorist. I'm cleared, he will be too."

"How are you cleared?" She asks, her voice a little terse. "Believe me, Mister Varlane. You mention all of the virtues I have, as I work for the president. You do not even begin to touch the reach of my knowledge in that position. So tell me; who has pardonoed you? How and why?" She steps closer to him, eyeing him with her icy gaze, as though she did not fear him. What a farce that is.

"M-ma'am, please don't look at me like that…" Magnes' cheeks go red, backing up a bit after dropping the broom, as if he's afraid of her. "I-I can't tell you, I just thought you'd want to know that I'm alright now. Isn't that enough?"

Not even close. At least, that's what she wants to say. But she won't say it, he seems like a little boy. "It's something, Magnes." She finally confesses, reaching for a new set of glasses and pouring scotch for each of them. "But it's not enough. Now I'm aware of several avenues this could have happened through," No, she's not. "…but I need to know which one, so I can talk to Homeland Security about it."

"It's nothing that you need to worry about, Miss Strauss." Magnes stands up when she seems a bit less intimidating, then grabs a mop, getting that liquid up off the floor. "If you know, then you know I can't tell you. I came here to reassure you, to make you not afraid of me. I-I'm not really the best around beautiful women, but I thought we could maybe be friends or something."

In a gentle motion, Tracy walks up to the boy and easily tries to hand him the glass wiht a splash of liquor in it. "Friends trust, Magnes. You want me to trust you? I need something from you. I need to make sure you aren't lying to me." She says, nodding to the liquor. "You've watched me pour it, there's nothing in it."

"Miss Strauss, you're a woman of virtue, I wouldn't suspect you of putting something in my drink." Magnes takes the liquor, sniffing it a few times as he stands up straight, giving it a funny look but not actually drinking it yet. "You work for the President, you can see if I'm wanted or not, that's more than enough. I know how to keep a secret, Miss Strauss, I don't just tell people, even if they're trustworthy."

Tracy downs her own drink in about a second, setting it aside after a sigh is taken to settle the liquor. "Then I can't trust you. You have to understand - without information, without proof, I can't do anything for you. If I trusted every cute face that came to me, I'd have a lot of bad people under my wing." Yes, Magnes. You're cute.

"C-what?" Magnes' eyes instantly dart away from her own, since, he's cute now? But, shaking his head, he tries to focus. "Call up any police station, they shouldn't be looking for me anymore. How isn't that enough proof? Why do you need more?" Then, trying to drink the scotch, he runs to the sink and spits it out. "Oh god what is that."

Tracy reaches forwards to snatch the glass back. Infidel. "It's 85 year old scotch." She scowls, but it only lasts a moment, setting the glass on the counter. "I beleve you. But I want you to tell me how." Because honestly? She doesn't have enough to feed Matt Parkman to get this kind of information out of him. "Depending on who pardoned you, it could tell me a lot about Hiro Nakamura's potential guilt or innocence." Oh, tracy can work a room when she needs.

"It's disgusting." Magnes says as he grabs his glass of water, beginning to chug it rather quickly. "I can get you as many 85 year old bottles of scotch as you want, once I can time travel again, but believe me when I say that I can't tell you anything." He leans against the counter, appearing quite exhausted, and if she looks closely, she can see a few bruises forming on his arms. "There's nothing you can say or do, alright? I just can't tell you, I came here to make you feel better, that's all."

Tracy shakes her head. "That's not good enough, Magnes. I appreciate that you think of me as a good person, " little does she know that later in the night she won't even get that from strangers. "But I need your help to understand. I'm part of the government, but in order for me to do this I need your help. Please, Magnes. Help me." Appealing to his little boy hero sense of…well, little boy hero.

"I'm sorry, Miss Strauss." Magnes begins to walk toward the exit of the kitchen, clearly about to make his exit. "I want to help you, and it wrenches my heart that I can't, but I just wanted you to know that I wasn't gonna hurt you." He looks to her, shaking his head. "I'm gonna leave, since that seems to be all you want, information."

And she steps in his way. Yes, into his way. "No, Magnes. You don't understand. You seem like a nice kid, I want to help you. Particularly if you've been pardoned. Listen to me, if you've been pardoned, maybe I can help Hiro. They wouldn't have pardoned you otherwise. I want to help but…I need you to do that."

"I didn't need you to get myself pardoned, right?" Magnes asks, rather logically, almost reaching to move her out of the way, but his hands quickly draw back as if she were made of hot lava, cheeks red. She should know that awkward male reaction by now, he can't move her. "Hiro will be fine, if he's alive, but please, stop trying to get information from me, I can't tell you anything. I didn't even have to come here, you know, I just thought it was the right thing to do…"

"It was." She realizes she's terrifying him, and that she wont' get anything more out of him. Oh well. Matt Parkman will help - he's one of those 'nice boys' of course he'll help. Besides, they seem to get along well. Tracy steps out of the way. "You know, you are always welcome to knock."

"I wouldn't wanna ruin your reputation by being a strange guy walking into your apartment. And I get the feeling you're not one for casual conversation…" Magnes says in a rather disappointed tone, giving the hint that he's possibly getting or gotten a bad impression of her.

"I've been threatened a lot in the past few weeks and had unwelcome visitors even more. I'm nervous, Magnes, you have to understand. But I mean it when I say you're welcome here." She'll even give him something to make him trust her. "There's a spare key in the light to the left of the door, but if something goes missing…." She gives him a teasing smile.

"Miss Strauss…" Magnes reaches into his pocket, giving her a torn piece of paper with his number on it. He's written a few, he's tired of having to write it over and over, and also offers a Panucci's Pizza menu with it. "If anyone bothers you, if anyone strange threatens to harm you, call me, and I'll be there, I promise. Just find a safe place, tell me where you are, and I'll show up."

Tracy does take the number. Why should she not? She needs it. So she taeks it, smiling softly to the boy. "I just wish you understood I'm not all that bad." She offers, but indeed, she'll let him go. Then? She'll have a stiff drink.

"I trust you, Miss Strauss, but, you make it hard for me to think with the correct brain." Magnes admits, not turning around to show his incredibly flustered look, instead opening the window he entered in, jumping out.

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