I Can't Be Going Crazy...


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Scene Title I Can't Be Going Crazy…
Synopsis Abby returns from an impromptu vacation where Isa assures her she's not going crazy… strange shit really is happening. It's not a tumor.
Date November 16, 2020


Description of location, if any.

The last time that Isabelle set eyes on her partner was the 8th. The 9th, there was a yellow sticky note from one of her fellow co-workers letting her know that Muldoon was calling out. Mental health days. Which left Isabelle working cases alone the whole week. Calls went to voicemail and Abby’s desk in her own office remained unoccupied.

Till the 16th, when lo and behold the door was open and the blonde haired detective was there with open files on her desk and trying to catch up on what she’d missed. A little bit sunkissed, looking relaxed and sipping from a straw that sat in a large blue insulated travel cup that proudly declared World's Best Mom. What was inside was likely the morning sludge that she regularly enjoyed.

Vacation was over, Isabelle had her partner back and things were totally normal. Utterly and completely normal. Right?

"I suppose it's only fair you ditch out on me, I did you dirty first."

The last time that Abby had seen Isa was the 3rd, the following days the woman answered no calls and had said to put in some emergency time. With Shahid's condition it wasn't out of the ordinary but once Isa had indeed returned to her desk to find that now her partner wasn't in, it definitely left Isa puzzled but work had to be done.

Upon seeing her partner she takes a sip of her own tall metallic coffee cup, which probably held a tiny bit of whiskey in it.

"So who died?" Hazel eyes assess the blonde and Isabelle comes around to lean against the desk. It was a wonder though neither of them would know it. That fate would place them as partners in the same way they were in other timelines.

“My sanity. I packed up the kids and brought them to my Mum and then Robert and I flew to Hawaii. I needed a few days” She shrugs, sipping on her sludge but offers an apologetic look to Isa. Oblivious to what's likely in her partner's cup. “He arranged a little hut somewhere on a smaller Island and we forgot the world existed for a few days. There's still places on this planet without a cell signal. Did you know this?” She smirks. “Five bucks I get pregnant again” The little cross at her neck nestles just below her collarbone.

“Hey, is there some spot on the east side along the shore where they’re tearing down a park or some construction?” She asks, clearing space on the corner of her desk for her to sit if she wants.

"I'd be willing to bet I've gone crazier than you." Smirking and then taking another sip of her coffee. "HA!" Reaching into her pocket and pulling out a ten, slamming it on the desk. "You're on." Cementing the bet, Isa hated to lose in anything.

"Seriously though, lucky you. Shahid and I should go somewhere. With no cell service, so the captain can't be up my fucking ass at every waking moment." The brunette shakes her head with a grin and gives Abby a strange look. "Not sure, why?"

To say that Isa hasn't been feeling like herself since the events of the last week would be a severe understatement.

“Yeah, you’ve probably gone crazier than me. But then again, I’m the one with two kids under three” She points out to Isa. But she matches the ten that was pulled out with her own ten and it’s stuffed into an envelope and then into a drawer. “What’s he up your arse about this time- Wait, no, don’t tell me you did something stupid while I was gone?” Please don’t have done something stupid.

But Isabelle isn’t sure and Abby leans back in her chair, picking up a pen and twirling it about in her fingers. “So, It’s really strange. Like…” She doesn’t know how to say it. She’s unsure. It’s written all over her face. “Okay so, I think…I.. am… I mean, I can’t be going crazy. I’m pretty sure I was just really tired. I’ve had to work late and then between the kids and the cases and just everything. I swear there was snow on the eighth. Like, I looked out the window. I felt it on my face. I was heading home because I figured I could finish my reports at home and be with the kids and Robert, but…” Her southern drawl deepens and she leans forward, putting the pen down. “Isabelle. There was no sidewalk. It was a gravel shoulder that I pulled off. One moment I was driving down 11th, because the 9A had an accident, all the snow.”

She shakes her head. “There was snow Isa, I swear it. James tells me there wasn’t a single flake, but there was snow. It got so bad I had to pull over. I was going to wait it out but I pulled over and there was gravel and there were tree’s. Not like, a few lining the sidewalk to give shade. I mean, honest to god, a forest of trees.” Abby doesn’t lie. If there’s something she’s known for, it’s inflexibility in bending the truth. Not even a lean. She saw tree’s. “And then… none. No snow, just night. No gravel, I was in the bus lane, and headlights everywhere and Old Navy, and the GPS was working again. Where before it was telling me no signal, not even my phone, and then… everything was back. No more tree’s just cement…I could get James on the phone and I was home twenty minutes later.”

She frowns, delicate brows furrowing. “Isa, there was snow. There was a forest, and snow, and I saw it and I think… Well, I think I needed a vacation. I haven’t told James, I don’t want him to worry. What if I’m sick?” She stops, looks up at her partner. “Isa what if I have a tumor?” her mind jumping to something terrible. Tumor instead of just stress. “There was snow. Honest to god, flakes of snow.”

"To fucking che." Isabelle chuckles and sips more coffee but that grin falls as Abby begins to recount what she went through recently. Eyebrows raise and face full of questions and dread, dread because it wasn't just herself. And her husband.

"You're not crazy Abby… and hopefully that's not a tumor."

Isabelle takes a much larger sip of her drink and slams the cup down on her desk, looking over Abby's shoulder before leaning forward. "Strange shit has been happening to Shahid and I as well. One moment I was chasing a… a man down the street and the next I was halfway across town. Hours later.

"Shahid is seeing stuff.. it's been weird. Maybe it's the fucking water. Some sort of virus? Biochemical warfare?"

Abby frowns, nose scrunching and looking a little skeptical. Not in the I don’t believe you sort of way but in the really hard to comprehend way. Like you just saw a UFO drop out of the sky. “Shahid has been seeing stuff?” She asks quietly. ‘Then you were across town? I have no clue where I was and time…. was normal. It hasn’t happened again. It’s why I think… I don’t know, I think it might just be stress.” Abby leans back in her seat, picking up a pen and placing fingers to either end and pushing it side to side.

“What’s Shahid said?”

"That we should get checked out. But what if this is some shared delusion shit, now you too?" Isabelle grumbles and sets her cup on the desk.

The last thing either of them wanted was to be put under a psych evaluation. "We keep quiet for now. Monitor ourselves. Anything else weird happen, we go to the fucking docs and get checked out I guess." Isabelle doesn't want there to be anything wrong, who would? But the detective has to find Logan, she can't be distracted by…

Whatever the fuck this was.

“I’d set up an appointment before I left with my family doctor. I’m pretty sure it’s just stress. Things have been fine since. Nothing. Just sandy beach and mai tai’s” she does look more relaxed. So relaxed. “I figured it can’t hurt. Worst is I get told to take a pill and cut back on stress. It’s not like our job is decorating cakes. It’s got it’s share of stress” Abby points out. “I’ll be fine. It was just… strange is all.” She picks up her sludge, drinking the rest of it before moving her chair back so she can tuck it into the refrigerated bag to take home.

“I’ll be fine. You though, seriously. What's the chief up your arse about now? Please tell me you didn’t get a scratch on one of the cars?”

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