I'd Rather Be In Jail


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Scene Title I'd Rather Be In Jail
Synopsis Kendall is arrested for cheating at gambling and for being underaged, but a friend of Abigail's bails him out, releasing him to Melissa's wrath.
Date May 5, 2010

Corinthian Hotel Holding Cell, Las Vegas

The holding room in the Corinthian is a small cement box with a low ceiling and mirrored windows that allow the outside to look in but prevents the inside from looking out.

The holding room in the Corinthian is a small cement box with a low ceiling and mirrored windows that allow the outside to look in but prevents the inside from looking out. If there are any cameras hidden in the ceiling above the lights or behind the glass, they aren't visible from where Kendall is seated at a long metal table with two chairs, one occupied and one empty, his hands cuffed behind his back.

It's been several hours since they left him here with only his reflection staring back at him for company.

Kendall is terrified out of his mind. He got ARRESTED. Handcuffed. He's a juvenile delinquent now! He's gonna get shoved into a cell with a huge tattoo'd gay guy who'll make him his bitch, he just knows it. He's gonna dieeeeeeeeeeee……

If the stories about Moab Federal Penitentiary are true, then being labeled a juvenile delinquent is the least of Kendall's worries. The door opens, admitting a thin sliver of light, the distant sounds of the casino's slot machines pinging away in the background and a tall man with graying blond hair and a day's worth of stubble like sandpaper at his jaw. "Kendall Cunningham?" he asks, closing the door behind him.

Ahhhh authorities. "Y-yes?" Kendall squeaks out. Ohcrapohcrapohcrap, here it comes, he's gonna get the book thrown at him.

The man reaches into his suit jacket pocket with one gloved hand as he approaches Kendall from behind, leather loafers making a soft scuffing sound on the cement floor underfoot as he moves. "If you're going to cheat," he says, placing his hand not on his pocket on Kendall's shoulder, "don't get caught." A pair of handcuff keys tinkle near the young man's ear a moment later, followed by the sharp click of the cuff's locking mechanism. "Melissa's waiting for you outside."

Kendall cringes when the guy approaches him, then blinks in slight disbelief when the guy unlocks his handcuffs and says he's free to go. "What did I miss?" he asks, sounding crestfallen, then the last bit of news is dropped. "Ah… can I just stay in here? I can get used to concrete walls." Oh man, she's gonna KILL him.

Wry amusement ticks at the corners of the man's mouth as he removes the handcuffs from Kendall's wrists and slips them into his suit jacket's interior. Although he's never seen him before, it doesn't take much of a logical leap to deduce his identity based Abigail's reason for coming all the way out here — sunshine aside. "Think happy thoughts," Caliban suggests, "and try focusing past her."

Kendall just sighs, standing up. "All right, I'll try…. um, thanks?" Kendall still has no idea what's going on, but he'd better go before this guy changes his mind. He steels himself in preparation of the storm outside, and walks out.

Oh yes, Melissa's waiting. And she is not at all happy. And Kendall's been staying with her long enough to recognize that the moment he sees her face. However, she doesn't say a word, just lifts a hand and crooks a finger towards Kendall. Uh oh.

Kendall looks even more scared than he did when he was contemplating the big tattoo'd dude as a cell mate. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts. Cringing again, he approaches Melissa.

Melissa remains silent, and other than letting her hand drop, still while Kendall takes the short walk towards her. After he stops she just looks at him for a long moment, then she lifts a hand and…gives him a light pop on the side of the head. "The hell were you thinkin'? Couldn't wait a few years?" She shakes her head. "I swear, I should just kick your ass right here," she mutters. "C'mon, let's get out of here. And no more casinos for you for a while."

Caliban watches from the holding room's doorway, one shoulder leaned into its frame, legs crossed at the ankle. He raises one gloved hand to Melissa and Kendall by way of farewell.

"But what if I never come back?" Kendall complains as she hits him. "The world's supposed to end in 2 years, I won't even be 21 by then!" he glances back at Caliban curiously. "Do you know him?" did you pull strings to have a friend bail him out, is what he really wants to ask. "I'll probably never come back regardless, Vegas is a long way from New York City."

Melissa nods to Caliban. "Thanks," she tells him, smiling a bit, before she slings her arm around Kendall's shoulders to lead him out. "The world won't end in two years anymore than it ended ten years ago. And I keep my promises, dammit. You better stay outta trouble until we go home though. You've been stayin' with me for a month and already you're in handcuffs!"

"I didn't intend to get caught." Kendall mumbles. "I thought I had it all figured out, but I must've missed something." such as the dozens of security cameras spread throughout the entire building?

Melissa rolls her eyes and her arm tightens, perhaps a wee bit uncomfortably for him. "No one ever intends to get caught, dork." A pause, then she leans a little closer and whispers, "How much did ya win before you got caught anyway?"

"Uh… about a thousand or so." Kendall sighs. "It's not like it was millions of dollars or anything, a thousand is nothing these days. You couldn't even buy a really nice widescreen HD TV."

Melissa shrugs. "Maybe, but a grand isn't a bad haul for a sixteen year old. Enjoy it. 'Cause you do this again I am kickin' your ass. You got lucky. But c'mon. Let's get back to the room. I think you've had enough of the Corinthian for today."

"I think so too." Kendall replies, walking out of the building next to her. "Why do you have to be 21 to gamble, anyway? I mean, kids would generally have less money they could gamble anyway, unless they stole their parents' credit card, which would be a completely different law altogether. It should be if you're old enough to have a job, you should be able to gamble since you're making your own money!"

Melissa just sighs and shakes her head, and continues on and out. She has no reply for that, it seems. Or she just wants away from the Corinthian. Maybe both!

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