I Don't Care


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Scene Title I Don't Care
Synopsis Don't piss off a redhead before she's had a drink, not if you want to hang out.
Date August 27, 2010

Two Blocks from Benjamin's House — Queens

It's later in the afternoon when Amadeus and Delia meet up about two blocks away from her house, and he's leaning against a wall across from his parked blue van when she finally arrived, holding that book. "Hey, Delia. Can't believe this is your fuckin' book. You must really get off on this stuff." he says as he holds it up for a moment, then reaches for her hand. "Your eyes light up a room like stars reflected off the fuckin' sparkling ocean." He tried, at least.

If Amadeus was looking to set the redhead off, he does a mighty fine job of it. Wrenching her hand back as he tries to reach for it, she furrows her eyebrows and presses her lips into a thin line. "Why can't you believe it?" She utters, obviously bristling when he does his mock reading. "Just because it's not on anyone top ten doesn't mean that it can't be on mine."

"Aw, hey, I don't mean it like that. It's not a bad book, that ain't what I meant." Amadeus looks down at it, then gives her an understanding look. "I just mean I can't believe it's yours 'cause it's like, hot. I just never thought this would be your type of book. Kinda makes me see you a little different." He grins a little, reading the back of it. "If this is the kinda stuff you want, I'd gladly help out."

Raising her eyebrows, Delia is actually quite stunned at the offer and blushes a little. "Uhm… Amadeus, no… I mean, you can be nice and everything? But you're really not my type." She folds her arms over her chest and leans on her right leg, the expression on her face turning to neutral just moments after her surprise has abated. "You're too much of a project to be good boyfriend material for me. Besides what our dads do for a living, we don't have much in common at all. You know?"

"A project? And, fuck, yeah I know you're right, don't know what I was thinkin'." Amadeus stares at his feet as he leans against the wall, sliding a hand into his pocket. "It ain't like I got a crush or anything, don't care what Savannah says." Now he sounds just plain disappointed, and is terrible at hiding it. "Come on, let's just hang out."

Delia's expression softens a little as his countenance turns to disappointment and she suddenly feels uncomfortable. "I don't want to drink or smoke any weed… I was at a down point the other day, and things really started looking up since then. I got some really good news and there's this guy I met…" Her voice drifts off and she looks away, chewing on the inside of her cheek. "I think my dad would really like him and…" Her voice drifts again as before she looks back to Amadeus, "And I know that my dad wouldn't like me drinking or doing drugs. What he thinks is really important to me."

"Don't worry, I've heard the whole story before." The disappointment never leaves Amadeus' tone, and he never looks back up at her. "Straight-laced girl meets straight-laced guy, criminal guy would ruin her image." He starts walking back to the van, still not looking at her as he grips the book tightly. "It ain't like I care or anything, guys like me don't care!" he says as if he's not very convinced himself, so very easy to read. "Just… go have fun or whatever, I've got criminal guy stuff to do."

Her blue eyes look down at the sidewalk and she just nods in response, "Alright… I guess I'll see you around or something." Turning on her heel, she slips her hands into her pockets and shrugs her shoulders high against her yes, leaving them like that as she shuffles back to her home.

Once she comes in view of the house, she smiles as she sees Mrs. Wilson's curtain waver. The old woman had been watching the redhead all along, thank goodness she didn't get in the van… She'd never hear the end of it, neighborhood gossips are always the worst.

Amadeus sits in the driver's seat, his forehead laying against the wheel as he mutters to himself. "I don't fuckin' care…" before he sits up straight and turns the ignition, driving off with Wherever I May Roam playing rather loudly on his radio.

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