I Don't Expect To Die


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Scene Title I Don't Expect To Die
Synopsis Cat and Helena talk details after Edward's briefing
Date January 23, 2009

Ruins of Midtown, Broadway - Abandoned Theater

She distributed the information on safe handling of thermite after the session broke up, then began to review Edward's exhibits on the laptop again, slowly and carefully. Cat's eyes occasionally lift to look for and settle on Helena, as if waiting for the place to be cleared out and the two of them to have a chance to speak privately.

Helena had to take her own time to answer questions, and it's easy to tell that Helena's gotten testier and testier as the evening has passed. It's been a constant barrage on her sensibilities, and now with Cat eyeballing her, it's difficult for Hel to try and relax. "You've been giving me the hairy eyeball all night." she says plainly. "What is it?"

"I first wanted to say you handled the discord when it rose admirably, Storms," the taller one replies calmly, looking up to make eye contact. "I wondered at the discord, from people I thought would be hardier, but not everyone is me, or you. I don't expect to die in this, but if I do, I was prepared for that a while back."

After saying this, she turns her attention back to the data Edward presented. One finger indicates the photo of Odessa Knutson, and she flashes back briefly, to the ninth of December.

Her concern is growing with the lack of answer to her most important question. "You do live in the building, don't you?" That same concern has Cat moving to unlock and open the door so they can exit, her ears also picking up that which Dani says. The quiet from outside. "Good night," she offers.

"Not all of it." Odessa's serene smile returns as she takes a step back toward Ethan. Her hand flexes once at her side and she seems to have skipped back a step. There's a subtle pain in each of the other women's arm and drowsiness begins to settle in. Her eyes halflid as she leans over to use her weight to shut the door, serenity turning to mischief. "Yes Good night."

A slow grin raises on Ethan's lips. "Good night, girls. We'll see you when you wake." Ethan intones as he slides the cellphone out of his pocket. A text message is tapped into the phone. 'Pick up.' And then sent. The cell phone is slid back into his pocket. He walks over, watching Dani, and then Cat. To watch their inevitable fall.

"The team going into Eagle Electric may encounter this one. She needs to be found and put down first, by whatever means are needed. The same goes for Ethan, wherever he might be, if he's still with them. I can't be sure which of them stops time, but I know one of them does."

"Go ahead and talk to them." Helena suggests. "You can give them your suggestions on how to proceed and why you think it's necessary, but it's ultimately up to them."

There's a nod of reply, Cat adding "I will. I just think they should be reminded of her potential, because if she or Ethan sees us and knows something is up, they might be able to stop time and it's all for nothing then."

A few beats of silence pass, after which she asks "How much of this do you want added to the files, Stormy? I'm prepared to put it all in, fairly much as is."

Helena considers a moment. "I don't want HomeSec seeing any of this." she admits. "People know what they need to do for now, so I'd like to hold off."

"I'll keep the data saved and in a secure spot, until I get word from you," Cat replies. "I remember it all, but the photos aren't so easily reproducable. And if I ever have any choice at all, I'd greatly prefer never to need that particular telepath to funnel images to Hana so she can make computer files again."

Helena nods a little bit at that. "That'll work." she says quietly. "Did you see the crowd? They all expect to die."

"I saw," Cat replies quietly. "I don't expect to die," she adds quietly. "I expect to take Kazimir and his crew down. I won't let myself think otherwise. With something this big, well, entertaining doubts and negativity at all risks starting a self-fulfilling prophecy." Her eyes explore the blonde's face briefly, as if gauging whether or not the phrase is understood. "If I do die, I die. I expected to be dead already. I don't know if I'll even do any last nights on Earth kind of thing. I expect to succeed, and even if I didn't," her voice turns quiet, "what would I do? Get laid? Libido's dead. Find someone else, she said. I don't know when is too soon, or waiting too long, but I'm fairly sure the next five days are too soon."

Helena shrugs a little bit. "I might ask Matt if I can see Peter." she says. "We shouldn't - it might be the last time I see him, and I don't want to have parted from him in anger."

"I'd like to believe Matt's decent enough to arrange it," Cat replies. "I think I want to try making contact with Allen Rickham sometime, to ask him what happened, why he seemed so strong, only to bail. It just doesn't make any sense, you know? I know he had a solid set of balls, and not just because he could turn to solid iron."

Helena shakes her head. "It's the river." she says softly.

She may make the attempt to find out something, with Helena having not forbidden it, but nothing is said of the sort at present. "That it is," Cat replies. Her face is briefly pensive, after some deliberation she speaks again. "I hope you understand me, Storms," she begins, "when I speak of future things like culinary school and jobs in kitchens. I know you're going to say no, but I offer, and mention them anyway, just to keep it out there as expressed hope. Things to not be given up on." Again she looks for signs of making sense. "I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Rock Cellar. I miss hanging out with you like that."

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