I Don't Know What You're Talking About


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Scene Title I Don't Know What You're Talking About
Synopsis Adam makes another stateside call in the hopes of catching Abby. He does, while she's asleep. But they talk, and he asks permission to bring her back a souvenir. She relents and eventually hangs up.
Date May 20, 2009

Over a telephone line.

Adam is in Japan. He's had quite a couple days. He flips through his cell phone quietly and comes upon a number. He decides he might as well check in on his investment. Bee boop boop beep.

There's a fumbling for her cellphone as it goes off, a southern drawl more deeper than it normally is answer slurrily "Abigail Beauchamp, Hello?" Almost by rote as she squints at her alarm clock. The cat at the foot of her bed gives a verbal protest to the disruption of it's sleep.

Adam hmms, "I had imagined you were a little bit of a night owl, after working at the bar." he sounds somewhat disappointed, "So, how has your day been?"

"Mr. Monroe?" Because how many Englishmen actually have her number. "Curfew means we close down at 9 instead of 3 am. Maybe is the curfew ever gets lifted" Is her reason for the fact that she was asleep. Up she scoots, reaching over to turn on the lamp on her nightstand. "My day has been interesting Mr. Monroe. I hear that yours has as well. How is Japan?"

Adam is quiet, "You've heard my day has been well?" he pauses thoughtfully, "Ah, Magnes, the comic book hero, of course. Japan is.." he almost seems to shrug, "What can you say about Japan. Horribly technologically advanced and at the same time, emotionally stunted. I was actually wondering how your visit with your parents went."

"Magnes" Abby confirms. "My parents had a delightful trip up. They thank you greatly for the accommodations and the trip. It didn't go without it's hitches but, they enjoyed themselves greatly. How is Japan, on the Mr. Monroe side of things?"

Adam mms, "Oh, it's going. Not sure it's anything you'd be interested in. Negotiations over antiques and such." he pauses, "So what sort of hitches did you and your parents run into?"
Adam has reconnected.

"Things like a friend they don't approve of showing up inebriated at my front door" The red head murmurs. Antiques. Right. Maybe, it's slightly believable. "How's Huruma?"

Adam thinks about this, who does he know that Abby knows that seems to be inebriated a lot, "Deckard? Showed up at your front door drunk?" at the question of Huruma, "She's doing well, I don't think she likes Japan much. She gets stared at a lot."

"Much more so than at the bar? But then, Mr. Monroe she is probably twice as tall as everyone else there, and her eyes tend to make her stick out." Abigail points out. "Is what magnes said true Mr. Monroe." She tacks that last part on, curious.

Adam considers, "That depends, what did Magnes say?"

"This and that. Something about Genocide. That your not a very nice individual" Contrary to what she had seen so far, it was quite the opposite.

"Genocide?" he pauses, "I'm not sure where the topic of genocide has come up with Magnes." as for the second, "Whether I'm nice or not I suppose that's for other people to judge. I'm just a man, sometimes I'm nice, sometimes I'm not. That Magnes doesn't like me seems clear enough. I don't pat him on the back for his super hero-ness. No offense, but Magnes strikes me as a puppy. Eager for attention and pouty when he doesn't get it. Perhaps that's an opinion only skewed by our few meetings. I realize he's your friend, but that's my opinion."

"Some days, he is.. Very annoying in his need to be a super hero Mr. Monroe, but his heart is good, and his head sometimes, not in the right place. I take what he says sometimes with a grain of salt"

"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, Abby. I keep trying to tell him that, then he gets indignant and talking about how there's only good and evil." he pauses, "He doesn't strike me as a lad who cares about philosophical thought. But if he's going to be a crime fighter or…whatever it is he wants to be, I think he should. There's a reason Batman only exists in comic books."

"Besides my parents, did you call for any other reason Mr. Monroe? Is there a return date to which I'll see you in the bar again? So I know when to haev more lindman kriek ordered?" She wants off the topic of Magnes. "I gave a man back his sight yesterday"

"I'll likely be back in New York within the week, give or take." he pauses, "You gave a man back his sight? Like Jesus?"

"Like Jesus" Why she told Adam? Because of the statue he gave her. "Mr. Monroe, if you've done things, that are not morally white, or grey, I don't care. I don't judge. I help anyone regardless, heal them. Not that you need it" Cross legged on her bed the redhead sits now, her small blue cellphone wedged between ear and shoulder as she reaches to pull the kitten onto her lap.

"All men and women have done things that are not morally white or grey." he replies, "But I'm not sure why you bring it up."

"Because it's half past midnight and I'm not making sense" The Healer replies over the ricocheting digital telephone line. "That's why. How's the weather over there?" Because that's a standard topic of conversation didn't you know.

Adam chuckles, "It's actually quite beautiful. Japan often has the propensity to be bogged down in rain or humidity so deep that it feels palpable, but the weather's been very mild." he pauses, "I'm going to bring you back a souvenoir. I hope that that's not overstepping one's bounds."

"Postcard is preferred" Almost by rote she says it. She knows people who travel, but she's not been one to do it much. "Just a postcard, if you must"

Adam mms, "Postcards are impersonal. Not really my style at all."

"You are an impossible man" Abigail murmurs. "But I guess, living for as long as you have" She assumes he's been around a few times. "It makes sense. A small souvenir. And Magnes untouched by you. That will be good enough. Am I permitted to go back to sleep now? I have a doctors appointment in the morning. I'd like to not be yawning all the time" She points out to him.

Adam chuckles, "Magnes untouched by me? Did Magnes tell you he used his power on me? I think if anyone needs to be spoken to about keeping their hands to themselves…or their noses out of business…" he pauses, "Of course, I was mostly calling to see how you were."

"He did not! He used his.." Abigail sighs and one can imagine her pinching the bridge of her nose, eyes closed. "he is.. overzealous, I apologize and I'm fine. You'll see soon enough, that I'm fine."

Adam nods, "Good night Abby."

"Good night Mr. Monroe, stay safe. Behave out there" But she doesn't wait for a response, just closes the phone and looks down at the black Cat and sighs.

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