I Don't Think Friends Is The Right Word


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Scene Title I Don't Think Friends Is The Right Word
Synopsis Lola's bored.
Date Nov 5, 2009

Elisabeth's Apartment, Dorchester Towers

Okay, now life is getting seriously boring. Lola's been to the bars and casinos, robbed the Methadone clinic, and still she's not seen hide nor hair of healer nor jacuzzi. She's getting bored. And, unable to contact previous aquaitences for fear rumor of her aliveness might get back to Linderman, she must content herself with new contacts. How about Elisabeth? Sure, why not! She came to Lola's apartment - now it's time to return the favor! Wearing jeans and a loose long-sleeved shirt, her red hair pinned up, she raises her knuckles and BOOM BOOM BOOM. "Hello!!"

Elisabeth is getting ready to leave for work when the pounding on the door begins. What the hell is the downstairs desk for if not to keep people from her front door, dammit?? Yanking a blazer on over her shoulder rig, the blonde looks out the peephole. Shock immobilizes her for a long moment, and then she flips open the large number of locks on the door to admit Lola into her sanctuary. "What the hell are you doing here?" she asks with little grace at all. But hey, she did open the door and let her in!

Lola appears not to have expected much else. She just grins. "Hey thar sugar," she drawls, moving to walk in as the door opens. "Fantsy Pantsy place ya got yerself here. Electronic locks are harder ta break - Ah just didn' feel like spendin' the time on 'em, but good choice." She continues to meander in, not really looking at Elisabeth, but poking around none the less. "Ah dunno," she responds to the question, finally. "Just got bored. Figured you saw mah place, Ah oughta see yers. What's in here?" She starts to wander to the next room.

"Hey!" Elisabeth moves to block the woman's ramble through her place. "Christ… you don't have any sense of people's personal space, do you?" she demands with a frown. "Did you really just show up here because you're bored?"

Lola blinks, wrinkling her brows a bit as a wider smirk crosses her features. "Are ya surprised by that?" She asks, rhetorically. She's bored - she visits people. How is there a difficult line there? Seeing as her path is blocked, Lola turns to wander a different way, to look at different things. "An Ah'm just lookin' around. Ah ain' hurtin' nothin'. Sides, what are friends for if not fer fun little visits?" Friends?

"Friends? That's not precisely how I'd describe our relationship," Elisabeth comments drily. "Tell me something… what'd you do to piss of Linderman?"

Lola looks to a shelf, peering at the itmes on it, reaching up to adjust something just so. Not that it needed much adjusting - maybe she just did it to ruffle Elisabeth's feathers. "Ah dunno," Lola answers the question rather casually. "Neither's the fellah what shot me. Neither's Richard. Ain' nobody seems ta know. S'not like Ah was the first one ta go spewin' the plan, anyway - somebody did it afore me, or Ah wouldn' never be in this mess."

Elisabeth mms quietly. "So… I'm a cop and I'm nosy and suspicious as hell anyway. You gonna turn on Cardinal the first chance you get?"

Lola doesn't get angry at the question, rude as it may be. In fact, she 'pffttts' at it, between her lips. "Sugar just what kinda person is it ya think Ah am? Who'd Ah done turn on at all'd make ya think Ah got it in fer Richard? More importantly, who'm Ah gonna turn on him to?" She chuckles, shaking her head. "Ya ain' all that smart fer a cop, is ya?"

"I don't know what kind of person you are. I've decided I'm tired of pulling punches and worrying about dancing with the devil," Elisabeth says baldly. "So I'm asking you straight out if you're going to fuck around with my lover."

Now that's interesting, isn't it? Lola turns with a smirk, wide and mischevious. "Awww, so that's what this is about, is it? Makes sense now, Ah been wonderin' what Ah'd done ta get yer panties all twisted." She wrinkles her nose then, pausing as she thinks. "How come ya call him 'lover' though? S'a little Fabio-flavored, ain it? S'wrong with just sayin' boyfriend?"

"Because boyfriend is ridiculously juvenile and it doesn't exactly convey the right tone either," Elisabeth retorts mildly. "And Richard is not why my panties are in a twist. Except insofar as we've got a lot of … sort-of allies that I'm a little concerned about. The man walks a pretty fine line, and I like to watch his back." She shrugs with a faint grin. "And his backSIDE, but hey…"

"Sooo…." Lola thinks, using her finger to point out distinctive words. "What yer sayin' is yer fuckin, but not…." Her finger lowers, and the girl nods, satisfied that she's figured it out. "So this is you markin' yer territory, yeah? Noted. But if it ain' lovely lil' Dicky Cardinal's got yer panties in a twist, what is it then?"

There's a moment of pause, and Elisabeth grins faintly. "He fucks whoever he wants to. That's up to him. This is me making sure you're not fucking *with* him. Because I don't really know you well enough to know where you stand in this clusterfuck that we're wading through." She tilts her head. "You actually going to take the shot? Take Norman White out of the picture if you can?"

"Ah took the last one, didn' Ah? Or didn' ya see from inside that nice little car while I was rattlin' round on top of it?" Of course, there are circumstances. People have promised her that Norman White would kill again. He's killed before. She's seen him causing lots of deaths herself. He meets all the criteria. But if he didn't…."Still don' explain yer panties, but Ah guess that's yer business if yer all…passive aggressive 'bout 'em." She crosses her arms, looking at Elisabeth again. "So ya ain' gonna ask the shot girl ta even sit down?"

There's a gesture to the couch. "Go ahead, sit. I'm on the way to work, but I have a couple minutes. You want a bottle of water? Some coffee?" Elisabeth pauses and says, "You took the shot on Azrael. And I'm grateful as hell. But you told me on the flight back that it wasn't your normal gig. So …. what is your normal gig? What do you usually do? I get that you've been a thief, but … seriously, I know nothing about you or where Shelby found you."

Lola slumps down, shaking her head. "Shelby didn' find shit, sugar. Mortimer Jack did - came across me while I was bustin' into a place fer some work Ah was doin' fer Mistah Daniel. He put me ta Shelby, ya'll brought me ta the crazy ol' fuck, an the rest is history, Ah spoze." Her hand rests over her abdomen, a slight reaction to the pain. "An Ah ain' know nothin' bout you either. Other than yer a cop that breaks laws when she likes to," Lola doesn't say that as though she were condemning Elisabeth for it - it's said rather nonchallantly. "Yet Ah ain' got no problem with you."

"Ah…." Now that Liz didn't know. "Mortimer." She shakes her head and sighs. "I'm sorry. It's been an extremely rough couple of months," she comments mildly. And then hesitates. This woman is not a friend, she's a perfect stranger. But sometimes it's easier to say something to a perfect stranger than a friend. "Just before Azrael took O'Shea… I was held by Humanis First. I'm still… having some trouble. So just… for God's sake, don't sneak up behind me anytime soon, okay?" She shrugs slightly.

"Explains them electronic locks. Nice, by the way. Not perfect, but nice." She crosse sher legs, reaching up to tuck a strand of faux-red hair back behind her ear. "Anyway, s'far as Humanis is concerned, just let me know if ya got any other problems, hmm? Mah criteria an mah price fer them sort's a shade lower than fer the rest." Not that she charges anyway, but….

Elisabeth tilts her head. "Thought you weren't an assassin for hire," she comments drily.

Lola pushes to her feet, shaking her head. "Ah ain'. Just sayin' Ah help out a bit is all. Still got criteria, though." She shakes her head, turning for the door. "Ain' like ya got ta take it ta heart or nothin', sugar. S'just words."

Elisabeth chuckles. "I don't know what to make of you," she admits to the other woman.

Lola opens the door, apparently on her way out. "Don' make nothin' of me, then." She says, with an easy shrug before she slips out just as she came in, with apparently no purpose for either.

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