I Doubt It's Haunted


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Scene Title I Doubt It's Haunted
Synopsis Melissa shows Kendall their new house, party plans are made.
Date April 13, 2010

Little Green House

It's a good day for Kendall. He gets to leave the Brick House and go outside. Even Jerry got the leash slapped on him when Melissa arrived to see Kendall. It was a relatively short trip, though the snow did make it take longer than usual, but now she stops in front of this house, with Jerry sniffing around at everything he can reach with his leash.

Mel looks up at the once pretty little house, then to Kendall, and she smiles. "So what do you think of this place? I know it looks a little rough right now, but you're an artist, use your imagination as to what it could look like."

Kendall still has the sniffles, but he's more or less over the Evo flu, and both doctors checked on him to make sure of that. So he's very happy at this point in time. When he and Melissa stop in front of the house, he eyes it. "Looks haunted." he remarks dubiously. "Like someone was murdered in there and lingers to this very day." isn't that a cheerful thought?

Melissa laughs at that, shaking her head, and she starts for the little iron gate, tugging it open to lead Jerry and Kendall up into the small front yard. "I doubt it's haunted, but hey, having our own little ghost could be cool, right? Could be a helpful ghost, like Casper."

"Well I don't think I'd mind at all so long as it's not like one of the ghosts in the movie Thirteen Ghosts. They killed people." Kendall wrinkles his nose. "So… is it supposed to look all run-down and stuff?"

"Oh my god, you referenced a movie in normal conversation!" Melissa wraps her good arm around his shoulders for a quick squeeze. "I'm so proud! See here? There's a tear of joy." And so when her arm leaves him, her mood seems a little lighter. "And yeah, it is. All of these properties around here were abandoned a while back. I figure we'll leave the front looking pretty much how it is so we don't get bothered. But the back…" She motions for Kendall to lead the way around back.

Kendall gives Melissa a weird look when she fangirls over him making a movie reference. Ooookay. "What, is this another safehouse or something?" he asks, trotting through the yard as best he can with all the snow to go around the back. "Hey, nice yard. Jerry could roam free here, maybe." the run-down fence is eyed dubiously, however. "Maybe not."

Melissa shakes her head as she follows him around. "Nope. Well…sorta. But mostly, this'll be our house. One place for us to stay rather than moving around from safehouse to safehouse since Roosevelt got invaded. But I figure…there are enough bedrooms, that if a couple people need a place to stay, they could stay here. Would that be cool with you?"

Glancing to the fence Mel smiles. "Yeah, it needs some work, but we'll fix the fence so Jerry can play back here. And who knows, maybe I'll learn how to garden or something."

"I can see it now, you end up one of those little old ladies in a huge sunbonnet and pads on her knees, puttering around with a watering can." Kendall teases, stepping back a pace in case she felt like smacking him for that.

Melissa gives a shudder at that image, shaking her head. "God no. If I ever look like that, you're welcome to push me into the harbor. But you didn't answer my question. Would that be cool with you? I don't imagine we'd have people here often, just every once in a while."

"Yeah, I suppose so. I mean, I'm not the type to throw wild parties anyway." Kendall's too much of a geek for that. "It'd be nice to have new people every now and then too." maybe some of them would be willing to play a card game or two with Kendall?

Melissa smiles and nods. "Okay, cool. Wanna go check out the inside then? You can pick out which room'll be yours. And don't even think of claiming the master bedroom. That's totally mine."

"Yeah, sure." Kendall tells Melissa, looking at the house. "It looks like crap from back here, too." he starts trotting for the door. "You have the key to the back door too?" he asks her.

"Well…there isn't really a key. The first thing I intend to fix on this place is putting in working locks," Melissa admits, heading up towards the back door and pushing it open, before she motions for Kendall to step inside.

"Well that's safe." Kendall snorts and follows her up, looking around the house. He sneezes immediately, but it's probably due more to the dust than any lingering Evo flu. "Aw, man, are we going to have to clean this place up ourselves?" he complains.

Melissa laughs. "Don't worry, I'm a neat freak. I'll probably do most of the cleaning. Though I wouldn't mind some help with the repair stuff. And not just you. I fully intend to grab a bunch of pizzas and beer and nag some friends over to help."

"Well that's good, I'm not sure how much help I would be. I'm not much of a repairman. My parents…" Kendall halts, and sighs. "My mom would know how best to make this house look great, but…"

"Hey, do I look like a repairman?" Melissa points out with a smile, nudging him towards the door. "I figure if nothing else I'll grab a couple of those For Dummies home repair books."

Kendall goes off to wander the house looking for a room to claim as his own. A short amount later he comes tromping down the stairs, likely causing them to groan and creak, and he eyes them dubiously. "I hope this place is structurally sound." he tells her. "I don't like the idea of coming down and falling through the stairs one day."

Melissa smiles and shakes her head. "Nah, before I settled on this place I went into every room and every stair and jumped up and down on 'em, just to make sure it was safe. you won't fall through anything. Promise."

"If you say so." fortunately Kendall isn't big for his age. "All right, I picked a room. Er… when are we going to move in? There's nothing here, no furniture, no anything." he reaches for a light switch and toggles it. "No electricity."

Melissa gives another shake of her head. "Nah, there's electricity, it just seems like most of the lights are busted. Won't lie to you, it'll take some work. But it'll be an awesome place when it's done."

Kendall looks skeptical, but shrugs. "If you say so." he repeats, kicking at some trash on the floor. "We're not staying here tonight, are we?" he really hopes not, this place is filthy. "Probably need to paint it." moodily, he squats down on the floor and starts tracing something in the dust on the floor, glancing around at the room. At some point, the room changes, the dust disappearing, the walls brightening with a nice coat of paint, furniture, lights on, and basically looking like a page on Home and Garden magazine. Well his power's certainly returned, it seems.

Melissa wrinkles her nose and shakes her head. "God no. I can't sleep in a place in this…condition…" Her lips curve into a smile as she looks around, then back to Kendall. "That's seriously awesome. See? This place can look a lot better with a bit of work and time."

Kendall stands up and scuffs his little tracing, and the room returns to what it really looks like. Wiping his dusty finger on his pants, he shrugs. "Yeah, but how much work is that going to take?" he looks thoughtful. "I wonder if there's any power that allows someone to clean stuff. That'd be really useful."

"Well, telekinetics would be useful, or maybe a hydrokinetic," Melissa muses. "And it'll be a lot of work, but like I said…pizza and beer."

"Can I have a beer too?" Kendall asks innocently. Technically he's already had one, thanks to Tony, who gave him one to demonstrate his own powers of illusion. Kendall slept well that night.

Melissa shrugs. "Don't see why not. It's not like you'll be out getting drunk and causing problems. And it's just a beer, so hey. I'm all for experiences like that growing up."

"Really?" Kendall perks. Whoo! He can break the law! Ok, so it's not that awesome, but still. "Know any telekinetics or hydrokinetics?" the teenager asks Melissa, looking around. "I bet if someone could teleport they could teleport this dust elsewhere."

Melissa shrugs a little. "Yeah, why not? And I don't know a hydrokinetic, but I know a telekinetic. For that matter, I know a couple of teleporters too. I'll include them on the guest list for the cleaning party."

"Cool. Introduce them to me when the time comes!" and Kendall goes back up the stairs, likely to go try out his power on the room he picked to see what it would look like in better shape.

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