I Dream Of Kazimir


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Scene Title I Dream Of Kazimir
Synopsis Eve passes along information.
Date December 29, 2008

Central Park

Central Park has been, and remains, a key attraction in New York City, both for tourists and local residents. Though slightly smaller, approximately 100 acres at its southern end scarred by and still recovering from the explosion, the vast northern regions of the park remain intact.

An array of paths and tracks wind their way through stands of trees and swathes of grass, frequented by joggers, bikers, dog-walkers, and horsemen alike. Flowerbeds, tended gardens, and sheltered conservatories provide a wide array of colorful plants; the sheer size of the park, along with a designated wildlife sanctuary add a wide variety of fauna to the park's visitor list. Several ponds and lakes, as well as the massive Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, break up the expanses of green and growing things. There are roads, for those who prefer to drive through; numerous playgrounds for children dot the landscape.

Many are the people who come to the Park - painters, birdwatchers, musicians, and rock climbers. Others come for the shows; the New York Shakespeare Festival at the Delacorte Theater, the annual outdoor concert of the New York Philharmonic on the Great Lawn, the summer performances of the Metropolitan Opera, and many other smaller performing groups besides. They come to ice-skate on the rink, to ride on the Central Park Carousel, to view the many, many statues scattered about the park.

Some of the southern end of the park remains buried beneath rubble. Some of it still looks worn and torn, struggling to come back from the edge of destruction despite everything the crews of landscapers can do. The Wollman Rink has not been rebuilt; the Central Park Wildlife Center remains very much a work in progress, but is not wholly a loss. Someday, this portion of Central Park just might be restored fully to its prior state.

She's resting on a park bench as the third hour past noon comes and goes. A guitar case and backpack sit near her feet, protected by winter boots. The woman's hair is hanging free around her shoulders and down her back. The rest of her is covered by a coat and jeans along with gloves with the fingertips cut out.

Those fingers move across the strings and frets, making sounds enhanced by the small amp next to the case on the ground. She seems a bit troubled, the face and eyes suggest something is eating at her, and the tune being played is melancholy.

A fellow musician comes upon Cat as she is playing, she has been wanting to talk to someone from Phoenix and let them know about the dream for a while now. And now she has her chance. Eve is dressed in a long black dress and jacket with black boots. Her heels click on the ground. She hums along with Cat with a smile and then stops in front of Cat.

A few moments later she looks up and focuses attention on Eve, her fingers going still on the instrument. "Hey," Cat offers, a brow raising. "I've seen you before," she adds. "Organizational gatherings." The woman seems a bit haunted by a loss of some sort, there's grief and perhaps some guilt in her eyes, on her face, which she tries to avoid having be obvious.

"Yes you have. Eve, remember?" The seer asks and goes to sit on the park bench, she knows that look all too well. The look of losing someone dear to you, add that with Eve's dream and she instantly feels sorry for Cat. But she isn't here for that, no she is not. "I need you to tell the people of Phoenix of my dream. I would have brought the painting but it's in my car, I walked here." Eve doesn't waste time getting to the point.

"I remember," Cat answers quietly. Talk of a dream gives her something to focus on, other than what's felt inside, a welcome thing in these days for her. "I'm listening," she states, her instrument being set aside to do just that. "What was your dream concerning? And if I could, I'd really like to see the painting." Eve's face is watched, to get some sense of what surrounds this vision.

Eve closes her eyes and tilts her head, making the dream come back so that she can tell Cat about it. "Kazimir and his group they are planning something big. My dream started with me standing on a bridge crossing the Hudson then a shadow came with his cane, that is undoubtedly Kazimir. After that the wolf came and the wolf charged me while the shadow just kept walking toward me, then all of a sudden the other bridges around me began to explode and fall apart. Mine was the last to go."

Eve explains with a grave expression. "This one of my most literal dreams ever. Let Helena know, that maybe patrols need to be done around the bridges connecting to the Hudson river or something. I will be talking to Noah concerning this within the next few days." Eve sighs and rubs her temples the dream now stuck in her head. "It can't be allowed to happen." Eve says blankly. "I have a picture of it on my phone, I didn't know if that would be good enough though."

With her features hardening, Cat listens and records all that's shared about this dream. "Kazimir," she mutters. "He plans to take out bridges across the Hudson." Her guitar is put away in the case and closed up, then slung across a shoulder. The backpack follows, while she asks "What's the image quality on the photograph?"

"That bastard /will/ die." It isn't said why but Cat should be able to figure it out. "It's pretty good actually." Eve brings out her phone and finds the picture she took of the painting to show to Cat.

The painting is of a series of bridges all of them in various stages of being blown up except one which a three figures can be seen. Eve standing in the middle with a big wolf stalking towards her the shadow that is Kazimir has expanded and doesn't look like anything remotely human. "How is that?" Eve asks.

Her eyes take in the image shown to her briefly, it doesn't take long to record the image in her head, and Cat speaks with an edge to her voice. "I have issues with Herr Volken and his organization," she mutters darkly. Ethan's face pops into her mind, along with Dani screaming as her thumb was cut off, and later the sight of her with all fingers of her left hand amputated. "Oh, yes, we have business to be addressed."

Silent moments follow, during which she visualizes parts of information previously gathered, then speaks again. She shares an email address. "Can you send me that photo?"

"Oh yes, me as well. Remember that when these fuckers are being brought down." Eve says and all the anger she has for the man fills her voice. But she quickly shoves it down. Not time to unleash it yet. "Yes I can and will send it."

"Thank you," Cat answers as she slings the gear over her shoulders. "His group, they're up to things which go deeper than my personal business with them." She doesn't elaborate, her mind moving on to entering the image and the details around it into the files, along with passing the word to Doctor Ray. "Take care, Eve."

Her feet go in motion, carrying her toward headquarters to do what's needed with the information.

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