I Gather You're Satisfied


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Scene Title I Gather You're Satisfied
Synopsis Ling and Wendy catch up again to get more Refrain and further establish that dealer/customer bond.
Date September 2, 2009

Random Chinese Restaurant

One month. That's how long it had been since Ling Chao had begun her "formal" business arrangement with Liu Ye and the Triads. One month of unfamiliar territory, of unfamiliar transactions, and unfamiliar faces. One month of adjusting to something she never expected to be doing. And yet, in that month, it she had adapted far better than she had expected. While she hadn't spoken with Liu Ye directly, she was sure he as pleased with how she was handling the sales and movement of Refrain. She certainly was.

Now, however, she found herself more than a little amused. Today, she was waiting in the same restaurant she had made her first push in, with an order she had a sneaking suspicion was for a familiar customer. It had been a good few days, at least for her, and she had a feeling it was about to get better. Looking down at her new watch, she watches the door carefully, hoping that much more time isn't wasted…

She's running a bit behind, just a fraction. But it's Wendy, and thus is standard. She had to dodge the guy that her father put on her lest her report back that his baby girls done fallen down that darn drug rabbit hole again. BUt here she comes in a flowing dress, long chiffon scarf tied like a headband around her head with it's ends running free beneath her hair.

Takes her only a few moments to find the person she's looking for and to make her way over to the Asian woman. "Good day"

A smile crosses her face as Wendy comes into view. Ling considered the woman her best customer, maybe not in terms o visits, but certainly in terms of volume purchased. As Wendy approaches, Ling sits up, he back straightening as she steeples her fingers, eyeing other Evolved for a moment before speaking. "A pleasure to see you again, Wendy," she begins, a beckoning motion made with her left hand. "I hear you've been busy lately," she comments, an idle attempt at conversation before moving on to business proper.

"Just a fraction. Nothing that wasn't over and ready for the next adventure" Across from Ling she slides unshouldering her purse and settling it on the seat. "But I always come back to you darling!" There's a wide grin on her face. "I have gotten many, many requests for what you so delightfully have. I'm already out sadly"

The smile on Ling's face extends to match Wendy's, though it lacks the distinctly mirthful quality that Wendy's seems to carry. "Oh? Yes, I suppose that would make sense," Ling replies. She feels, for a moment, the uncharacteristic desire to throw a less than serious, sarcastic remark the other woman's way, but decides against it. Perhaps that attitude of her was more infectious than Ling realized. Shaking her head, Ling reaches down to side and places a large carrier bag on the table, it settling with a bit of a thunk.

"I am glad to hear, however, that you prefer me over many of the other dealers that have popped up," Ling continues, fiddling with the bag. Giving these meetings a personal touch, feigned or not, was always worth the extra effort. "There is another place you can go if you ever wish to pick up your orders more directly, however. Recently established." She was careful not to make it sound like she didn't want to see Wendy, since it was just the opposite.

"Coming to you means that I'll get that thing that i'm looking for and not that blue dyed rat poison that some jerk was trying to peddle in rapture. Or watered down" But, it's always good to have another trusted source for the Refrain and it intrigues the brunette.

"Surely, it's not competition that your sending me to, but to your sister in business yes?" Wendy's long fingers suss out a pair of chopsticks, come wooden ones that are still attached at the top and pries them apart.

Ling offers a soft chuckle and a nod in response, leaning back a bit in her seat. Knowing that her customers had that trust in her meant she was doing her job right, and that alone made this whole trip worth it. It meant that the word would be spread that she had the genuine thing, and that would drive more business to her, and the more business came to her, the more she please Liu. And the more she pleased Liu, she believed, the more likely she'd get more information so she could do her primary job.

Turning her attention back to Wendy, she smiles. "Sister is a good way of putting it, yes," she replies, pulling out a business card or The Lucky Monkey, one of several she'd been sure to pick up on her last trip to the establishment. "If you wish, you can place orders through me or others in the future, and pick them up here. That's entire up to you, however. I, for one, like the personal touch."

The business card is lifted from Ling, a glance over the face and a forefinger stroked along the cardstock. "I like you because I know I'll get what I want, and I know that i'm not going to get fucked over. I like getting it from you because you don't question the large order, nor do you screw me over with the money. plus, familiarity is something I enjoy. I like that personal touch" Speaking of touch, there it is, that intangibility with it's smoky flavor.

"But, if something arises, then.. I can visit this-" Wendy looks down at the card. "Lucky Monkey. I can send some people that way too. Your little designer drug's been making the round. They even have a new name for it. Some people call it Refrain, others call it the Blue Fairy"

An eyebrow is raised at Wendy's comment. She hadn't yet heard this, but it was good to know for future reference, in the even someone asked her for some Blue Fairy. In act, she would have to look more, exactly, into this matter later. For now, there was the matter at hand.

"Well, I'm glad we're in agreement on this, then. You're right, after all. I have no intentions of questioning you're orders, or playing with your trust. I would be a terrible businesswoman if I aspired to such pursuits." It's spoken somewhat ironically, given what field she's in now, but not without a grain of truth. Underhanded as she could be, she knew it wasn't in her best interest to screw the customer base. Not yet, at least.

"Now, if I may move on…" the Chinese woman begins, nudging over the carrier bag she had placed on the table, "You should find the contents of your order, in it's entirety, contained in the box in this bag. In the event your order isn't complete or something's become of the product, please, let me know immediately and I'll make an effort to fix the problem as soon as possible." Customer service was always something she'd been good at. "And feel free to hold on to the bag. "

And in exchange for that bag, there's a little silk purse, the kind one might find in any of the shops along the street. long enough to carry a fair chunk of bills. It's slid behind the bag as she peers in, a rapt expression on her face as if Ling was passing over some birthday present for the woman. Part of it for show, part of it, because, thank god, more Refrain. She could get a hold of Logan and sell him some. "I certainly shall" She lifts her eyes to the Asian woman. One bad trip, of all of it that I've taken personally"

Ling's smile once more widens to a grin, this time a bit more devious vibe to it. "Oh, really? I find that very intriguing. I appreciate you passing that along to me, it will be good to know for future marketing." Any thing she could spin as a positive, she would. Reaching out to take hold of the silk purse, Ling takes it and holds it below the lip of the table, popping it open so that she can view it's contents. A mildly gleeful feeling sweeps over her as she sees the money within, carefully removing it and transferring it to another purse. Wordlessly, she slips the silk purse back to the middle of the table, only smiling at Wendy for several seconds before speaking up again.

"So, Ms. Hunter, I gather you're satisfied?"

"Beyond satisfied. I'll assume this concludes our business for now, though I have a question. Who at the lucky monkey should I be talking to if I require more Blue Fairy?" Wendy's gathering up her things, the wooden chopsticks placed to the side and forgotten about. If she'd been wearing her hair up she might have stabbed them into her hair for shits and giggles. "And how is the good doctor?"

Ling's smile falters for a second when Wendy points out that she forgot to mention who was her contact at the Lucky Monkey. An amateur mistake at best, and while she was still new to this game it was one she should not have made. "Of course, dear," Ling replies, rising from her seat and extending a hand. "A woman named Ellen Fung will be who are looking for. As for the doctor…" she hesitates, smiling. "He is in good spirits. I am to return there before the day is done myself. Perhaps you should stop in and see him yourself, sometime." If Bao-Wei was aware that Ling was edging the woman towards him for whatever he would do with her, she was sure he'd be elated.

'Ellen Fung" Repeated to make sure she's got it right. "Well then, pleasure to see you again Ling" There's that mischievous chesire cat smile. "I have a date, with a fairy. Till next we meet again!" Away from the table Wendy slide, carrier bag in hand and grin as a tip is laid down for the use of the table and water before she walks away.

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