I Get All Gooey


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Scene Title I Get All Gooey
Synopsis Quinn comes to visit, and hears Tess's big complaint for the day.
Date December 6, 2010

Dorchester Towers: Penthouse

Afternoon. A very dull time for Tess lately, since she can't work or go running around the city. Unless she wants to hurt herself. And she doesn't! Pain is bad, mmkay? So, it's the couch, munchies and daytime TV. Which right now seems to mean Jerry Springer. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! But then there's a knock on the door and she glances over, more wary than before. Last time she opened the door someone just barged in. But she gets up, moving over to it and peeking out the spyhole.

It's a Quinn!

That's enough to put a bright smile on Tess's face before she unlocks the door and flings it open. "Quinn!" she cries happily before flinging her arms around the other woman and delivering a tight hug. "I was hopin' I'd be seein' you soon. Got sooooooo much to talk about'n do'n I just missed ya!"

"Waah!" Quinn teeter totters a bit as arms are thrown around her, blinking for a moment as she looks down at Tess. She's dressed in a long button up black coat, matching skirt and stockings. Very morose look, to be honest, and if someone didn't know Quinn better, the tired look in her eyes would relay a much different message than Robyn Quinn normally does. "Heya Tess. What's up? Sounds like you've been busy since the last time I was here." She looks off over the direction of the TV, rolling her eyes as she hears the chanting. "You probably have like a million channels here. You should watch less shit TV."

Lips twitch into a mischievous smile and Tess shrugs, hooking an arm through one of Quinn's to draw her in and nudge the door shut. "I like Jerry Springer. And nah, not really that much. Just been doin' a lot of thinkin' mostly. Though there was a disastrous game of pool with an equally disastrous wager on it. I think I ended up agreein' to be a slave for six months." Though she doesn't look too concerned about it.

"But what's up with you? You look like someone ran over your puppy or somethin'. Oh god, you don't have a puppy and someone really did run over it, did they?" she asks, expression horrified.

"A what for how long?" Quinn replies quickly with a raised eyebrow. "Please tell me you at least lost this bet t' a cute guy." Pause. "Or girl." Quinn grins a bit, letting herself be dragged in without much resistence. "You realise you have t' tell me exactly what the hell you're talkin' about, right?"

And then she looks a bit off to the side, shrugging. "I haven't really been up t' much. No puppies run ver, I have a cat. She's fine too." She looks back down at Tess, then for a chair. "Just, ah, been visting a friend over the weekend. Didn't really end up gettin' much sleep last night, but that's nothing too terrible, really."

"A slave for six months. And oh yeah, it's totally to a cute guy. The one I mentioned before? Or,w ell, one of 'em anyway. The one you said prolly just wanted me for sex? That one. I'll have to make sure you two meet sometime. He liked your adivce on just havin' fun," Tess says, grinning and flopping down onto a sofa. "And glad nothin' got ran over. You just look tired and it makes me wanna shove you to bed, bundle you up'n make you sleep for like, twelve hours straight."

"Of course he did," Quinn replies with a bit of a chuckle and a roll of her eyes. "I'll be fine, don't worry. I'll probably catch a nap later. Gotta do stuff t'night, though. Hopefully stuff that won't keep me up too late, bug tstuff anyway." She offers a bit of a smile, hands emerging from her coat pockets as she looks around the apartment. "So, really? Pool an' that's up? With a place like this, Tess, you need a more exciting life. You need t' throw a party."

"Most of the cool people I know aren't respondin'. Like I heard somethin's goin' wonky with Delia, and I'm all worried about her. And I can't get a hold of Manny. But there is you'n Sable'n Tahir'n maybe Nick'n this other chick who was apparently friends with my dad'n didn't know he was dead until she barged in lookin' for him. Oh, and Jaiden, he's cool. And a sweetie. Delia's lucky with him," Tess says, head tilting as she considers. "Maybe Logan, or Richard. No, not at the same time. That'd go bad."

She shrugs and grins. "I do normally lead an excitin' life though. Gettin' shot just sorta put a damper on my plans. But not for long! Soon I will back to bein' party girl!"

"i'll have t' meet some a' your friends sometime, Tess. We can friend swap, it'll be fun!" One would think at least. But then, QUinn doesn't know John Logan or realise she speaks of Richard Cardinal. "Well, clearly, we need t' get you movin' again. No moree dickin' around, we need t' pick your life up by the ass an' kick it int' ass. It'll be fun, I promise." Quinn grins, looking around for a seat. "So, we should totally arrange somethin'. Soon."

Tess grins and nods. "I have no doubt it'll be fun. And trust me, I don't like sittin' here recoverin'. I need to be out, movin' around. Dancin'. Though I think I might have to find another job. Who wants a stripper with a scar on her stomach, yanno? But that's okay, maybe it'll give me more time for photography."

"Eh, I'm sure it'll be fine," Quinn replies with a bit of a shrug as she walks about the room. She doesn't seem that inclined to sit, at elast at the moment. "I mean- I dunno. It's not like it's the movies. I'm sure not every stripper out there is perfect. An' if he does fire you, sue the fuck outta the owner!"

"She, actually. Club I work at's owned by a chick. Older chick," Tess corrects automatically, her head tilting as she watches Quinn wander. "And no, not every stripper's perfect, but you saw the place. They're picky as hell about what their dancers look like. It's total A-team only. No B-team allowed. And, to be honest, kinda worried 'bout the whole glue thing. I have no idea how to control it. When my emotions go kablooey, I get all gooey."

"You should really see someone about that," Quinn comments absently, ceasing her wanderig to look back at Tess. "It's a shame the Suresh Center's on Roosevelt, I'm sure they could help you get that, you knwo… workin' better. I'm lucky, that I know someone else with my ability to tutor me. Even if she is kinda a bitch most of the time." Quinn wrinkles her nose a bit at the thought of Colette, before letting out a bit of a sigh, followed by a smirk. "Hey now. I tried not t' look. You know that. Maybe I didn't see."

"Why would you try not to see?" Tess asks curiously. "And yeah, guess it would help to have someone else with the same ability. But so far I've met…you, a hydrokinetic, and someone who messes with dreams. But the Suresh Center? Can't hurt to look into it."

Quinn laughs, reaching over and ruffling Tess' hair. "Because I try not t' see cute girls naked unless I'm in bed with them," she replies with a grin. "Plus, strip clubs make me… kinda really awkward. It's not my scene." She shrugs a bit before continuing. "The Suresh Centre's supposed to be a place Evolved can go for help an' all. Seems like a good place t' start for me."

"Oh, so no strippin' down in front of you unless I'm gonna drag you off to bed?" Tess asks teasingly. "They really don't bother me. I guess my mind figured that if I was gonna grow up in one, I'd either better get used to 'em or get all sorts of psychological problems, and problems just don't work for me."

"Exactly," the musician replies with a laugh. "Well, I mean.. growin' up in 'em's one thing, really. BUt I think a strip club is about the only place on earth I feel uncomfortable bein' a lesbian. Well, that an' church, but that's… somethin' else entirely." There's a bit of a smile as Quinn resomes walking about the penthouse. "Dunno how you'll get to the Centre though, with RI closed off, an' I can't bring you t' work with me. Well, I could, but I'm sure they ahve ways a' making sure invisible people don't slip through."

"Wait, so you mean people can't even go to the Center? Then what good is it?" Tess asks, sounding a touch incredulous. "Maybe I'll just ask all the evolved I know, see if someone might be able to help me. 'Cause I'm tired of gluin' myself to everything. Glued myself to a lighter that was my dad's yesterday. In front of a total stranger. That was fun."

""Well, you could call them. See if you can arrange t' get on the island for the purpose of stopin' by? I mean, if you're havin' that much trouble an' worried it's gonna affect work, I'd say you should at least try." Qunn shrugs her shoulders a bit, hands slipping back into her coat. "I don't really think I know anyone with any kinda similar power, sadly. But I'll keep an ear out about it." Has she said this before? She thinks she might have said this before.

Tess nods. "Yeah, I'll give 'em a call. Figure somethin' out. 'Cause it does affect everything. I mean, I glued myself to you once! Surprised there was no gluin' durin' sex yet, but I'm bettin' my luck won't hold there," she says with a grin. "But what've you been up to besides visitin' a friend?"

"What's wrong with music stuff? Music's awesome. I sing a couple hours everyday now that I'm hangin' around here." Tess grins then. "Bought by a producer huh? She hot? Should I expect you to try'n get her into bed? Or is she a total dog and that's why the business thing works out fine?"

"Nothing at all," Quinn replies with a smile. "But variety is the spice of life, yes?" Red hair is threaded out of Quinn's vision as she paces, the musician shaking her ehad as she movies. "She's hot, but it was clear it was a business thing. So I'm not even worried about it any other way. Besides, I have a girlfriend, remember?"

"So no drunken makeout sessions? Awww," Tess says, grinning at Quinn. "But who is your girlfriend anyway? Don't think you ever said her name or anything. Just 'my girlfriend'."

"aah, well…" It's not to say Quinn is ashamed of Ygraine. Not in the slightest. But the reaction that she's gotten, particularly the married part, in the last few days has left Quinn feeling a little uncomfortable, even if she won't admit it to herself. "She's a Brit named Ygraine," is all she really offers.

"Ygraine? I've met her. She did this cool trick with parkour and usin' her ability to cheat and crouch on the side of a building!" Tess says, grinning brightly. "But why d'ya seem so reluctant to tell me her name?" she asks, grin gone to be replaced by confusion.

"Never been an intentional thing," Quinn replies with a bit of a shrug. "When the hell did you meet her, though?" She quirks an eyebrow, as if for some reason she canth fathom Ygraine meeting someone she knows and aving it not be through her.

"At Jaiden's house," Tess says, shrugging. "Went over there for…uh…photography stuff, prolly, and she was there trainin' with him on an obstacle course he built. Was a month or two ago, I guess."

Wait, this sounds familiar. Oh wait! Quinn's heard this before! "Ooooh! She told me about that, I totally forgot t' mention it t' you. Wow, I feel really stupid now." Quinn wrinkles her nose, eyeing Tess. "But yeah. No reluctance."

Tess grins and shrugs. "Don't worry about it, darlin'. We all forget things. And there's been a hell of a lot goin' on since then. The riots, my dad, gettin' shot…It's totally understandable that you'd forget a thing or two."

"Yeah, a lot's been goin' on," QUinn replies thoughtfully, looking around the room. "Still, kinda funny. Wish I hadn't forgotten. So, what're you doin' later this week?"

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