I got this friend...


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Scene Title I got this friend…
Synopsis Kurt has this friend, and he needs some help and advice for her. He also has a few questions of his own and puts his trust in Brennan.
Date October 14, 2009

Brennan General Practitionary

Promised to stop by the office, grab some things, check in, then head home. Michelle was not gonna keep dinner for him at his request. He'd pick up some heart attack between a bun on the way home. So it is, that he's parked his ford in front of the building in an illegal zone thanks to his MD plates and getting out. Keys swinging back and forth, leather doctors satchel in hand that doubles as a briefcase. Stacy locked up already after canceling appointments.

Kurt comes down the street on a old but well maintained bike. Hopping off he goes to lock is up against a pole out here and shakes his head half expecting the poor thing gone by the time he gets out. Looking up towards the building the man looks down at a piece of paper pulled from his pocket and a hum passes his lips as he looks back up at the building. Heading over to the door he waits for the older man to go in first patiently.

Brennan nods to Kurt as he follows in, heading straight for the elevator and pressing a button. "Evening" The doctor offers to Kurt. "Enjoying the fresh air? Pretty nice to not get a lungful of smog for the first time huh?" Brennan free hand rises to rough a hand over his hair - really it's so short, you could call it stubble - and offer a chin nod to the younger guy.

Kurt smiles brightly at this as he looks at the paper and heads for the elevator himself returning the older man's chin nod, "It's great really. Lived here my whole life and I can't remember it being this clean ever." Kurt is a big fan of miracle day, "Plus done is Chelsea the kids got a new park out of no where. Great work." He isn't hesitant about giving his opinion on the evolved population's work.

"Miracle day was fairly impressive yes" The elevator dings open and Brennan steps in, leather jacket brushing against the doors as he goes. Forefinger descends to press the fourth floor, the one for his office and it lights up in reaction. "I suspect that soon, Phoenix will likely call for a third Miracle Day and the city will be in uproar, but, it's a good thing they're calling for. Using gifts for benevolent purposes, showing what good can come from them"

Kurt nods his head in agreement with the man and watches him push the 4th floor button so he doesn't have to. Leaning back against the wall of the elevator the darker man voices his agreement too, "I'm a big fan of most of Phoenix's work but the miracle day idea really is the icing on the cake to me. This year was just as good as the last, to bad about the kids in Texas or where ever that was. Horrible group that Humanis First are. I really don't understand there stance, but it's hard to I'm sure for many, or I hope at least."

"There's a lot of the world, not enough love" Brenna opines as the doors close and the elevator starts to heave upwards. "Fourth floor eh? "Doc Mginley's?" He's looking over Kurt now, checking him out. There's nothing but Doctors offices on the fourth floor.

Kurt shakes his head at this, "Was looking for Doctor Brennan actually. Heard he was a good sort." The young man compliments the man he was told to visit by another one of the bike couriers. "I hope he's still about though, I know it's a little late but I gotta work to eat."

There's a duck of the head to one side and an offer of his hand to Kurt. "Harve Brennan, pleasure to meet you. Might I get the honor of your name since you already know mine? I apologize too, normally I'm taking patients this time of the day, but I had to cancel, I hope Stacy got a hold of you"

Kurt ohs and looks a touch taken back, "Oh well a pleasure to meet you sir, Kurt Campbell." He takes the offered hand and gives a light non-threatening or challenging shake. then the man sputters a touch nervously, "Well I um never made an appointment…forgot about that part I guess…" He gives the doctor a half smile.

There's a nod of head and firm grip before Brennan lets go. 'Generally, that's the process, since I'm only here half the week. Not that I don't mind a walk in when we can squeeze them in." The elevator dings and the doors swish open. "But, I have the time, what seems to be the issue? Already told the wife I was gonna be late. If you don't mind that there's no one around…" Brennan leans over, faux conspiratorially. "And don't mind that I dump you in an ice bath and steal a kidney" One hand goes out to keep the door open. "Last parts a joke"

Kurt touches along his side where he thinks a kidney is, "Well if it's only one…I figure it'll be alright then." The young man grins back to the doctor and then shrugs his shoulders a touch reluctant all of the sudden, "Well two issues really…Ones sort of about my room mate but there is no way I could get her here. She's actually a surgeon herself or was really, it's complicated." He stutters over words.

That raises some brows and he gestures towards the hallway and the door on the end. Brennan General Practitionary the sign reads. "So your friend is a surgeon. Something wrong with her?" His free hand settles in an easy sway back forth as he walks, his bag bearing hand providing the counter weight to the motion. one goes forward, the other goes back.

Kurt nods his head at this and makes sure no one else is in the hallway, "Yeah she use to be from what I know. She's a morphine addict but she's trying really hard to get off that stuff. I just..I don't know anything about it and really just wanted some advice maybe about things I could do to help her?" He asks a touch of a pleading tone, "I know it's not like conventional to ask a doctor this stuff but she'd kill me for talking to someone about it so I figured all that doctor patient confidentiality stuff…"

"Morphine" Wow. A hand comes up to rub at his face and down along his jaw, the stubble there rasping as he goes. "Well-" Brennan looks over to Kurt before reaching for his keys again. "She needs Rehab, at the least. If she's trying to go it alone? With just you to help her? I mean, in Rehab, they have drugs to help her, wean her off of it. Morphine isn't something to sneeze at"

Kurt shakes his head at this, "Not really possible. She'd never agree to it. Is there anything I can get to give to her without her being in rehab?" He asks with a raised eyebrow and runs a hand over his own short cropped hair, "She's been cutting down a lot and trying to slowly wean herself off of it but she gets pretty stressed out alot."

"uhh" The door unlocks once the key is inserted, twisted, swung open to let Kurt in before him. "There's places to do outpatient. Being a surgeon though, sounds like she's doing a slow process, which is good, I mean, as good as one can get, but-" there's always a but. "But she'd need to seek outpatient therapy if she won't do inpatient. They can prescribe her the withdrawl medication, ease her through it faster. I can find out some names of clinics for you. I hope your friend isn't still practicing, that's not healthy for her patients" Ever the cautious man.

Kurt shakes his head at this to reassure the doctor, "Oh no she's not working at the moment at all." He nods his head at this, "Alright but could I pick up the drugs at any of these places for her? I mean would she have to go?" He's a touch overcautious about all of this and really doesn't wanna drag the blonde roomie into a clinic at all.

"They'll want to see her, there's no two ways around it. Judge where she is. Again, Admirable that she wants to kick the habit, but this is morphine. There's a reason it's a controlled substance and why it and Heroin withdrawal are treated much the same way. The addiction rate is high" The door closes behind them and he gestures over towards another door that reads staff only. Not that patients dont' come through this door, but only when invited.

Kurt walks with the doctor wherever he wants to go and nods his head at this, "I figured it might be but then I'm totally drug dumb thankfully. My mom would have killed me if she lived through the bomb." He smirks a little at the mention of death by mother despite the touch subject, "I'll try and talk to her about it."

"I'll dig up the name of some outpatient places. Maybe they'll be more lenient and willing, what with her being a doctor and all" Towards his office he walks, down a hall then turning left to a door with his nameplate on it. "What was the second thing that you needed?"

Kurt hums and nods his head to the doctor man, "Thanks doc." He smiles brightly at this, hopefully he can figure something out soon. Worrying at the paper he still holds in his hand the man then clears his throat finally and says, "Well it's odd really. I've never shown any evolved abilities but there was this lady who was right about my roomies and then told me I could like walk through walls but was unmanifested…I know there is a test for this stuff and sort of wanted to do it…" He looks a touch sheepish over this idea, "I just heard you were pretty sympathetic to the evolved."

Sympathetic to the evolved. "I would hope I'm sympathetic, I am one myself" He points out. "I don't carry the tests in our inventory on a daily basis but give me a week and come back, I'll have my hands on one and we can test you" Brennans quick, gathering some things from his drawers that he'll need, tucking a spare pen and pencil in, as well as grabbing a small wrapped present from another drawer and stuffing it in the satchel. "Lemme get you my business card" He opens the center drawer, drawing out a clean cream colored card and passing it over.

Kurt takes the card and nods his head, "Thanks. I could go get the normal testing but well I prefer not to really so this is very appreciated Sir." He smiles and tucks the card into his back pocket quickly so it isn't lost. "You're evolved sir? I didn't hear that sorry." He says then and smiles, "Mind me asking what you can do Doctor?"

Brennan laughs at that. The sorry part. "I'm not Sorry. I negate. I can turn off a person's ability. Comes in handy at the Suresh Center when there's someone who's hurt and their ability is spontaneously going off under stress. But I'll see about getting the test in for you. We'll find out soon enough whether you can walk through stuff or not" Done fetching stuff, he plants his hands on the back of his seat, leaning against it. "Can I ask if you'll register if you find out that you are?"

Kurt hums and shrugs at this, "I don't know. I'm a little afraid the government people will see me as a big threat, sort of the reason I want to know. I mean it's not every day someone can just walk through a wall. I could rob a bank or something like that and not have a problem doing it. Not like I would." He is quick to add the last part. "Negating would be good in your profession yeah."

"Gives you food for though doesn't it. Probably one of the greatest choices that someone who knows what their genetics mean, who manifest and learn that they're not your average every day joe" Brennan's keys are scooped off the table and settle into his hands easily as the satchel is picked up with his other. "Time to close up. I'd suggest thinking long and hard on whether you do or not. Not, and getting caught, comes with it's own price. Registration right now, flawed as it might be, is the legal route. In my humble opinion, better to register and avoid the fine and jail time yeah? Besides, you don't know what you can do, you just suspect what it is. You don't really got to put down what you can do, until you manifest and sometimes, some people never manifest, yet they carry the gene" Oh so kindly pointed out.

Kurt ohs and a loud sigh is given at this, "Really? I might not?" It sounds a touch too hopeful and Kurt grins widely, "I just mean this woman Wendy was so exactly right about my roomies ability when I didn't even know she had it yet that I've just been assuming she is right about mine if there is a chance." He shrugs and is rambling a little but the authority figure the doctor represents puts Kurt's secretiveness at ease.

Brennan shrugs again. "It's hereditary, it's in the genes, far as some know, which means likely one parent or the other is a carrier, and yet they never manifest. It's a crapshoot sometimes, you never know. I say, just take it a day at a time, and if you do fall through a floor or walk through a person, well.. congratulations, she was right. You got any other questions? Concerns?"

Kurt pales a little at the thought of falling through a floor and his head shakes quickly, "So next week then? I've not got a phone except my work one." He pulls out a simple card that he made on the computer with a cell phone number and his name on it, "Thanks for the help doctor."

"Anytime Kurt. Can I call you Kurt? That's what I'm here for. Glad I was stopping by so I could help you. I'll leave a message for you and drop a few numbers and information for your friend. She needs helps, more I think, than you or she can do on your own. Just see that she gets it"

Kurt nods his head and smiles brightly to the doctor, "Kurt's great, fine really." He nods his head, "Glad you're in town Doctor Brennan and thansk again from the roomie to though she'll probolly never know."

"You take care, and think really hard, bout what I told you" He'll let Kurt out, take his time locking his door, sliding keys away into pockets of his lather jacket to trade them for his cellphone. Watching Kurt depart and thumbing through his phonebook till he finds the address needed. He starts tapping out a text message while heading for the stairs. Tell your mom, home in half an hour. Be good, help with your sisters. D

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