I Guess We Can Take Her


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Scene Title I Guess We Can Take Her
Synopsis Abigail approaches Doyle about adding another to the population of the Lighthouse and to pass along the caution from the Linderman Group.
Date July 19, 2010

Gun Hill - Doyle's Office

"Dispa… dipsy… disspittable…" Lucy screws up her face as she tries to pronounce the word, stomping a foot in frustration before Mala provides quietly and helpfully, "Despicable."

"Yeah! Dispittable Me!" Lucy hugs Mala's arm happily, then looks back up to the man standing outside the super's office, "It has the fluffy unicorn that's so fluffy and the little yellow guys and they're so cute and the funny bald man adopts them to be their new dad and it's just like you and we wanna see it can we?"

Eric Doyle may learn to regret furnishing the children with basic cable. He certainly can't deal with the force of Mala, Lucy, and Lily all looking at him hopefully in a triumverate of supreme cuteness. He hems and haws, one hand sweeping back over his scalp before finally he exhales a heavy sigh and a chuckle, "Alright, alright… we can, we can go see it. I'll try to get some of the others to come help play chaperone, alright?" "Yay!" "You're the best, Santa!" Then he's being hugged by three little girls at once, and he exhales a low chuckle, smoothing their hair out and mumbling, "Alright, alright, that's enough."

You'd never know how much blood was on his hands to look at him, right now.

Doyle just lacks the accent. Though there are finger puppets.

Kasha picked up, Huruma off to do her thing and Abigail coming to her last day of some time off, she's coming up the steps of gun hill in search of Doyle with the soon to be infant in question sedately sequestered in her sling across Abby's body and peering out at the world while sucking on a soother. This shall likely distract the girls soon enough. Babies and little girls go together like little girls and unicorns.

Spotting the larger man, Abby smiles, prey spotted, honing in. "Eric! Girls! Despicable me? I hear it's really good. Maybe I'll come with you if I'm not working. Can I steal Eric from you for a little bit? I need to talk to him about some stuff" Skirt, tank tops, flip flops. De rigueur for the blonde these days.

"Yeah!" A chorus of agreement as the girls all turn towards Abigail as she asks about Despicable Me, and some of them promptly start looking at the baby curiously - before between her and Eric, they're soon shoo'd off, heading upstairs excitedly to give the other kids the good news. Well, the ones who care.

"What's this, then…? I didn't know you had a baby," Eric admits as he walks over with a wry smile, leaning in to smile at Kasha, hand raising to wriggle his fingers at her.

"I.. don't really. Congratulations!" Beaming smile on Abigail's faith as her attention falls on Eric and not the girls run off to talk about their good fortune. "Someone brought her to me. Her name is Kasha, or well that's what she's been called. Her mother apparently was a homeless woman who died of an overdose some night and left her behind. My friend found her and picked her up."

Kasha watches, eye's following fingertips that wriggle and move, fingers opening to attempt to grasp one of them. "She's tested positive for being evolved and so, I'm hoping the lighthouse will take her. Who knows, maybe a family will actually take her"

"Oh, jeeze…" As the finger's grasped, Doyle smiles gently, tugging the hand around a little without trying to break its tenuous grasp, "…well, you know, uh. The lighthouse isn't really open right now, what with Gillian missing, and all…" A look down to Abby, "I think we were planning on moving, too…"

"Well, I'm here about that too, playing messenger from your benefactor. This is what happens when you're dating Lindermans publicist. Can we go sit Eric? There's no Brian around and with Gillian still missing, you're the defacto head, so, I need to talk with you, about the whole moving thing" Like a suckerfish, Kasha's holding tight, smile breaking wide behind the soother she has in her mouth.

"…wait, what?" Doyle's eyes widen a bit as he straightens. Why do people keep putting him in charge of things! He starts to talk, pauses, starts again, and then he rubs his head as he turns to lead the way into the office - tugging free of Kasha's gripping little fingers finally. "God."

"Is the lord almighty and someone who should be called upon only when needed" Abigail gently and genially chides as she follows him, a bit of a bounce in her step to entertain Kasha, one arm cradling the bundle of human in the sling. "You need to move them back to the light house. It's the registered home, and the legal building for the kids to be residing in. The linderman Group has so far kept social services and other social agencies from looking too hard that they're not there and are here in Gun Hill, but they have to go back real soon Doyle. Caliban stated that they cannot delay the authorities much longer"

This is spoken once the door is closed, would suck for little ears to hear. "You have to go back. Whether Gillian was kidnapped or not. You'll have likely the same physical protection here for the kids, there."

"I think I need him right about now, then," Doyle replies sourly, stepping back around the desk and sprawling back into the chair with a creak and a groan; one hand raising up to rub against the side of his face, "And, yeah, because they've really shown they can protect us out there, haven't they?"

A weary nod as he leans back, "Alright, alright. I'll… talk to the Ferry, make sure that the new guy's capable of taking care of things here on his own. It's starting to get dangerous here anyway, with Elaine's stalker, and whatever the hell Magnes is up to…"

"Have the kids been hurt Eric? Because they're here to protect the Kids. They don't protect everyone else in the place. They're out there right now, keeping an eye on things. If he says that they'll protect the kids, then they will protect them. When Robert gives his word, then it's kept. He goes above and beyond."

She takes up a seat, resting sling and baby on her knee, bouncing her heel up and down. Magnes is up to something, always. "Elaine's stalker is all the more reason that they need to go back to the light house. Gillian wasn't taken at the light house and while the Ferry have some people who rotate in and work there, it's not a Ferry safehouse. It's a legal identity that must adhere to the rules in place for places like an orphanage."

A hand rests on the baby, letting her play with her fingers as they wriggle. "No ones come for the kids, no ones tried to take any that I know of. There's more than enough of Brian to go around and I'm sure that the Linderman group if asked, can look into improving security around the Lighthouse"

"Denisa died," Eric replies rather bluntly, thrusting a finger at her through the air, "Hailey nearly did. So don't tell me that they're doing such a great job at protecting the kids." Of course, there have been security improvements set up in the Lighthouse since then, paid for by the Group, but it's still a sore spot.

A heavy sigh, then, and he nods, rubbing his fingers against his face, "I know, though, I know. I'll get things set to bring them back — they're not gonna be happy, though."

"Eric Doyle! They weren't protecting then. When word got out that Gillian got taken, he put people on watch. And how are you to know that they didn't have people out there trying to hunt down the dogs? No one is one hundred perfect perfect and you can't predict everything even if you have a pre-cog. They're doing the best they can while at the same time, not trying to interfere with the lives of those children. So don't be blaming them for things out of their control. It's no ones fault Denisa perished or that Hailey got hurt."

But he's willing to get things set in motion and get them back to the lighthouse. "They'll learn, at some point Eric, that you can't always be happy. Sometimes, you have to settle for satisfied and try to find some happiness from there. I'll see what help they can lend, with moving. Let Brian know I can shuttle messages back and forth. He's asking me to do it because he feels that things might be easier to facilitate if it comes from someone familiar"

There's a glance down to the infant in her lap then back to Doyle. "Huruma can't keep her much longer, and I can't either. I'd adopt her myself but I'd never pass the requirements Eric. I'm too young, my background has interesting things that aren't conducive to raising a child. She's evolved, she needs to grow up in a place with others who will help her and understand her. Not condemn her"

"I don't think the Lighthouse has ever had a baby before, Abby," Doyle observes dubiously — not arguing the other subject, although there's a tight set of his jaw showing that he hasn't quite let go of the situation yet. "I mean, I guess we can take her, but we'll need to… set up a room and get… baby stuff."

Children, Eric can do. They can mostly take care of themselves. Babies? Well, at least he'll have plenty of help from the children.

"She has stuff. I've bought stuff. I've been helping take care of her at night. She has a portable crib, I can get her a real crib, there's a stroller and I have a carseat already, clothes by the dozen. I can make sure that she's got all she needs. I can come when needed to help take care of her. Francois has looked her over, he says she's healthy as can be and she's gained weight. We can keep taking care of her until y'all are back at the lighthouse" Trying to sugar coat it all. See, don't need to fork out expenses by the lighthouse, most of your supplies for care and feeding are already in place!. "It'll be good, for the older kids. They can learn to help take care of a baby, so that when the time comes, when they're old enough to have their own, they can know how and be somewhat prepared!"

"God, don't remind me," Eric's nose wrinkles a bit, "I think Juniper's starting to get anxious to be dating, I caught her checking out some of the teenaged guys around here…" Oh no! Dating! "…at least that's one benefit of heading back to Staten, there's a smaller dating pool for me to worry about."

"Babies, the best birth control after abstinence!" The smile on Abby's face says it all. "Juniper will like her. Kasha's a bit fussy at times, but she's… she's been pretty good" Then again, for most of the daylight hours she's in the arms and company of an empath. "it'll be different, and if you like, if Gillian and Brian would like, I know I'd like it. Maybe.. I could come visit frequently. I know Huruma will want to. Huruma's taken a liking to her"

"I don't know her," Doyle admits with a shake of his head, raising a hand in Abby's direction and offering a weary smile, "You're always more than welcome, though, I'm sure. Especially once the kid's there."

The kid is fixated on Doyle across the desk. Probably the farthest that she can see clearly and someone who's shape and sound is far different from Abby's or Huruma's. uuuuppppp comes a foot, grasped in chubbying hands and innnnn goes the toes into the mouth, exploring first the big piggy with her tongue.

"When you get back to the lighthouse, we'll bring her over. I can bring over an evolved test, so you can have it on hand for when they" The authorities obviously "Want to justify her there." She hasn't bothered asking Robert what it is the little girl can do. "That's all I came here to talk about before I have to head home and make some dinner. Get them back to the lighthouse fast, if you really need more time, they can stall them and delay them, but it won't be much time"

"As soon as I can organize it," Doyle says with a heavy sigh, his head shaking slowly, "If they throw a fit, we'll just tell them it was a temporary relocation due to damage caused by the weather, or something…" He can't help but smile at Kasha's antics, though, observing her chewing on the toes with a grin.

"I'll let him know then when I see him. Was there anything you needed from the Linderman Group for the kids? While I'm here. Saves making multiple phonecalls. And has anyone gone to the cops about elaine's stalker?" Kasha is oblivious to the entertainment that she is providing for the obese man. On the upside, he'll have a single captivated audience for finger or sock puppets soon enough.

"No, mostly because we haven't wanted the cops to start asking questions about the kids… or anyone else hiding out here," Eric points out with a tight shake of his head, "Doesn't help that he's apparently Evolved, and Sable stabbed him."

Oh lord. Unstable Sable.

"Sic Magnes on the issue, he'll send the guy to the moon" SHe's getting up from the chair, meeting over and done with, she's got to get going. "If there's anything I can do, let me know. Just.. yeah, wow. well." All her stalkers have been government issues instead of personal.

"It's his girlfriend, I imagine he already is," Doyle says with a shake of his head, hands spreading to either side, "I don't care what he does, I just care about it leading back here, you know?"

"I know" Echoed, adjusting the sling and dislodging a foot from a mouth. Noises are made in search of something to go into the mouth which ends up being a soother that's attached by a clip to the child's onesie. "I'll start bringing her over on my days off, get the kids used to her? Help you get used to her? Learn how to take care of her. Most of it's pretty.. automatic. Teach the girls to swaddle her and start moving on her paperwork and such."

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea," Doyle admits with a faint smile and a nod, "They might need some teaching, and I'm sure it'll be an… easier transition that way, in stages, you know?"

"Oh Eric, nothing is easy about a baby" Abby has to laugh at that. "I'll come spend some nights here and at the light house, so that you can get an idea of what it's gonna be like and who's better with her."Everything take care of, everything adjusted, there's a little mock salute. "And if a really tall black woman with white eye's shows up talking strange. That's Huruma just coming to visit Kasha. Don't be afraid of her"

"If I can handle that… man attending Ferry meetings," Doyle says with a rough snort of breath and a shake of his head, "I can handle some black woman without getting the willies."

"You haven't met Huruma Eric, just you wait" Around chairs and out the office, Abigail goes, one arm on the sling and heading for the front doors. "See you soon Eric and thank you! Call if you need me to pass along any messages!"

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